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SU&SD Twitch Stream: Games Wishlist


As a kind of partner to the “Guest Stars Wishlist”, what games would you like to see Matt and Quinns play on the stream?

I won’t make a poll because it’s such an open-ended topic, but I’ll list a few that I’d like to see (while also noting that I am equally happy to see them play games I haven’t heard of, that I can then see if I like).

  • Welcome To…, Railroad Ink or another game by prolific designer Roland Wright, set up so that people watching the stream can play along and share their results too. It would be a neat kind of “Twitch Plays” event.

  • Some kind of silly one-shot RPG, like their Wrestling RPG playthrough.

  • Fog of Love with one of the new expansions, or the recently announced Mid-Life Crisis sequel featuring two guests. In fact, play the base game with two guests role playing the best friends watching the relationship unfold (and possibly unravel), providing commentary from the sidelines.

  • Some random collection of smaller games that maybe didn’t hit the hotness but which are charming in their own right. Stuff like the Mike line of microgames from Grail Games, or Schotten-Totten, or something.


I suppose that games that would make for good streaming are not typically the type of games I like to play. So, I really doubt how much I can add to the conversation… so… let’s find out!

  • Burgle Bros - this is on my shelf but unplayed as of yet. I’d love to see Twitch Plays Burgle Bros pitching in to help the boys steal the things
  • 878 Vikings - when Quinns took on Twitch in Memoir '44, the entire time I was thinking it could have been so much better with 878 Vikings instead (Memoir '44 seems great and it’s certainly on my must-own-eventually list, but 878 Vikings is just fantastic)
  • <insert racing game> - I know we’ve seen Flamme Rouge and I know I certainly enjoyed that a ton (I bought the game after watching them play it, after all), but let’s give a classic like Formula D a shot? Or, how about Snow Tails because (until Flamme Rouge came along) it was my favorite racing game. Possibly also in contention is Downforce because it’s got a new hotness factor going for it… but maybe Camel Up, even though it’s actually a betting game set at the scene of a camel race.
  • I’ve been trying to come up with one of those dry euros that I love so much (not be be confused with dry gyros) that would involve an interesting amount of player interaction. Troyes perhaps?
  • And I think perhaps my best idea is Captain Sonar, but that would be challenging for a number of reasons… You really need SIX people (SIXsix) to make it shine… That’s a lot of people AND cameras


  • Dang, completely forgot about The Estates which is not yet on my shelf because it’s still in the back of a postal service truck speeding across the midwestern US (speeding is an overstatement)

[edit again]

  • Imagine this: Matt and Quinns as rival Codenames clue-givers, Twitch Plays Codenames



It has been on my list ever since I watched Quinns’ review and it is coming back in print.

It’s also one of those games that is hard to get why it is a good game without seeing it played.


Beneath Nexus is a one-versus-many card game that I think would really lend itself to a stream with very tense exchanges between the hero players and the “blight lord”. SU&SD would need two or three guests with them, though, since the game really shines with four to five players AND doesn’t support two players.

Decrypto is a Codenames-like party game that is apparently much better. I would love to see it played live.


Unfortunately, it requires quiet team discussion (as you don’t want to give the other team any hints), so it’s not so great for spectators.


Oh, that is unfortunate. I wonder if they could have a whisper mic that would allow the listeners to tune in to the quiet discussion without ruining the game.


I also thought of Decrypto, but it would necessitate dividing the audience into two discrete groups that would necessarily know different information. So, you’d need two Twitch stream chats that were enforceably mutually exclusive.


Mysterium would be fun, especially in full makeup/outfits as we saw in the review.


If you missed it, Quinns and Matt did a play of this on another channel: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/267286956


Oh, I did miss that! Dang :sob:


Er. wasn’t that a Let’s Play already?


Oops. Forgotted.

For some reason, my brain told me that was out of the review.


They mentioned a couple of times in the podcast that Lowlands is a game that is great, but doesn’t seem to grab much interest - maybe a play of that would showcase what they admire about the game.


I vote for the Mind. Or Magic Maze. Just a lot of silent, intense staring followed by complaining.


I would really like to see 'em play Monopoly That would be great right? :sunglasses:

Okay, okay…

So… how about them playing a good 'ol RPG once again. I don’t mind either if they play Pathfinder (which is now in it’s 2nd edition), D’nD, Star Trek or even Vampire (which is also in it’s 5th edition?? Good heavens). But also a game like Detective: Modern Crime or Chronicles of Crime

But well, I have really enjoyed everything they streamed so far… so…


Okay, how about an epic War of the Ring stream?