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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


I finished the ‘box’ of Dunwich Legacy tonight with The House Always Wins or, as I like to think of it, “Clever Jenny was doing do well until pissed off every criminal in the joint”.

I flew, FLEW, through the first two Acts with no serious problems (Clever Jenny! So Clever) and was just starting to make my way to Act 3. I was a little concerned that I had no real means of violence in my hand by there was a lot of evades and wildcards so I wasn’t too concerned. Plus I had TNT which solves all problems.

Agenda 1 finally hit the threshold and the spit hit the man so to speak. I also drew and got engage by an abomination while in the VIP room. I didn’t want to spend multiple rounds punching this muck into more muck so I used Elusive and whoosh back to Bella Luna. Look at that! I’m 2 moves away from the bar and just the Pit Boss in the way. Maybe it’s time I introduce him to some TNT?

During the Mythos phase I drew the mob dink that prevents you from getting resources. You know who I drew during upkeep? Upgraded Luca. Know how many resources I had after upkeep? 4. So I spent a turn trying to punch the mob guy to death with a hand full of book smarts. I was able to do one 1 DMG but everything else went HILARIOUSLY awry.

Next mythos I drew “every criminal wants to get up close and personal.” which resulted in being engaged with the both mob dink and the Pit Boss. Not great but both only had one would be dead with the slightest of love taps so there’s hope.

My (last) turn was spent trying to beat the mob dink to death (nope) then evade the Pit Boss (nada and double nada). Since I’d be dead at the start of the monster phase I resigned and beat street out of there.

So another neutral ending in a series of non-loses but still an enjoyable episode. I definitely considering a campaign restart though and going 2 handed since I keep ending up in situations where I’m spinning wheels because of bad luck.


Played the Guardians of the Abyss scenarios yesterday 3P with Sefina Rousseau (29 XP deck!). The other investigators were Leo Anderson and Wendy Adams. Rogues have the most fun. :wink:

I was able to do a good amount of clue gathering, and did get to execute the Watch This! + Double or Nothing (with Sure Gamble in hand to back it up) combo to get 12 resources in one test and scoop up all of the clues on a location , which was super satisfying.

Then we discovered in the second scenario that the chaos bag was set up incorrectly and didn’t have the auto-fail tentacle token in it. :persevere: So our win has an asterisk. Still, Arkham is always a good time!


Struggling to get this guy to work properly solo. All the best allies are unique!


I’m not understanding the problem? :thinking:


His special, through an ally, is to have three extra slots for non-unique allies. But (could be luck!), I never seem to get them together!


Ahh, I hadn’t noticed the non-unique restriction. Just take Charisma. Mitch Brown is not really worth building a deck around.


It’s been slow going but my friend and I have been working our way through the circle undone with Diana and Preston. His Diana deck has been a lot of fun to watch work but its Become pretty obvious that Preston isn’t the most efficient of players to rely on as a clue gathered. I think his deck build is a ton of fun and I love the mechanics, but in his current state it seems like the best use for him is as support as a third or fourth player.


I haven’t started my campaign yet but will probably in the next 60 days. I am already looking ahead to the expansions. I have never played this type of game before. Can someone tell me the difference between an expansion, a scenario pack and a mythos pack? When I look at BGG I see all three.
Scenario pack - Curse of Rougarou (2016)
Expansion - The Dunwich Legacy (2017)
Mythos pack - The Essex County Express (2017)

I want to know what I am in for, and if the lesser priced mythos/scenario packs are needed or wanted?


The scenario packs (rougarou) are just a scenario to play. The expansion boxes are the start of a campaign (usually two scenarios) and they come with new player cards and new investigators. The mythos packs are the next missions in the campaign and come with player cards, too.

All of the packs are playable on their own but to play through an entire storyline you need the expansion pack and six mythos packs. The nice thing is every one of these expands your cardpool, too, so it will add to your deck options in the future.

I’d say the scenario packs are the most optional but there are some really fun things to play in there whenever you get around to it. I think your best best would be to start with an expansion and work your way through that campaign and each mythos pick before you move into the other ones.


So say get Dunwich Legacy and then there are mythos packs specific to that one?

Thanks for the explanation, very much appreciate it.


Yep! If you scroll down on this page: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-the-card-game/ They have each campaign listed out for what you’ll need for each one. Click on the tabs and it will list out each pack for you.

The last product to be aware of are the “Return to…” boxes which are expansions for the existing campaigns. They swap out cards and monsters to change up the campaign a bit but aren’t necessary until you’ve actually played the whole thing.

Welcome to the game! If you have more questions someone from this friendly group is usually more than happy to help out new players.


Wow that is exactly what I was looking for. Who would have thought the publisher would be so organized.




Speaking of which, consider getting an organizing system in place early or regret it later.


Yeah, hard agree here on the organisation system. I’m only one expansion cycle in and already having conniptions about it.


So what do people suggest for organizers? Sounds like it might be a good thing to have set up prior to playing any expansion.


I got a fancy insert but any large card box would do it. I went and looked at the files on Board Game Geek and found simple black and white dividers to print and cut out to divide up the monster packs, scenarios, investigators etc.


I opted to get ring binder for investigator cards and a broken token insert for the core set which is where I’ve got campaign and the deck(s) I’ve got assembled to play with. Right now I’ve got the core, 3/4 expansions and 3/6 of the Dunwich Legacy Mythos packs in there. That said It’s starting to get cluttered so I think I’m going to have to switch to something else.


I’d definitely recommend some kind of CCG box to hold it all in - the custom inserts for the core box provides nowhere near enough space. I have the large box from OPlaser.co.uk, which is great for Brits, but shipping is a killer for abroad. This holds four cycles of cards with ease (the photo is from a while ago, the current cycle is going to fill it up completely). Not sure of the Canadian alternative, but any CCG box will do.

If you’re going the folder route for player cards, you’ll likely need a different folder for each class. The card pool starts off quite small, but gets pretty large by about the second full campaign.

The BGG inserts are a godsend for easy set up. Without inserts it took ages to set up a basic game. With the inserts I can have any scenario up and running in a few minutes. I use the Arkham-esque inserts, which look great and are colour coded by campaign. I’ve laminated these so they’re a bit hardier.


Unless spiffy organization solutions make you happy, a shoebox (or two) with some self-made dividers is sufficient.


I’ve currently got one 1.5" binder that holds all investigator cards and the “universal” encounter cards (cards from the core set that get put into scenarios for the expansions), and then a .5" binder for each expansion. I did it that way so I’d only ever need two binders (the investigator card binder and the relevant expansion binder) for an entire campaign, but the 1.5" binder might need to be increased to 2" after I buy up enough expansion stuff.