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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Carcosa is a brilliant campaign - and the replayability is… I can’t think of a word to mean “very replayable”. Multiple endings, let’s put it that way!


How did it go? :smile:


As for replayability, the core campaign has two advantages:

  1. It’s a good intro to test out deck construction for new investigator teams. We tend to be kinda loose on the deck build rules in that campaign.

1A. and there are soooo many investigators as you get into the expansions. I think we’ve repeated an investigator maybe twice (because Jenny Barnes is my wife’s all time favourite 'gator).

  1. Once you get well and truly tired of Night of the Zealot, there’s Return to Night of the Zealot, which changes things up nicely with replacement encounter sets. Then, you can mix those up with the original set for even more fun.


EDIT: I FOUND IT. All praise Cthulhu.

Funny you should ask. It didn’t. It appears I am missing card 117, Lita Chantler, from my lovely new core set :frowning:

I’ve requested FFG send me one, but if in the meantime any kind soul could take a photo of it so I can play I would really appreciate it :pray:


It’s probably not missing, but mixed in with the player cards.



I mean, what a fucking stupid place to put it but yes SHE IS THERE.

Praise be. Alright, it is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


I think this happened to every single one of us when we opened our first core box. It just means you’re one of us, now.


My friend and I finished our Return to Dunwich Campaign with Minh and Leo. Had a good time, I really like the changes they made to each scenario. Definitely smaller changes than expected but it’s significant enough that I doubt I’d go back to playing it vanilla in the future.

We started the Circle Undone box. I’m playing a Preston build as our clue gatherer and friend is playing Diana. It’s not the most efficient combo and our decks need some tweaking but I’m having a really good time with the specific characters. Preston being able to pay for everything is a fun idea but level 0 is rough. Once he levels up and you can throw streetwise into your deck everything opens up if your focus is on clue gathering.


I assume someone at FFG has to respond to card requests all day every day with ‘have you looked in the character deck because SOMEONE STILL HASNT CHANGED THAT DESIGN YET, HAVE THEY ERIC IN PRODUCT?’


Warm fuzzies threatening to crack my iced over heart.


I had a similar situation once where I was checking and rechecking for a card that thought would be with the rest of the enemy cards but ended up with the agendas. I spend over an hour looking and even started looking under furniture when I finally realized where it was.

goddamned masked hunter!


Okay, I’ve played the first scenario with Roland Banks. Two rounds in I realised the suggested starter deck was woefully underpowered for solo because it was quite focused on him investigating and he also needed to pound ghouls, so I poked about ArkhamDB and found a better one and restarted. I also played on easy because the consensus on the site was for solo one investigator that was tough enough!

I passed the scenario by the skin of my teeth, literally one health left before The Big Bad was gonna eat me.

Pretty sure I missed at least one retaliate action but then I probably forget to pick up a card or two as well so it probably balances out.

Overall I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next scenario, and I might replay the first with a different investigator to see how that goes.


Sometimes cards hide on the other side of cards - always check the backs of the cards.


S and I did the tutorial scenario today. I had played a couple times before, but the coworker who owned the game moved away, so this was the first outing for S and my own set. I played Roland and S played Wendy, both using the default decks. I started with an amazing hand with my personal weapon and couple seeker cards, and soon we were in act 2. I got stuck in the attic; through a combination of bad chaos bag pulls and treachery, I could evade the ghoul but couldn’t escape back to the hallway. Eventually, S got tired of waiting in the hallway for me, so she came upstairs to engage the ghoul so I could slink away before she followed.

When the ghoul priest appeared, I dragged it (and some rats) down to the cellar where there were still clues so my gun could work better (for some reason). I had it at half health, then S brought Lita into the cellar. With the bonus strength from my gun, Lita, and cards plus the bonus damage from my gun and Lita, all I had to do was not draw the tentacles on either fight action. If I drew tentacles, the fight skill check would fail, and the retaliate from the ghoul priest would break my sanity. Guess what my first draw was.

S seemed to like the game. If and when we play again, we’ll probably craft some new characters and start the core set campaign anew.


We all know detectives are more accurate shots when there are clues at stake! That’s police school 101.


I played scenario two from the Core box tonight and this game has got its teeth into me (which in a Lovecraft universe probably won’t end well for me … or my wallet). I did have the peculiar scenario that my Federal Agent was dragged off by a flying pterodactyl and had to have a bit of a sit down and take some aspirin before he could do his job again. Also he’ll take a bullet to the face but he can’t run away from a lady who likes dead bodies. Strange man, really.


My boyfriend, Joe, and I ran into some serious problems in the last mythos pack for the Forgotten Age story that didn’t really have anything to do with actually playing the game. Everything below is spoilers for Shattered Aeons.

During setup, we were told to place the top card of the lead investigator deck in the victory display face down for each 10 Yig’s Fury we had from the campaign. We had 19 so Joe lost one random card from his deck and we felt pretty good about just missing the line for a second card. We played and gathered clues and advanced from Act 1 to Act 2. We were told to advance when an investigator entered A Pocket in Time and we did. The backside of Act 2 told us to check the campaign log for the relic is missing or if we had found it. We had found it so we automatically advanced to Act 3a. Act 3a gave us an action option of searching our deck or discard pile for the Relic and adding it to hand. Joe had the relic in his deck so searched for it and didn’t find it.

We figured we had to have screwed up somewhere. We searched through all our card collection for the relic to see if it had just been put away wrong. We pulled out all the plot type cards from the entire stroy line and retraced what we could of how everything had played out to make sure we hadn’t lost the relic at some point and forgotten to record it in the campaign log. We spent probably an hour trying to figure out where the Relic card was and wherever it was if it was supposed to be in Joe’s deck like we thought or not. It finally occurred to us far too late to check the one card that had been removed face down from Joe’s deck during setup. There was the relic.

We didn’t want to spoil ourselves too much on the story line, but from quick skims of the remaining agenda and plot cards, it looked like if we kept playing, we could never advance any further by any means. If we’d “lost” the relic as part of the campaign previously, the game had a way to give it to us but there was no provision for getting it back to us if we were supposed to have it according to the log but it had been pulled out as part of that setup step. We would eventually lose when doom forced us to the end of the game with nothing we could do in the meantime. We had been forced to lose the scenario before we’d even started playing by random chance during setup. By the time we’d figured that out, we were incredibly frustrated and tired. It was later than we’d expected to be playing and we just wanted to go to bed. If we’d done the now obvious thing of checking that removed card first, we’d have probably just put the relic back in Joe’s deck and replaced it with a second random card, but as things stood, we packed it all up and said we’d just start the scenario over again some other night.

Definitely not a good night of gaming there. I don’t know. Maybe there was a solution we missed or would have found if we’d kept playing. We were just fed up and couldn’t go on. We’ll try again and I guess slightly rig setup to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen a second time.


Wow, that is really bad luck! The instructions should probably have said to find and set aside the Relic of Ages before adding the lead investigator’s cards to the victory display, then shuffle them back in. I don’t see anything in the FAQ for this; perhaps you can write to FFG to let them know about this edge case?


I thought you would enjoy the incongruity of my storage solution

Doesn’t everyone contain the horrors of their personal Lovecraftian universe in a pretty pink box?
Tell you what though. Perfect size for the broken token organiser inside a game box, clear top, magnetic fastener. I’m tempted to go to Boots and get a second Clinique set to have a second box for the further expansions.


My LotR LCG cards are in an Elie Tahari shoebox.