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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Ooooooh the latest FAQ includes a List of Taboos to limit powerful cards. We’ve reached that point now!


Thank the lord they are optional!


When it’s a coop, everything’s optional!


My big boardgame order arrived and I now have all of Dunwich and the first mythos pack for Carcosa but I’m thinking of re-doing my player card organization. Right now I have a binder that’s broken down into class and then each card alphabetical. At first I thought this would work out but after building decks in on ArkhamDB it got a little hard to put the decks together from the mobile client. I’m thinking of switching to breaking each group into release and then going by the card number instead. Thoughts?


That kinda works, but as the collection grows, it’ll be difficult to parse (e.g. lots of flipping back and forth to compare the same card at different levels). But there are often cards that work well for that cycle specifically, so it helps with that at least.

I’m a fan of separating by class, then subcategorising by Assets 0XP/Assets 1+XP/Events 0/Events 1+/ skills 0/ skills 1+. Within the sub-categories I order by XP cost (if applicable), then resources cost, then alphabetically. We tend to not touch the 0XP cards after the initial set up (partly for flavour of following through on a build, partly to limit our options to make decisions easier), so this organisation really helps with the card buying between scenarios. I suppose I should order them with all the 0s together than all the 1+s together…


That sounds great but does take a lot of work to re-org when you add to your collection?


I have mine in a box so it’s not so much hassle as a folder…


I organize mine almost exactly like that in a Quiver, which is essentially a skinny, long shoe box size-wise.


I organize by class, then release and then card number. It’s the only way to organize cards in a binder without eventually needing to re-organize all the cards, plus it provides a nice archive of the card prgoession.


Surprised to see the next campaign announced so soon! Still 2 more packs in this campaign, and then Return to Carcosa before then.