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TableHop! Beer brewing, wine making, for tabletop gamers (and general fermentation)


They are brewing that over here in the states. I think in Ohio?


No more than usual-ish. Dry-hopping is as dumb as sticking a bag in the carboy. Just remember to pull it out eventually (before the secondary), and sit on it for a week longer, split between primary and secondary, and bottle conditioning is your friend here.
(Not literally sitting on it, that would be uncomfortable and you’d miss all of your appointments).

Remember, brewing is easier than it sounds. Most of it it is just a flurry of activity, and then ignoring it for a long time.


Yes. They had a massive hotel and a stunt airline and everything. The rooms have beer on tap and there is a full scale brewery on site. Their hazy pales are good too, but it’s the stouts where they excel.


I have a litre that I did last year to keep me going!

And @MinuteWalt, you’ll just have to try it. It’s delicious. Rosehip vodka


When I find it, I’ll try it!

(That’s actually my mantra for life in general, I suppose)