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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Yeah I’ve really been binging Drawn to the Flame and Mythos Busters since I picked up my Dunwich Legacy campaign again. The latter is what inspired me to make a Dark Horse Ashcan Pete deck. :slight_smile:

I feel like Matt Newman has become a much better interview compared to before; maybe he used to be uncomfortable/nervous?

I need to go into one of the online deck builders and work on my Akachi deck for Carcosa. So excite!!!


I find Mythos Busters a bit more approachable - DttF is great, but they talk about cards with such fluency that it soon sounds like gobbledegook. It’s especially hard to follow when they start revelling in the possible combos. Feel like I’d need to be sat down with the cards in front of me to follow the conversation!


Well, we took our (first) selfmade decks (Lola and Akachi) for a test run with the Carnevale of Horrors Standalone.
And we got DESTROYED.

Nearly every Encounter card we got was a monster, the first five masked travellers were monsters and my weakness was a monster. We got swarmed, beaten and thrown into the waters. We actually never read a resolution because we didn’t want to spoil ourselves for when we go back there and BURN THEM ALL TO THE GROUND.


I’ve bitten the bullet! £25 for a core is pretty good and it’s only a bit more than I spent on coin capsules so can’t grumble too much.

Should have forgotten age by the weekend!


Yeah, I didn’t shuffle my Masked Revellers before my first crack at it… all the monsters were at the beginning. Ugh.


Carnevale is really tough - probably the hardest scenario released so far.

We won Dunwich fairly well on easy with Rex and Zoey, and it was still a challenge. So we stuck for easy for Carcosa and tried Agnes and Jenny instead and got utterly ruined. I know those classes are less consistent than Seeker and Guardian but bloody hell… I get the impression that the Jenny deck I’ve tried really needs that first few XP to pick up the permanent resource to stat boost card.


I only played Carnevale once with 4 players and the other 3 people were new to the game but it was a great example of how a few simple rules can really spring that game to life. It was also a great example of how punishing it can be. We kept getting swept to opposite sides of the locations but had we been able to stick together we could’ve made so much more progress. Excited to try it again at some point.

I sleeved and organized my Forgotten Age cards and it’s killing me because I’m still mid Carcosa! I can’t wait to try it out the new mechanics are so interesting.


Forgotten Age arrived this morning. My god there are a lot of cards now! This is everything except Dim Carcosa. Finally had to give the player cards two separate columns. Reckon this will store four full cycles then I need to retire or expand…


How are you creating the dividers?


They’re available on BGG (listed under the files section for the core game). The ones I’ve used are called Arkhamesque (available in vertical and horizontal card storage formats) - I’ve just printed and laminated them. There are a few different designers of dividers on BGG, but not many have stuck it out for every campaign cycle. I really like how they’ve used the cycle’s backdrop to colour code each cycle, and have included the cycle’s symbol next to the symbol for each card set. It’s the small things!

I’ve had to trim them down a bit for my storage since a tray fits on top of the cards. So if used at intended height the symbols will be even higher above the cards - maybe half an inch or so higher. Even at this shorter height they’re easy to flick through.


I have all my player cards in card folders and I take the game cards and put them into card boxes using the packaging as a divider. It’s not a perfect system, I need a better way to separate my encounter cards. That box looks so nice.

While playing the game I’ve used an old Magic deck box to store the decks we use.

Since adding Forgotten Age player cards I need a third folder and box (fingers crossed they release the fancy core set expansion box that has all the dividers, that will free up even more space for me.

At the very least it stores relatively well.


Started a Dunwich campaign of Jim & Zoe.

The casino had Jim doing ALL the investigating, while Zoe came along with her machete and gun, slaughtering rats (the gun was never used). When the mob got onto us, poor Jim had to deal with the boss while Zoe madly slashed at a thug (missing most of the time). Once we found Dr Morgan, Jim sorted him out while Zoe left out the back alley. I had Elusive for Jim, so it was handy to get Morgan, get all the enemies on me, use Elusive and then run for a clear exit. If Zoe had stuck around there would have been a trail of enemies that would have murdered Jim.

