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Tabletop Game Bundles! Do they exist?


Hi there!

I’m wondering if there are any discounted boardgame bundles that are set up similarly to the Humble Bundle or Bundle of Holding. A general online search led me to a few subscription mystery boxes and larger retailers offering sales.

Do you know of any tabletop-centric sales bundles?

Thanks in advance!


Given the way board games are produced and distributed, this sounds like it would be very difficult to organize not to mention very expensive to buy. For deals, you’re best off buying from community marketplaces (BGG, Ebay, Craigslist, etc) or browsing online specialty retailers.

Board games just don’t have large enough print runs to reliably be available for an idiosyncratic option like a discount bundle unless it was mostly Hasbro stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think all that @Gwathdring is certainly true.

But, to add to it, I’ll say I have seen bundles of games sold on ebay on occassion…maybe 4-5 titles. I don’t recall seeing anything where every single title was a hit, usually a few good ones, a few unknowns.

Also, Massdrop occassionally does a bundle–but it’s usually a hunk of stuff for rhe same system (like Dominion and expansions, for instance).

Finally, you can sometimes DIY your own bundle in multi-game auctions (as on BGG)–but that’s restricted by all the issues of auctions (you’ve gotta actually win the auctions to get the games…). At least you can save on shipping…usually.


At some conventions I hear some game shops with booths will make blind bundled grab bags. For example: A large brown paper bag stapled shut with “War Games $100” or “Two-Player Games $75”. Most of the time the value of the items in the bag are over the total written on the outside, but they tend to be all slow sellers, or a ‘good’ game with some ‘bad games’ mixed in.

The pitfall of this form of bundling is that you cannot not see the titles before you make the purchase. So it is hard to say it is a ‘good value’ if you end up getting repeat titles you already own or games you would never play… :confused:


Thank you for all the helpful replies! It looks like I’ll be giving Ebay and Craigslist some more attention.


At SHUX '18, there was a Canadian board game company (or shop?) that was selling such bundles on the last day of the convention. I think everything in the bundle was one of the games on display, so people had some idea of what was inside. @RebelMoogle, didn’t you buy one of the blind bags?



You hit the nail on the head! This is what I was referencing. If I had realized that was the case, I would have looked closer. My luggage was tight on space, so I did not inquire further.


This just bundle of digital versions of board games popped up on the BGG forum I subscribe to that posts deals:



I guess you could probably count those “50-in-1 games compendium” sets you could get that included Chess, Ludo, Nine Men’s Morris, Backgammon, a set of dice and a pack of cards.

And, in a more modern box, there’s Pyramid Arcade, which is more or less the same concept - a box full of components that you can play about 30 games with. The trouble for me was that few-to-none of those games were enjoyable.


That sounds a bit like that game Paul did a review on… 504


Ooh I’d forgotten about 504.

For some reason it didn’t appeal to me at all at the time but now I’m curious to see it in action.


I hope they do that this year, since I can actually go to SHUX this year!