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Tell me about your arkham horror lcg campaign!


Forgive me if others have started a thread similar to this, but I’ve been really invested in the arkham lcg horror for most of the year. I have two core sets, the fancy playmat, all expansions, and have organized/sleeved everything. I even have coin capsules on the way for my tokens. Here’s my problem…I haven’t had a chance to REALLY play the game. I’ve had off and on attempts and I’m comfortable with the rules but my partner doesn’t seem to love it and I don’t know anyone else interested in the game to play with.

TL;DR - I finally took it upon myself to start a solo dunwich campaign. I haven’t played many games solo and it’s way more natural than I thought. My favorite mission so far has been Essex county express.

I saw on the FFG forums a few people posting play by plays of their campaigns and I’m really interested in hearing about other players’ experiences. Currently I’m about to start Blood on the Altar with a very beaten but not broken Jenny Barnes. This could get spoilery for those who haven’t delved into the campaigns but I’d really like to hear from others about how they’ve played if anyone’s prepping up for Carcosa.

Arkham Horror TCG - What to buy?

Update: I have now completed blood on the altar. I came so close to a victory but pushed my luck and got everyone killed.


Jenny was my gal too. I really loved her style of just answering everything with either money or bullets (and occasionally high explosives) :smiley:

We finished our campaign and will be starting new characters for Carcosa I think, and I’m going to miss her!


Sadly my girlfriend didn’t click with it either, as I thought it would be a lovely narrative adventure following our Pandemic Legacy campaign…

So I finished off the core campaign with the Wendy and Roland we’d started with… I ended up chucking Lita to the Devourer, that thing was insane.

I played the Midnight Masks because I completely flummoxed it the first playthrough, the second time I got all the cultists except the mortician.

I’m really enjoying playing the Dunwich cycle with Jenny and Rex, they’re all prepped to launch into the Miskatonic Museum.


Naturally this is filled with spoilers for Dunwich legacy, as noted by the original poster!

My cousin and I played The Dunwich legacy, working in the Curse of the Rougarou and Carnaeval of Horrors expansions too (both highly recommended - as these packs are almost entirely scenario cards apart from a few special assets the designers can go to town and create a really thematic adventure).

  • I played Roland Banks, a Guardian (plus a little bit of Seeker). Roland really benefited from buying “I’ve Had Worse…” as it helps protect him (making up for his lower sanity) and improves his resource generation too. A great card. Pathfinder and Shortcut were both great too - the latter is Fast and can be used while engaged so Roland could drag enemies to locations with clues and kill them to discover a clue.
  • My cousin played Agnes Baker, a Mystic (plus a little bit of Survivor). She was a great source of damage and could investigate well with Rite of Seeking/Look What I Found/Drawn to the Flame, so our team was pretty versatile as both of us could do a bit of everything.
  • We didn’t rescue either professor early on, but rescued the students and gained a decent chuck of experience.
  • Our decks started to click from the third scenario (the Miskatonic Museum) onwards due to the higher level cards we’d gained, gaining maximum experience in that scenario, and we didn’t take a point of Trauma during the campaign, except a point of Mental Trauma from Agnes due to the Engine Car in the Essex County Express.
  • I loved that there were sliding scales of success/failure in some of the scenarios and choices to make, such as trying to slay the experiment, rescue the professor or warn the students about the escaped experiment in Extracurricular Activities. Adding tokens to the bag depending on certain outcomes is a good way to add weight and consequence to events.
  • Similarly, it was good to see references to events in earlier scenarios and the game checking your campaign log for previous events to help/hinder you, as well as the special weaknesses/assets you could earn along the way.
  • Similarly, we managed to do the investigate solution to Blood on the Altar after Agnes’s player wisely suggested investigating instead (albeit we didn’t have the Necronomicon, having elected to destroy it).
  • We desperately searched Dunwich for the kidnapping victims and rescued them, but only after two had perished, Victory is more meaningful when it comes at a cost.
  • Similarly, we managed to defeat all but one of the Spawn in “Undimensioned and Unseen”.
  • The race to the top of the hill in “Where Doom Awaits” was good fun and it was nice that some of our previous actions helped us.
  • We escaped “Lost in Time & Space” reasonably quickly as our decks put in good performances, but it was still really enjoyable and nice to see very different location mechanics in the last scenario.


Not reading the above, because we haven’t started Dunwich yet!

Played my first proper run through of the Core Set this weekend, and absolutely loved it. To my surprise it was my son (14) who wanted to play rather than my wife. He really enjoyed the deckbuilding aspect - something I thought we’d not get in to.

{Characters; Agnes and Roland. The first scenario went well, with us burning the house down, and we managed to get all the cultists in the second scenario… just. Then, we got very, very squished by the GOO in the final episode. And loved every minute of losing! Strategies have been discussed…}

What a great game…

PS. There is a BBCode for spoiler tags… erm… [ spoiler] and [ \spoiler] without the spaces will hide the text as above!


We just started Dunwich, Spoilers for Scenarios 1-3 below:

We started looking for the professor at the casino and got DESTROYED by the mythos deck. My cook got drunk and then proceeded to fight each and every monster she could find while her reporter friend got killed by the one monster she couldn’t engage. We didn’t find the professor.
Then we went to campus, searching for clues, befriending the local janitor when the friggin experiment burst from the lab, mentally scarring the chef and making for the dorms. My partner managed to pull the fira alarm, saving the students (hooray) but we didn’t get the professor (less hooray).
Then we went to the museum and got the security guard killed nearly instantly after befriending him (damn you, crypt chill!).
But while I kept killing the returing hunting horror (I think I killed that sonofabitch five times) the trusty reporter unraveld ALL THE CLUES and in the very last room (of course) we found the Necronomicum and burned it!
Happy end for all!
And I got a new friend!
Lets see what horrors await us next.


