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Talk To Transformer Board Game Edition


https://talktotransformer.com/ is a way to play with OpenAI’s GPT-2 langauge model.

You give it a prompt and it gives back a paragraph of text via the magic of neural networks.

I’ve been putting in board game titles for the prompt and laughing at the results.



I should of let the AI write the rest of my introduction post.


I have been waiting for Fate Proteum to hit KS, but alas, so far nothing :frowning:


Prompt: This is a lot easier to read than a Markov Chain text generator, although just as silly.
Generated: Sent through the Full Disclosure mailing list


Got it to expand the description of one of my own games:

Collect some animals while other animals (and other players) get in your way. You can rely on pure luck or try to keep track of what’s going on and use skill and deduction to get what you want.

A light card game for 2 to 6 players. All about hidden information and trying to force other players to scupper their own plans

This game is one of the newer releases in the genre, and it’s going to stay popular as people continue playing its predecessor.

The premise is simple:

What happens when your pet suddenly grows a bad habit? Do you turn it from friendly to fearful without too much trouble? Are you able to catch them before they get you to bite them? Maybe you take it out to play!

This game uses a complex system of hidden information to keep track of what a pet has done and how it’s been behaving, allowing you to quickly and efficiently determine which plans you are working toward and which ones



You just got to catch your pets before they tempt you into biting them. Pets are delicious.

Transformer can generate scripts. Using text from the last Games News.


The scary thing that generated script sounds a lot more coherent than many internet discussions I’ve seen.


Here you go:

(This is the generated completion, copy/paste):

The script for the first episode is:

  • “How much money does it cost to travel through time?”

  • “What’s the difference between a good and an evil spirit from the previous season?”

  • “If it can go up to five million years, isn’t that still a little insane?”

  • “Should the humans stop fighting over things, or should we stop fighting them?”

  • “I hate you, Jesus! What are you doing?”

  • “You are my favorite movie ever.”

When I made this movie, and got it accepted with lots of people at the local festival, I spent most of my time in the background. But, for a very long time, this was my role, and the character I played, and the direction I was being given, and my voice. The whole time, I wasn’t even aware of what it would be like. Once the writers were given the script, it wasn’t that hard to write a script for the movie.


(that last sentence kills me!)


Transformer knows we are making it write weird scripts. It’s becoming a little overconfident with that last sentence.