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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Umm, my campaign is only in the Dunwich Legacy deluxe box right now due to scheduling issues, but you guys might be interested to know Rich Sommer is planning to play the entire cycle with Rodney Smith while at SHUX!

Update: They did it!!! :open_mouth: :octopus: :scream:


Just a quick note that will hopefully help you/others: if you need to draw a player card but have exhausted your deck you take one horror and reshuffle your discard pile to make a new deck. The encounter deck doesn’t deal any horror damage when it needs to reshuffle.

Good luck investigating everyone and enjoying the stories: dramatic triumphs/failures are more exciting than games where everything clicks (those games can be satisfying, but in a different way).


Yep! I had an encounter card that dealt me ten damage for having to reshuffle which unfortunately cut me short. Appreciate the guidance, still, because honestly I hadn’t ever played through my deck in a scenarion and didn’t know the exact rule off the top of my head, anyway.


We just finished our 4P run-through of The Dunwich Legacy (Agnes, Zoey, Rex, and Pete) and it was great fun. Without spoiling too much we generally did well in the scenarios, except for a complete screwup in The Essex County Express which ended that night after about 30 minutes of playtime (thankfully we had destroyed the Necronomicon at the end of The Miskatonic Museum.

At the end of Lost in Time and Space, we had one last chance to win because Rex only needed to get 6 clues and to have the 12 needed to close the rift (we weren’t going to survive to resign however since Yog-Sothoth was already in play by then) but he was only able to get 3 of them so we failed and the world ended. :frowning:

It was a ton of fun and we’re already working on our characters for The Path to Carcosa. So far we have

Minh Thi Phan: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/3286/minh-thi-phan-digs-deep-1.0
Akachi Onyele: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/3290/the-akachi-onyele-mysteries-1.0

I think the other characters will end up being Mark Harrigan and William Yorick so we’ll have a little more primary combat capability than we did for DL.


Just finished the core set play through, Roland and Agnes.

Agnes wouldn’t allow her lovely home to be burned to the ground, after killing that horrid priest. The cultists proved difficult to find, sadly, and only two were interviewed.But, finally, they entered the woods and managed to find the ritual site, ending the curse on Arkham before it was cast!

It was damnable close - Roland nearly died twice in the final scenario. But… VICTORY AT LAST!


I just built 4 decks to use during Extra Life (24 gaming event for charity) tomorrow. I hope to introduce some new folks to the game. My plan is to play the standalones, Carnevale of Horrors, and if we feel like it we will play Rougarou. I set up decks for Jenny Barnes, Ashcan Pete, Daisy Walker, and Mark Harrigan. How was setting up decks for the new characters? I was looking at Minh instead of Daisy but wanted something a little simpler to use for new players. Excited to report back I’ve never played the Carnevale mission.


I’m late but CONGRATS.


Minh is really straight-forward. She is basically all skill cards which works fine. I didn’t even get Analytical Mind out in the first Carcosa scenario and she was still quite effective. I suspect your only issue will be having enough copies of cards to share with Minh and the three other characters.

It looks like her and Mark Harrigan are a very effective duo so that’s kind of how we’re playing it for now (where she took Restoration Concoction as opposed to Acidic Ichor for her Strange Solution upgrade). The group is rounded out with Akachi and Rousseau. They’re both pretty neat, especially Rousseau since she has some new mechanics.

We just blitzed right through the first Carcosa scenario (I think we left one XP on the board) but it was still a lot of fun with even more new mechanics. Looking forward to the after party…

Let us know how the game day goes! Good luck! Have fun!



Just started the core campaign after a huge break. I’ve ran through the core campaign once as a two player game but I figured it’d be a good refresher before delving into the Dunwich storyline.

Oh and using a very fetching briefcase found in a charity shop I now have the perfect storage place for my cards!
I’ll be sure to give you a better update of how it’s all going once I get further into things however here’s part one for you:

I chose Skids O’Toole as my character as the previous campaign had been played with Roland and Wendy.
As a non-deck builder I tried to set up my deck as best I could, however, didn’t really take into account the need for him to boost his investigation skills.
As my deck was a bit more rigged for combat I blasted through part one quite easily (on normal) picking up Lina Chandler with a bit of luck and battering the end boss unscathed. Looking forward to the larger challenge of Part Two which I’m pretty sure I fluffed the rules for last time.


The visual presentation of that, Triangulate, is quite satisfying.

I did end up playing Carnevale of Horors with four players. I wish I had more to say but unfortunately, one of the players had to drop out after about an hour in. Thematically, however, it’s a fantastic mission. After playing solo for a few months it was really nice at least giving it a try with other people, and all the decks I built worked well enough. We had just about exposed all of the masked carnival folk on the board when we had to cut the game, which was disappointing but I’m looking forward to trying it again in the future.


Ah yes, well I run an instagram account so that’d probably explain why! I ran a travel photo account for a few years and that was lovely but I got bored and deleted it one week. I’m a bit strange like that. Who would have thought I’d change my mind and want those 3 years of photos back eh?


Finally got to the last game of the core.

Gah, can’t get spoilers to work… SO SPOILERS!!!

With only 1 cultist left, the last game of the core was all rather anticlimactic. Rushed through it in 6 or 7 moves, with use of abilities to pick up the final four clues in a single turn. I can see if you haven’t had a perfect run it could all catch up with you, but as it was, it was a pretty clean sweep.

Excited to start Dunwich proper now! Think we might try some deck building on our new characters now we have a feel for the game.


This arrived today (banded together while the glue dries)


This is going to be a deep deep hole I’m climbing into


What is this fancy box?!