Thank you for the spoiler box. Up until Essex county I took a complete play by play and didn’t want to get too specific since I’m newer to the forums and didn’t know how to spoiler tag. These are great, thank you for the responses.

Jenny seemed like she’d be the easiest to play solo since she has the flat statline. I’ve found this isn’t true and it seems to make every single stat check a challenge. I splashed in hyperawareness and as long as I have that out I don’t seem to have any issues throwing all my resources at stats but until I’ve drawn that or hard knocks I tend to avoid conflict at all costs.


We played though the core box campaign with Agnes and Daisy. I like those characters but they were such a challenge for our first time playing through it. Light spoiler:

I don’t remember specifics but I do know we escaped the house with the ghoul priest surviving, Burned it down, gathered two or three cultists, and in the last scenario we got absolutely wrecked before we even got to see where the woods would take us. I think that’s part of what discouraged her from playing more and investing in deck building.


Just completed another playthrough of Night of the Zealot. Solo, Jenny Barnes (I love Jenny!)

After escaping from the study Jenny shot the Ghoul Priest dead, but ignored the screams of the insane woman. No way was she burning down her expensive home! Jenny couldn’t move fast enough to speak to all the cultists, but she did manage to interrogate Victoria, and kill the despicable Huntsman. Sadly the Devourer Below was a step too far and Jenny reached the ritual site just as Umordhoth was summoned. The beast shredded both Jenny’s mind and body, and Arkham saw many dark days…

Seriously, has ANYONE managed to complete the core campaign solo? It’s so damn hard! (And I love it!)


We managed it as a duo but it was incredibly close

It got summoned and after an incredibly tense and losing battle we managed to land the killing blow by drawing the +1 token on our last attack on the last turn before we both went down! There was a brief moment of disbelief as we looked at the token before a very relieved celebration :smiley:


@Plum That sounds like an incredibly exciting finale!


Ha yes, we were so used to overcooking every skill check because of all the negatives that going into a skill check below the target was a sign of utter desperation. We’d pretty much accepted defeat at that point - the equivalent of running out of bullets and throwing your shoe as a last act of defiance


@Plum The mental picture of Roland taking his shoes off and lobbing them at a GOO, swearing his head off, is cracking me up! Shoe… bonk… crack as the old one hits the floor!

Someone with more skill than I draw this now!


So I finished my campaign with Jenny. Sort of.

I have had a rough time through most of the campaign but as others have said in other forum posts you won’t win on the first try and that’s okay. However, I’m a little disappointed to find out that they weren’t kidding about the title of Where Doom Awaits. I’ve had a really low xp count for every scenario so the most xp in my deck at this point were 2xp cards, which couldn’t have helped, but I had a really bad round.
First off, I had a slow couple of rounds which allowed me to get out a newspaper, hard knocks, and Leo de Luca. Over time I revealed two diverging paths, successfully investigated them, and got to where I could go to the ascending path. Despite only having one enemy out (a thrall) and not having to deal with it, several of my token reveals and across space and time milled me really hard. I ended up pulling beyond the veil. I only had six cards left in my deck. I decided to resign right then and there at the bottom of the hill…only to find out I lose the campaign and don’t get to play the last scenario.
It’s disappointing, but I’m going to do this as intended, dismantle my deck, rebuild, and start over. Despite not seeing the last scenario I think I’m still going to dive into the carcosa scenarios. I’ll fine tune a new solo deck and come back to dunwich another time.


I’m currently stalled, trying to come up with a good pair of decks for @DKat and I to play though Dunwhich. We managed to get through the Rougarou with some decks that got ripped apart when we tried the first two Dunwhich scenarios, and it sorta stalled our progress.


I think we were lucky in that we happened to pick a pair of complementary characters in our run through. Jenny is great in a fight and I splashed blue for extra protection and combat bonuses. My partner was Trumpet Guy and built his desk with an eye for will tests and gaining clues. He did most of the work to drive the story forward while I protected him via bullets, bombs and backstabs.

The biggest threat to me by far was the milling events, as you noted. It really tightens the clock and we finished a number of missions at the last moment. It certainly cranked up the tension but a run of bad luck would have completely sunk our campaign


Yeah that was a killer especially with the encounter that dealt me ten damage once I hit zero cards. I need to look up the rule but I’m not sure if not being able to draw a card resigns you, anyway. Knowing that I ended my campaign by playing it safe makes me sad I didn’t just play until I was out of cards.

I was always worried about how replayable this would be but nothing about having played the scenario makes me want to anything less. If anything it makes it feel like I can have a viable strategy and target for the next time I try to build a deck.


We are two missions into the core box campaign and getting minced! Looking forward to the resolution next weekend… (We can’t fit it in during the week, and life is busy). I think I’m slowly bringing round my partner into wanting to play it. I have a funny feeling she is enjoying watching me squirm as I fail draw after draw more than anything else!


The last three scenarios of the Dunwich Legacy are SO GOOD.

Played them all in a row… so addictive.