University wasn’t so great. Zoe got out her gun, then pulled her basic weakness that forced her to discard all her resources, and then pulled an encounter card that forced her to discard her gun. After that most her encounter cards were enemies with retaliate and she never quite managed to get her weapons back out. Brutal! If she had a weapon or gun the enemies would have been a cakewalk for her.

First time playing as Jim, but really loving his token manipulation! The trumpet, Song of the Dead, and ritual candles combo is so strong! I thought his abilities would feel like a cheap cheat (like Jenny’s ability to pay out of everything), but it felt a lot more dynamic and difficult to balance.


I haven’t played many mystics, but he’s high up on my list of next decks to build. Token manipulation is something I haven’t really messed with but I really love the new seal rules in the Forgotten Age cards. Really looking forward to messing with those as I keep playing through the game.


Finally started the Path to Carcosa!

Lola is super fun to play, and her weakness is not as bad as anticipated. And while my deck is Orange/Blue/Red with a splash of Green and Purple, my buddy is playing Akachi and is casting ALL THE SPELLS.

Scanario 1:

Raing Success! Due to a carefully lobbed stick of dynamite into a group of three baddies, we managed to escape the burning theater with 5 XP.

Scenario 2:

Everything went perfectly - up to the very end. We managed to hoover up nearly every clue on the board and were ready to escape the murder-party. BUT I wanted another turn to translate some ancient glyphs and Akachi needed a turn to satisfy her mana-eating weakness. And of course we fumbled the very last test of the game (the only token to fail us was the tentacle one) and akachi got hit in the face hard enough to develop a trauma. :frowning:

Interlude and speculation:

I am beginning to suspect that WE are in fact the mad ones and just murdered five innocent people. Under that suspicion we have vowed to go all-in on murder-rampaging through town. Either we stop the king in yellow or we have a great story to tell. Either way, we’re good! (please nobody even so much as hint at the correctness of this theory - don’t even mention it until I’m done - thanks :slight_smile: )


Lola is SO GOOD.


That is so weird, my play of The Last King ended almost the same way!

I’m also playing as Akachi, and we had pretty much won the scenario, but I had drawn my weakness I wanted to translate the ancient glyphs. I ended up translating the glyphs and negating my weakness, then having to evade a demonic Perry Jordan before resigning (while throwing Alyssa Graham in the way of a young psychopath on my way out).

We are also pretty much convinced that we’re insane after having watched Act 2 of The King in Yellow, but that was why we chose to just barricade the house instead of killing everyone. Hey, at least we bought an extra action for the next scenario.


I’ve played through to Dim Carcosa and we got 90 percent done with it and ran out of time so I am sadly waiting to replay it so I can actually say we’ve finished a full campaign of it. I’m excited to hear about the other two seemingly in-progress campaigns happening and your guesses as to what will happen in the future. Carcosa was a great cycle and I’m only looking forward to more with Forgotten Age.

I’m listening to both Mythos Busters and Drawn to the Flame and I don’t know how they find the time to play so much! I also just got both Labyrinths of Lunacy and the latest book in the mail so I’ve got so much to play throughhhhh gahhh. Has anyone here played Labyrinths? I’m thinking I should hold off until I can play it with a bigger group, if possible.


I listen to both of those podcasts too! I think they inspired me to make an Ashcan Pete Dark Horse deck. :dog2: :racehorse:

From what I’ve read, Labyrinths of Lunacy is best with three groups. I wonder if there would be any interest playing this at SHUX.


I bet you could easily get a group together to play it. Sad I can’t make it to SHUX this year but it’s on my planning list for next year.


I just wanted to drop by as an outlet for my stupid feelings. My copy of Return to Night of the Zealot is on its way and while I’m excited to have more Arkham to play I’m even more excited for the STORAGE. If only teenage me knew what excited adult me.

I guess while I’m here I’ll say I finished Path to Carcosa and while I liked both full campaigns I can’t decide which I had more fun playing. I think FFG did a decent enough job making the experience different enough I don’t really need to compare the two. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to invest in The Forgotten Age and then of course they manage to keep it interesting.