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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Nope, I don’t feel like it’s like LOTR LCG where you just kinda need some cards to make some decks work, none of the cards are so amazing that you can’t put together a good deck without them. Plus it’s not all about winning, you can just bumble through and lose :smiley:


I use the ArkhamDB website to build decks and have never separated out the player cards into their set release to build decks. Is there any particular reason you’ve done that/are thinking about thatt? I’ve always seen the player card pool as one giant thing as opposed to the scenario cards.

I ran Zoey through the core set once and she is one of my favorite characters. I just started Carcosa last week and you have a lot to look forward to.


I just read on BGG that some people do it that way (base + just Carcosa) and was curious if it was for thematic or gameplay reasons. Personally, while I like deck building, it’s also a bit stressful and time-consuming for me and restricting myself to a cycle will give me less choice so it seems less daunting haha.


Totally understand and that’s not a bad idea. I am just finally starting to feel like the decks I put together have some kind of a synergy but I tend to get better ideas for what I should have put in the deck after the first scenario or two. Whoooops. I recommend using that site for deckbuilding it’s nice to have a way to put things in order.


Oh yeah I’ve used them a bunch for my LotR LCG decks. That was more “work” because ideally you make different decks for each scenario, and the earlier scenarios were best for two players so I’d make two decks, but at the same time less pressure; in Arkham I would be stuck with a messed up deck for the whole campaign! :scream:

I think after we finish I want to make either an Wendy or Ashcan Pete solo deck to play through the campaign. I’ve really been neglecting the survivor faction so far (we play Zoey and Rex).


I’m playing my first survivor character right now. I’m trying William Yorick and my deck could really use some tweaks to maximize potential but I’ve had fun working out a strategy. I’m hoping to try Pete in the near future because who doesn’t want a dog helping them solve mysteries?


I really like Yorick in Mansions of Madness 2e! I guess I should also check out the Carcosa investigators after I finish Dunwich Legacy. :slight_smile:

I read about a horrifying scenario that could happen in Blood on the Altar with Duke. He could be kidnapped and sacrificed! Surely Pete would immediately go insane with grief and be unable to continue!


Whenever we play we consider Pete to be the ally to Duke who is the main character.


I don’t see any other way the character could be played.


We finished our Dunwich Legacy campaign! :grin: :octopus: :eye: :eye: :eye: :milky_way:

This was almost a disaster as I forgot to bring the encounter deck with me. I had brought Path to Carcosa as I thought we could browse the player cards after we finished Dunwich, and we ended up playing Scenario 1 of Path to Carcosa instead. We chose Mark Harrigan and Akachi Onyele which means we are completely useless at investigation. :laughing: Love the story and looking forward to playing through that one!

But back to Dunwich, she came over the next day and we played Lost in Time and Space.

We were super unlucky with weaknesses and encounter deck draws and were both eliminated in Act 2. :cry: This was very unsatisfying so we decided to just play it through again and… a treachery drove her Zoey insane, while my Rex was killed by a Yithian Starseeker. And then I read the resolution and… we won! We won! We made it to Act 4 so we had closed the rift and were never seen or heard from again, but we saved the world! That was a much more satisfying end to the campaign.

I intend to replay the Dunwich Legacy campaign solo with an Ashcan Pete Dark Horse deck. :horse: :dog2: I’m testing it out right now with Night of the Zealot, but it seems to mostly be working.


There’s a really great podcast episode that features an interview with Matt Newman (designer) about the Dunwich Legacy Cycle here: http://drawntotheflamepodcast.blogspot.com/2017/07/episode-22-face-to-face-with-azathoth.html


What a nice coincidence.
Not only did we also finish our Dunwich Campaign on Sunday, but we also used Zoey(me) and Rex(my buddy) throughout the campaign. :smiley:

The last turn was really intense. Rex was already down and Zoeys only chance of survival before getting brained by Yog was a perfect turn of 1)evading the stupid spheremonster, 2)picking up the last clue required to actually leave (I needed a 0 or better) and 3)leave.
Well, I fumbled the clue and got trapped in Yogs hospitality for all eternity. But we closed the rift so we chalk that up as a win!


Woo, high five! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m excited about The Forgotten Age as well; Leo Anderson and Ursula Downs are a couple of my favorite investigators from Eldritch Horror. Being from the tropics, I find jungles horrifying haha, and it’s an unusual setting and brand new for Arkham Horror Files (aside from the Amazon space on Eldritch Horror I guess).


Always referred to as Mr Anderson and Upson Downs in our games*

( * possibly just by me)


We will dive into Carcosa tonight (If we don’t durdle around too much during deckbuilding).

I think I’ll play Lola. :grinning:


My favourite investigator. So amazing… a cracked actor is an essential component of any King in Yellow related misadventure.


Argh, been resisting buying a 2nd core, but looks like they’ve reduced the price a bit recently (presumably to encourage people onboard with the third season?). Very tempted to get it so I can play three player…

How does everyone find 3-4 player?


I’ve only played 4 player with Rougarou and Carnivale but with the exception of a much longer game time it was a good time. The tough thing was I built decks for everyone in a relatively small amount of time which meant the decks could’ve been better but it was nice to feel like there was an answer to our problems with at least one investigator if you’re close by one another.

I picked up a second core set early on and and I don’t regret it at all. It’s annoying to have the extra cards but it’s made deckbuilding much smoother.


Lola is so intimidating for me but they give the scenario special text just for her so I have to try her playing through Carcosa. I’ve only played the first half of Carcosa so far but I’ve loved the scenarios.


Love drawn to the flame. It keeps me interested in playing. I haven’t listened to that interview yet but I know they also did an interview with the designer after Carcosa, which I haven’t finished, so I’ve been putting off listening to it but I can’t wait. The player card episodes are my favorite, they make deckbuilding interesting for me since I don’t really have a friend who plays extensively to bounce ideas off of.