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SU&SD fan question: In which video does Quinns say "Tea! Tea! Tea!"


There’s one review in which Paul starts to get extremely worked up over something and Quinns interrupts by grabbing Paul and saying, “PAUL! Tea! Tea! Tea!” And then they have tea.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, you guys are great!


This is a fine place to post this.

And I actually know the answer, but obstinately won’t post it here, because I think one of our members will be funnier than I (after my kid’s birthday and all the holiday hullabaloo, I am a tired mod).


Heheheh, I love it


Um, was it Raiders of the North Tea?

Pandemic Legatea?


I could go on, but I’ll wildly guess Arkwright, having no actual idea . . .


I legitimately do not know the answer to my question. Then I realized my post sounds like a trivia question and I just went with it.


I wonder if it was Lowlands? I have an inkling it was relatively recent, and there aren’t that many recent video reviews with both Paul and Quinns…


Sorry, it wasn’t Lowlands I’m afraid.


I think it was during the Suburbia review? Paul was getting worked up over capitalism/socialism, I believe. Could be wrong, though.


That’s it!

Now I can finally make this gif!


A Quality Collection of SU&SD GIFS

Nailed it.


Yes. it was the hexagonal tile-laying game fest episode