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TableHop! Beer brewing, wine making, for tabletop gamers (and general fermentation)


I’m excited about watching him cool water really quickly! The things I look forward to in middle-age.


I know, it’s like when you suddenly find woodworking and golf interesting. “Let’s watch @UllinBethalto cool boiling water!” Oh, god, I’m pushing 50!

However, I have to say, this is in the interest of beer (yes, and other things). With that, I do kind of feel the class is paying attention.



Anything that helps me get a drinkable beer to the table, I’m all in favour of.

I think I posted my recipe to our stout. It’s a winner, so if anyone else wants to brew it, please do! Even better, nitro keg it.


You’re favoring NO2 over CO2?


(sorry, we had this discussion before, kind of, right? I don’t think we got super-deep into it.)


For stout, absolutely. For other beers, nope.


Like the widgets they put in Guinness?


Kind of… nitrogen gives you smaller bubbles, which helps stout alot more than other styles (not sure why or even about the science behind it). The widgets cans are good, it certainly benefiited a few of the brewdog fanzine stouts, and Guinness through nitro is better than not.

I also went to Black Raven in Seattle (Redmond) and tried their Black Morrighan stout on nitro. That’s a top drawer stout, up there with the best Irish stouts I’ve tried. They had it in a bottle and the barman encouraged me to taste test - nitro is the premier way of serving stout, in my opinion.


There’s a definite acidity difference, but really, I just want my beer to be fizzy. I used to be really against artificial bubbles of any kind, but I relented. It’s not a bad shortcut. It’s a bit pricey, but I’ve been convinced from a friend who kegs that there are good homebrews that benefit from gas.

(EDIT: as a reminder
CO2 creates carbonic acid with the water, which is fine for sharper and lighter stuff, and has big fat crispy bubbles. Natural carbonation works that way.
NO2 creates a finer fuzz that’s better for the silky cake-like experience of darker beers, it’s less reactive with the water, but it has to be introduced into the beer.)


Just so people are not disappointed, this is the topic of the video. :wink:

I do not want people to be disappointed that they are only going to see the end of the boiling process.


Hey, I’ll watch it.


Yeah… So we have done some reorganizing in the main living areas of our home… And I was in the basement on Sunday… It may be a while before I can locate everything I need for the demonstration…

:confused: How did it get soo bad down there…


You should see my attic. Good lord, stay out of my own room, it’s even worse.


Not to be a pain in the backside or anything, but @UllinBethalto have you managed to video the boiling water yet?

Today is the day we decide to buy The Grainfather or not, so if there’s some clever way you have of crashing the boil, I’d love to get a peek into your wisdom!

By the way, the homebrew I’ve done, Jet, gets better with age, and it’s not bad for 3.7%!


Sorry, it has been a busy month and I did not forget. SHUX at the beginning and trying to catch-up at work ever since time just has been an elusive commodity. Due to the difference in time, I do not think I could get it filmed and up before you make your choice…

:man_facepalming: I just realised I could simulate the technique without having to dig all my equipment out! I could just use smaller pots and my sink!!!

Sometimes I amaze myself!

Sorry :frowning_face:


The fact that you’re even doing it is above and beyond!


We bought the Grainfather. As yet, we haven’t had a go, probably start brewing on it in the New Year. It requires a lot of maintenance, but should be able to control the temperature and allow us to brew full grain.

The previous method will still be used for experimental brews, which will eventually get consistent production in the Grainfather. Long term, we want to produce small batch beer for friends, friends’ events and maybe even selling in free houses. But first, we’ve got to get a consistent, drinkable product with a USP.


Pics or it diddn’t happen! :stuck_out_tongue:



“Your goina’ make a beer, nobody canna refuse…”

… I believe that is the quote…