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Sunless Skies - the sequel to Sunless Sea


I was a big fan of Sunless Sea, and this looks like it’s expanding and improving on the formula from the previous game. I know Quinns has mentioned his fondness for Sunless Sea in the past, so I thought he and many of you fine folks might be interested in the new follow-up.

I’m not affiliated at all with the developers or kickstarter; I’m just interested in their games and thought I’d share. Here’s a link if you’re interested.


Thanks for the reminder! I’d seen this trailed a while ago, and then completely forgot about it. Now backed! Although Fallen London has got a bit lost in itself, Sunless Sea was a blast.


Hit funding goal already! Love to see how much of the budget is being spent on writing.


Looks like about a 7th:


Going to back the hell out of this.


Anyone have any experience with it so far? I was a rather large fan of the original and I’m curious how much the gameplay has changed since their design post-mortem and admitted failures of their hybrid rogue-like system.


I’ve held off during the alpha. The kickstarter has weekly updates I think you can look at?


I tried playing the game when it first released to early access, and it was virtually unplayable (the economy made it all but impossible to start generating any income and avoid starving or getting stranded). However, since then, it has been updated several times and is actually really good. I think it’s a better experience than Sunless Seas in many ways. The user interface is improved, and it’s generally much more forgiving than 'Seas. Every port sells fuel and supplies at a standard cost, and the main port hub is centered in the map, so you spend less time away from home when you travel to the farthest areas. There is still plenty of challenge and risk/reward that makes it not feel too easy. For example, you are incentivized to visit as many ports as possible before returning to New Winchester to deliver port reports, but while you’re away, damage to the hull will add up fast, as will terror. If you ever fill up your terror meter (which is very likely if you try to visit every port in the Reach in one go), you will permanently (I think) have a new condition associated with your captain (such as ‘nervous’). Also combat is much more fun this time around, especially with the ability to strafe-dodge incoming attacks. However, the starting locomotive goes down fast if you take more than a couple of hits. If you end up in a fight with more than one or two other enemies, you might be better off running away. If you do die, you either start over, or just reload from the last port, depending on the difficulty you chose at the beginning. This way, purists can keep the high stakes of 'Seas, while others can feel more free to engage in riskier behavior. All in all, I think the experience has become an excellent one over the last few months. That said, it’s still in early access until September 2018, and there’s only one region so far (Albion is coming in the next update, apparently), and while there’s plenty to keep you busy over the course of a day or two, there is clearly a lot of content missing. I wouldn’t blame someone for waiting for the finished product, but if you are a fan of the original, and are excited about more content (with space trains, this time), you can have a lot of fun in its current state.


So I decided because of this thread to install and check out Sunless Sea again. I had played it for about an hour and just couldnt fathom why people thought it was fun. Last night I re-installed it at around 6pm my time. Didn’t go to bed until 1am. Seriously, the game’s storytelling just draws you in. I’ve lost three captains and I’ll be damned if I lose my 4th without a fight. So far I think the map has to be the best legacy to steal but I just can’t get rid of this 500 gold gun I bought to keep the crabs away. I’ve already played for most of today.

Thanks for the new time sink. Its brilliant. Must keep exploring the zee…