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SU&SD Twitch Stream: Guest Stars Wishlist


On their last stream Matt and Quinns announced that future Twitch Streams will star a co-host or guest.

In the history of SU&SD a wide array of famous (and infamous) appearances were made by many talented people, mostly only introduced by their first name…

So… I thought maybe we can have some suggestions on who we would really like to see back on Twitch? Even though I don’t actually know if Matt and Quinns are even reading the posts on this forum, but then again this is mostly just for fun, who would listen to us forum people anyway?

I made a poll to get some feeling for who this forum is the most anxious to see make a (re-)appearance. Now, the lines are open: let democracy do what it does best (hopelesly divide us all).

I made it so that you can vote anywhere between 1 and 3 guest stars.

  • Brendan (long time friend of the show)
  • Chris (cameraman… but who will then direct the stream?)
  • Clark (lawyer friend of the show)
  • Efka (No Pun Included)
  • Elaine (No Pun Included)
  • Paul (co-founder, appears in videos)
  • Philippa (aka Pip)
  • Leigh (spouse)
  • Rob (long time friend of the show)
  • Tom (long time friend of the show)
  • I would love (post name below in replies)

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SU&SD Twitch Stream: Games Wishlist

Write in vote Keza


Only 3 choices? I had to exclude NPI from my choices :frowning:

Obvious write-in vote for Jon Actualol.

Who I really want to see is the elusive Millicent! :open_mouth:


Haha, yes only 3 suggestions, otherwise it wouldn’t really be a poll now would it? :wink:

Good suggestions! Actualol only appeared once right? In the Meeple Circus Playthrough video.

And Millicent is really elusive… did we ever see him/her/it anywhere before? Oh my… we probably did didn’t we?


I’d like to see more people from lefttube like Shaun, Hbomb, or PhilosophyTube. I see hbomb follows Matt on twitter and most of them already stream on twitch so there’s a shared understanding of games that would make them great guests.


Harris has said before (I think in a short Q&A video he did) that SU&SD were a big influence on him getting into producing videos, so I’m sure he’d be up for it.


Ah, I have never heard of them? :astonished:

So please do tell me why would they make great guests? Just me being curious!


Shaun, Hbomb, and PhilosophyTube are all member of the loose social group of LeftTube and routinely promote and appear in one another’s work. More importantly for the stream’s purposes, they all live in England and their critical lenses seem to align themselves with the editorial team of SU&SD. Hbomb and Shaun particularly talk a lot about the game’s industry too, but I’m unsure of their exposure to tabletop.


Ah, okay: thanks for clearing that up! I thought I was missing out on other great boardgame reviewers/enthousiasts online.