Its a large size box from oplaser. Its DIY with no written instructions, but pretty easy to figure out from the YouTube video. Game wise, it’s pretty oversized - this is everything up to the 4th Dunwich Legacy campaign and the two standalone packs. Looking at big enough for 4 or 5 cycles.
I probably should have bought the medium but there wasn’t much of a price difference and the large box comes with a tray. Having to use card space for other components would take up a lot of room.


Unfortunately it’s too big for my Kallax!


Only played one game of the core box so far, but that one round was a win. We used the tutorial scenario suggestions, myself as Roland and my buddy as Wendy.

Spoiler tags aren’t working for me either, so Spoilers after this point!

We escaped the study a few turns longer than we should have (apparently I’m as bad at pulling tokens out of a bag as I am at rolling dice). Shortly after dropping into the hallway, bad things started happening. I went into the attic not knowing I would take a punch to the brain. Pulling ghoul after ghoul from the omen deck, trying to knock them down as fast as they pop up like a game of evil whack-a-mole.

While I was doing this in the attic, my buddy was able to go to the basement and secure the 4 clues down there and get out, only having to kill a few rats and avoid some corpses. He drew some items and got some supplies while I finished up in the attic.

We open the Parlor and out pops the ghoul priest, who runs out into the hallway to punch me in the brain (which would be lethal damage) but I sacrifice my ever loyal beat cop to the hungry ghoul. I disengage, then run down to the basement. My buddy parleys with Rita (I think that was her name) and succeeds!

The Ghoul priest chases me into the basement where I sacrifice another ally to the damage. I am 100% going to die in this basement, so I hurriedly check my pockets and find a bundle of dynamite. I once again disengage, play the dynamite card, and use it in the basement, killing myself but also crippling the priest. It’s up to Rita and my fellow investigator now.

The ghoul priest runs out of the basement to the hallway, my friend scavenges the parlor for any useful items and finds… a derringer. The ghoul priest charges into the parlor, Rita takes some damage, but not quite enough to kill her. Wendy whips out the derringer, 3 actions 3 shots. The first shot cracks out, hit for 3 damage, just 4 health left. Second shot is a hit, 1 health left. Final shot rings out, hit. The ghoul priest is dead, but at what cost?


After my solo Dunwich campaign I took a break from playing for a bit. I have a friend I’ve been slowly introducing to games and today was the day I introduced them to Arkham Horror. I had them pick out a character and they chose Daisy, which was a relief for me since we always need a clue gatherer. I built a Zoey deck to play along side. We started a new core set campaign and completely crushed The Gathering scenario on Standard difficulty.The decks perfectly complimented one another and we stuck together throughout the scenario. I should note I have two core sets and every expansion/mythos pack, so the decks I built had many more options than those with just the core box.

I drew a machete in my opening hand and armed myself early. Any time enemies ended up the board I’d pull them to me and machete them to the best of my ability. Using “Let me Handle This” I took care of getting all enemies pulled to me or I’d go first and engage them. Daisy ended up with Frozen in Fear and it was tough getting that discarded, but thankfully, investigating doesn’t cost extra and she ended up pulling all the clues out of the basement before we headed to the attic together to get the rest of the clues we needed to beat the scenario. I even managed to successfully pull tokens to gather the rest of the clues in the attic so we got the extra XP for the room. We advanced the act deck, the ghoul priest spawned to me, and on the first turn the Ghoul Priest was attached to me Daisy ran into the parlor, got Lita, and brought her back to the hallway. I had rats engaged with me from that turn’s encounter deck and drew a token to kill them first. Using Lita, the machete, and vicious blow, I managed to pull the critical star and hit the ghoul priest for 5 damage in a single hit. I hit with just the machete and Lita again for another 3 damage. I had a dodge in my hand, which prevented the ghoul priest from hitting me. The next turn the agenda flipped and we shuffled the deck, drew another ghoul, but I managed to hit the ghoul priest for the last couple of damage and the scenario ended.I decided to burn my house to the ground and the scenario ended with us scoring a whopping 6xp.

I’ve never done this well playing the game and I had to insist to my friend that’s not how the game goes, usually. Either way, I had a great time playing the core scenario, which I thought I’d be burned out on since I’ve played these scenarios more than anything else in the game.


I and my wife have finished The Path to Carcosa campaign last weekend. It was insanely fun. I personally rate Carcosa cycle way higher than Dunwich - it has overall a much more thrilling and engaging story, and a lot of new mechanics and choices. IMHO even investigators are more interesting in this cycle. We were one turn away from winning the whole campaign, but the one who should not be named prevailed. As soon as we’ve read the resolution my wife said: "Let’s go again. Now. Assemble new decks."
We’ve started as Roland and Sefina. Roland is gonna stick to the plan, fight and interrogate everything he sees, while Sefina has already paid her fee to Charon and intends to cheat death, and maybe buy them both some time to overcome the horrors and impending doom this time.


That’s fantastic! I’ve been waiting to play Carcosa til I had the whole campaign, and I’m hoping to throw some decks together and start it with a friend in the next week or two. As much as the initial review of Arkham Horror The Card Game focused on the surprise factor of the first time you run through a scenario, I’ve found that I liked playing the game more a second or third time one I could play it as more of a game. Good luck with your next round and I’ll report back once I’ve started Carcosa.


I like to have the whole player card pool for the cycle available as well before I start playing. I’m playing Lost in Time and Space tomorrow with my friend and hoping that we will win the campaign. We’ve been playing with Rex and Zoey which has worked out really well; Rex is an investigation machine and Zoey is a killing machine. I’ve really enjoyed the variety in the scenarios so far.

We’ll start Path to Carcosa after that. I was thinking of using the Dunwich player cards as well in that campaign, but some people use just core + Carcosa. Anyone have any good reasons for including or excluding Dunwich?