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Super Human Resources: Save the World, Look good doing it

Hey everyone!
My name is Antonio Monge and for the past six months ive been developing a new board game, its still a bit away from finished but its finally in a shape that i feel comfortable showing off!

Super Human Resources

Welcome to the world of Nu-Topia, a modular city on the rise. With capitalism booming, no industry is bigger right now than the hero business. Thats right, heroes have gone corporate! And with their new corporate shift, comes a new line of work as companies hire new heads of Super Human Resources.

It is your job to hire new heroes to your companies sponsored super team, then deploy these heroes alongside other companies’ heroes as crisis arrive. As you progress through the ranks you will watch heroes rise and fall in popularity, you will earn government subsidies that will allow you to hire more famous and powerful heroes or you can invest in some affordable rookies and watch them grow.

Super Human Resources is an aysmmetrical turn based game where four players take on the role of heads of SHR at their respective companies and one player takes on the role of The Nemesis, a mysterious force rallying all manner of villains, criminals and monsters to their employ.

Inspired by other aysmetrical scenario based games like Descent and Conan, SHR takes place on modular boards that you will assemble before each mission.

You will engage in dice based combat, unlock new abilities for your characters, interact with the board in interesting and innovate ways and discover a diverse and dynamic world of heroes and villains.

Currently I am testing a version of the game that boasts 18 unlockable heroes and 12 unlockable Nemesi.
You can learn more about each of these characters on my website:

Super Human Resources

Also here is a shot of the game on display at my Senior Show, this is an early test copy and the art is not final: The scenario set up is a Bank Heist in which the Nemesis player is attempting to acquire five of the Stolen Good tokens on the vault where the Heroes are trying to rescue five hostages by escorting them off the board, all within a ten round turn limit. This is then complicated by the fact that if the Nemesis manages to defeat three of the four heroes, they win and if the Heroes defeat the Nemesis, they win.

Also i will be posting updates for the game on my blog (located on the same website) all summer long leading up to Gen Con and SHUX19!

(December 2019*)


Word of advice: avoid referencing seasons when giving time frames. “Winter 2019” means something different in the southern hemisphere than it does in the northern hemisphere. To be safe, stick with month ranges or perhaps quarters, e.g. Q3 19 (but even that’s not effective universal communication)


Thanks for the tip! My goal is to launch in December but that is subject to change. I will keep that in mind though and advertise in a less confusing way!

As a recruiter that never liked being part of ‘Human Resources’, this title makes me shudder! :rofl:


Antonio, you’ve been dropping hints about this for a long time now, and I know it still has a way to go. I, for one, have been waiting for an announcement like this from you.

(I do have to say, It should be in Shameless Self Promotion, too).


will do! should I just link to this post?

Also it still has a few kinks to work out but the Character Select now works on Mobile!

Sure, cross-link it.

We all know you by now, no one will think it’s spammy. Just do most of your self promotion there, that’s where it will get the most attention.

Don’t forget we have a Kickstarter thread (it’s mostly there to show off what we have funded, but I don’t think a mention there would get you kicked out of the room if you decide to crowd-fund).

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Quick update everyone:

I will be starting my development blog this week, the blog will follow my process as I bring SHR from an idea to a reality, expect posts that detail:

Character Breakdowns: (Once a week)
In depth deep dives into individual characters, including their backstories, design process and mechanics including their current unlock-able abilities and alternate forms.

New Art Assets: (Sporadically)
I am currently hard at work at finishing new board art, prop art, card art and promo materials so expect updates as I show off new designs, most will be unfinished and feedback will be appreciated!

Playtest streams/videos/updates: (Once a month)
This one I’m still working out the specifics on but I’d love to do some videos showing people playing the game as I feel it really lives in the stories people form as they play.

Fan Art:
I am a huge nerd so expect occasional fan-art posts from various comic books/movies/tv shows/video games/etc.

And much more!

Stay tuned and make sure to check out my blog at the following link at least once a week!
My Blog


Hey everyone! My first blog post is live, announcing the tour schedule for 2019 for Super Human Resources!

If you’d like to learn more about what I will be bringing to each event please check out my full blog post detailing the schedule, hope to see some of you and show off SHR!


Hey everyone!

Quick update for my tour schedule now that I have something confirmed, SHR will be at Indie Alley at SHUX! Very excited to see everyone and I will definitely have some SHUX-Exclusive give away goodies for anyone who stops by!

Also I currently have a poll running on my Twitter to decide which character I will be doing my first deep dive into this Friday. These Hero Handbooks will be going up every Friday from this week out, detailing a specific character’s player tile, unlock-able abilities, alternate skins and much more!

Feel free to vote on who you’d like to see featured first!

The options for this week are:
RGBMothman RGBParagon RGBRosegold

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Voted, but it seems like you have a clear winner with MOTH-MAN. I don’t even know why I tried (I was voting for him, too).

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Yeah! I ran a similar poll on Instagram where Rose Gold was the clear winner but Moth-Man still had the overall votes so he will be the focus of this Friday’s Hero Handbook. I will be detailing his unlockable abilities. Breaking down his hero board and showing off some alternate skins for him as well as some of his unlockable tools, allies and other fun stuff!

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You’re doing some great stuff, I appreciate that you’re letting us peek into this process. It’s super-cool.

Hey everyone! long time no post. I intended to update more frequently but some freelance work ended up taking priority (gotta pay the bills!) but I wanted to remind everyone tat SHR will be at Gen Con’s first exposure hall so don’t be afraid to stop by and be some of the first play testers! I will have some free goodies for anyone who stops by!

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Hey Y’all just thought i’d post a reminder now that there are some more concrete details, Super Human Resources will be playable at the First Exposure Play Test Hall at Gen Con next week!

So if you’re at Gen Con make sure to come by and test out SHR, I will have plenty of free goodies for everyone who comes and plays.

PS: I have two spare GM Badges for Gen Con and am considering doing a fan art contest/giveaway, is anyone still in need of passes or think this is a good idea?


It’s a good idea.

Also, if I could make it to Indianapolis (in, what, a week?) I’d take you up on a pass, but sadly, not this year. (If you had posted this a month ago! Grrr! :laughing:)

Sorry about that! I also don’t think a giveaway this late in the game would work anyway. I don’t particularly want to be responsible for whether or not some fans get into Gen-Con.

Also here’s a new shiny banner to go with the last one I posted!

We will also be giving away Stickers, Postcards and Magnets (and possibly a few T-Shirts) so make sure to come by and play test!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by to say we had an amazing first showing at GenCon, all of our playtests were super rewarding and informative and we are poised for a fantastic showing at SHUX’19.

I will see you all there so feel free to stop by Indie Ave to playtest SHR and get some free goodies!

Also! I am currently trying to grow our twitter following so when we hit 200 followers we will be announcing a new playable hero for SHR! So if you haven’t yet. please give us a follow and vote on which class of hero you’d like to see revealed!

SHR on Twitter

Also! Our first rule book is up on our website, it is in its very early stages so take that with a huge grain of salt but it gives a good basic outline of the game and will be updated very soon with all the fixes we tooled while at Gen Con!

How To Play SHR

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll stop in again when I have more news to share!

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One more quick update, the poll ended up tying two of the options so I’m throwing a tie breaker!
22 more followers to unlock the first hero reveal!

          Cosmic             or             Magic 

Vote Here!

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Arrg, I missed the poll.

(Cosmic, because it was purple. Green’s my fav, but I like the pun better and one of my kids likes purple. Honestly, who can argue with that? (Actually, you can, but why would you want to? That would be silly.))