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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


I started my first Dunwich Legacy solo run tonight good ol’ Jenny. What’s even more amazing is that I actually didn’t lose… I’m to sure if R2 would be considered a win but it’s better than dying horribly.

  • Despite having a decent amount of weapons in my deck I only ever drew dynamite. I did do an amazing job of drawing both the basic and character weakness though.
  • I pulled 3 monsters from the encounter deck BUT the fates smiled on me and I happened to have Elusive and Think on Your Feet in hand at the time.

There’s a certain amount of hilarious irony in that I dispatched a creature (woo 1VP) with dynamite by tossing it into the dormitory wherein I immediately moved there to completed the scenario. Apparently, they’re perfectly cool with a large explosion but as soon as they hear a fire alarm it’s time to GTFO.


Called it!


Good news! Doesn’t look as though she’ll be great solo though. 1 fight?!


Plus a pretty poor signature for solo play and a massively punishing weakness for a weak fighter. Definitely more of a team player


After finishing TFA for the second time we’ve been trying out some new deck types in Labyrinths and Guardians of the Abyss. The latter is definitely my favorite standalone in terms of story and gameplay. Extra points for great loot. The decks we’ve been testing are Sefina with Suggestion + All In combo, and battle mage Jim with Song of the dead + Shards of the Void for extra skulls. Jim was surprisingly reliable in fighting, as after couple of seals and Olive McBride skulls are not that rare anymore. Cherry on top - Recall the Future. Guessing the token is so satisfying!

Super excited for Return to Dunwich Legacy to arrive next week. New Rite of Seeking looks awesome for 2p parties!


Yes! Wasn’t bothered at all about RtNotZ, but RtDunwich looks great… plus I’d quite like the box for storing the standalones, and keep the big box for the campaigns.


FYI for those of you getting Return to Dunwich - It was brought to my attention that older prints of some cards have a circle from the original card template on the unrevealed side of cards. This means they’re marked at least in some way against the return cards which don’t have them. Looks like this is a problem for Essex County, Miskatonic Museum, and Where Doom Awaits. I guess BGG and Reddit have a big forum about it but I just put in a parts request to Asmodee. No clue how they’re handling it, yet.


My friend told me about this. I’ve already decided to just put them in penny sleeves and then paste stickers over the circle.