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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


I started my first Dunwich Legacy solo run tonight good ol’ Jenny. What’s even more amazing is that I actually didn’t lose… I’m to sure if R2 would be considered a win but it’s better than dying horribly.

  • Despite having a decent amount of weapons in my deck I only ever drew dynamite. I did do an amazing job of drawing both the basic and character weakness though.
  • I pulled 3 monsters from the encounter deck BUT the fates smiled on me and I happened to have Elusive and Think on Your Feet in hand at the time.

There’s a certain amount of hilarious irony in that I dispatched a creature (woo 1VP) with dynamite by tossing it into the dormitory wherein I immediately moved there to completed the scenario. Apparently, they’re perfectly cool with a large explosion but as soon as they hear a fire alarm it’s time to GTFO.


Called it!


Good news! Doesn’t look as though she’ll be great solo though. 1 fight?!


Plus a pretty poor signature for solo play and a massively punishing weakness for a weak fighter. Definitely more of a team player


After finishing TFA for the second time we’ve been trying out some new deck types in Labyrinths and Guardians of the Abyss. The latter is definitely my favorite standalone in terms of story and gameplay. Extra points for great loot. The decks we’ve been testing are Sefina with Suggestion + All In combo, and battle mage Jim with Song of the dead + Shards of the Void for extra skulls. Jim was surprisingly reliable in fighting, as after couple of seals and Olive McBride skulls are not that rare anymore. Cherry on top - Recall the Future. Guessing the token is so satisfying!

Super excited for Return to Dunwich Legacy to arrive next week. New Rite of Seeking looks awesome for 2p parties!


Yes! Wasn’t bothered at all about RtNotZ, but RtDunwich looks great… plus I’d quite like the box for storing the standalones, and keep the big box for the campaigns.


FYI for those of you getting Return to Dunwich - It was brought to my attention that older prints of some cards have a circle from the original card template on the unrevealed side of cards. This means they’re marked at least in some way against the return cards which don’t have them. Looks like this is a problem for Essex County, Miskatonic Museum, and Where Doom Awaits. I guess BGG and Reddit have a big forum about it but I just put in a parts request to Asmodee. No clue how they’re handling it, yet.


My friend told me about this. I’ve already decided to just put them in penny sleeves and then paste stickers over the circle.


We completed our 4P marathon of Return to Dunwich Legacy over the weekend! I played a Dark Horse Fire Axe-wielding Agnes Baker; the other investigators were Dark Horse Ashcan Pete, Leo Anderson, and Jenny Barnes who died, sadly, because she had Charon’s Obol and was sucked out of a train and into a portal in the sky. She was replaced by Rex Murphy.

We were able to seal the tear in reality and won the campaign :champagne: but only Ashcan Pete was able to make it back. Everyone else was lost in time and space. :hourglass: :milky_way:

Much like Return to Night of the Zealot, Return to Dunwich Legacy doesn’t make any fundamental changes to the campaign. It adds some new replacement encounter sets, new versions of certain locations, etc. I don’t think it made the game more difficult, just different. I really liked the new Broods of Yog-Sothoth that provided some variety.

It is a slight exaggeration to say that I chose Agnes for her ability to deal with the stupid whippoorwhills easily, but only slight. I hated those stupid birds so much every time I’ve played through this campaign. But this time with Forbidden Knowledge equipped, I just used the free trigger to take a horror (and resource) to ding the bird and kill it. No actions required! Super satisfying.


We finished a run through all the campaigns with Ursula/Yorick. Ursula with Pathfinder is broken, tbh.

So I decided to set myself a Challenge.

Calvin Wright.

And I’m enjoying the heck out of it. Haele is playing Jenny, as it can take a couple of turns for Calvin to get going, but once he gets a good amount of damage/horror on him, wow.

Loving Return/Dunwich, annoyed with the two scenarios with different card backs. Luckily, I’ve got a lot of colour matte sleeves, so I just sleeved em up.

Oh, yeah, got a bunch of colour matte sleeves. So we colour coordinate our investigator decks. My Calvin is red, her Jenny is green. Silly fun, but what the heck.

