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SUSD reviews you don't agree with


You just reminded me how I dislike Twitter UI. I can’t zoom this thing! :yum:


I think I looked at the pics on the homepage, before installing the Twitter app. Now I can’t zoom, either… :sweat_smile:


7 Wondera Duel, such a great game!


I’ll go to my grave believing that Coup is a far more enjoyable bluffing game than Skull, and Celestia is a much more interesting push your luck game than Diamant.


Not an actual review, but a few podcasts ago Quinns was very dismissive of Bunny Kingdom.

I bought because

A: Richard Garfield generally gets all my money


2: Bunnies! (I have a 7 year old granddaughter who plays with us)

It’s a very good game, in our opinion.

Our favourite thing about the bois’ reviews is that they don’t just tell you whether they like a game or not, they generally tell you why they like a game or not.


The Isle of Doctor Necreaux has cropped up a few times in this thread, and I honestly understand people disliking it (I was disappointed by it too, the first time I played it), but for those who feel that way and didn’t actually get rid of it, there’s something important to know – while it may not be a great game, it gets much better with more players. It ostensibly supports 1-5 players, but I wouldn’t want to play it with fewer than 4.

Most of the fun of the game derives from the random collection of character attributes in play – three per character – and how you collectively make use of them; so quite simply the more players there are, the more attributes (and hence options) there are in play, and the more fun and engaging the game and its puzzle becomes.

You probably still have things you’d much rather play – even having a fondness for the game (and its lovely Flash Gordon-esque art style doesn’t hurt there), it’s not one that I bring to the table with any kind of regularity – but having experienced it at its best, I don’t see myself ever getting rid of it.

Of course you might well have played it with 4+ and still hated it; but just in case…


Through the Ages, obviously. I mean, I’m still not even sure what Matt and Quinns really think of the game, but Paul obviously didn’t like it, and followed that up with scathing remarks in several podcasts. And yet, sure, I’m willing to concede that their primary concern - that it can be too long for beginners - can be valid.

On, and Twilight Struggle. Not sure if they ever really reviewed this, but I remember criticism along the lines of the opening moves being mapped out too thoroughly, which just seems silly. The game branches too fast for that to be an issue, and the extent to which opening moves are discussed is only indicative of it being so popular for so long.


I’ve not actually seen SUSD’s review of this, but after having played it at a convention I would sum it up that the game itself is nice enough but the 30 minute pratting about scoring up at the end meant there is no way I will buy it. And I love games which involve scoring up at the end but it was just so ridiculous in this game! :nauseated_face:


I got heated up disagreeing with Paul on this one. Knowledge of cards and openings + static set-up aren’t a big issue to me with TS, since it’s complex enough and the game isn’t an efficient Euro game.

My main issue is that you have to count repeatedly to see what’s the score on that region and the admin.

Also Dominant Species: I understand that El Grande is king with Tammany Hall as close 2nd, but the way things are at this moment, DS is waaaay cheaper than Big Box El Grande (seriously big mistake from the publisher) and out-of-print Tammany Hall, and still very cutthroat and thematic.


(About Bunny Kingdom)

We found it really only takes a couple of minutes to score the fiefs.
Since you’ve been scoring them each round you’re fairly familiar with them. And the parchments do take a while, but we kind of enjoy going around the table to see what cleverness everyone has been up to.


LEWIS AND CLARKE! Man! This game is one of my favourites and everyone i have introduced to it loved it! The complaint that there is no player catch up mechanic?..never experienced that. Its always been really close and really tense in any game I’ve played. These guys are great for reviews but the odd time i disagree.

Also THE VILLAGE is ok. But nothing fantastic.