And I got her some actual ammo tokens from Top Shelf Gamer. Look like clips. Just more silly bling.


Had anyone started circle undone yet?

I’ve opened it, but not started yet. Think I might try a Rita solo run tonight!


I’ve been patiently waiting for it to arrive at my door. My mail got delayed because the weather was less than pleasant this week and even the US Postal Service shut down.
I did start playing Return to Dunwich with a friend last night and I see @Tika’s point. It’s definitely not changed much but the encounters have been significant enough of a difference to make it feel fresh. We played the first three scenarios. I’m playing Minh for the firs time and she’s a ton of fun to play. Not sure what I’ll upgrade her into but throwing piles of skill cards at everything is fun. She wasn’t the greatest choice for Dunwich because of one specific encounter card that’s shown up multiple times now involving your deck running out. Regardless, she’s been very cool.
My friend is playing Leo and during “The House Always Wins” this situation arose and it created one of my favorite accidental stories Arkham tells.

Leo walks into the bar with his dog walker Mitch and they take out multiple conglomerations at once.

Once we finish I’m diving right into Circle Undone. I’m so excited to try the prologue.


The prologue looks so interesting!! Love the idea of playing with only a single hand and seeing how long you can last.


Well, got to scenario 7 of Carcosa and lost… So, I have to start the whole thing again! Bloody hard solo… Goddammit.

Edit:It took me 5 attempts to remember how to do spoiler tags. Insert harsh swear word here.


Ran our first playthrough of the deluxe box of Circle Undone. I was Joe Diamond, she was Preston.

Once Preston gets going, he’s broken. So. Much. Moneys.

Joe is pretty strong. The admin on his hunch deck is annoying as all get out. I kept forgetting to turn the top card over, then, if you don’t play it, you have to shuffle your very small hunch deck. Every turn.

We use coloured sleeves for each faction, so my Joe deck is in yellow. I finally made the hunch deck hot pink in an effort to notice the damned thing.

On the campaign, the intro scenario is really neat, and it appears what happens there will have a lot to do with the rest of the campaign. It’s nice to return to Arkham after our ventures in the jungle, and see things like the Silver Twilight Lodge make a return.

And tarot cards are neat.

More as we replay it.


I am little late to the party, but yesterday I finished the core box.
I really don’t know why I disliked the game so much when I played it for the first time a year ago, but this time around we had a blast!

The last szenario was really tough on Skids and Daisy. We weren’t able to defeat the Ghoul Priest and drew him after our second round. Skids was constantly trying to keep him away from Daisy while she was collecting clues as fast as possible.

We nearly managed to win before things got ugly but…but then things got ugly. In the end Daisy had to sacrifice herself to lure the great old one to the location that Skids was currently at fighting the priest. Skids then was able to pull of our final plan: 1) escape the priest 2) play Lita which left him with 1 health and then 3) sacrificing Lita. It was a tough decision but it was the only way out :slight_smile:

So, with the core box finished, we are going to play Path to Carcosa next. I don’t really feel comfortable spending so much money on all these mythos packs, but it’s worth it, right?


Just buy them as you play them and see how you get on. Each mythos pack feels worth £12, and playing a complete campaign is a great experience, it’s just odd if you add it all up in your mind.

There’s certainly a point with the player cards when the card pool really opens up into lots of options, and the replayability massively expands. Early on there’s not so many choices in which cards to play with.


Yeah, adding it all up makes you feel like it’s not a good deal…

I am not so much of a solo player and I don’t feel the urge the replay the campaign often. So for me personally it’s a tough call.

Well, we’re gonna do some deckbuilding now and start the new campaign on the weekend (hopefully). And if we enjoy Path To Carcosa I guess we just need to spend some hard earned cash :slight_smile:


I’m slowly working my way purchasing mythos packs for Dunwich since I’m paranoid that they’ll be hard to come by at one point and I’ll be scrambling (see: Android:Netrunner). That said I’m at a pace of one pack every couple months so it might take me awhile.


I am just starting this today as a solo campaign, VERY EXCITED!!! :squid::squid::squid: