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Spooky Boardgame stories

So ‘Betrayal At House on the Hill’ is one of my wife’s top three favourite games, and whenever we get it out to play we explain our copy is haunted. It knows your fears and will get you. Tonight it did a great job living up to it’s reputation.

So I thought I would post today’s Halloween themed spooky coincidence (if slightly late now for it UK time), plus a few previous ones and maybe others might do the same:

The Scene: My sister-in-law is down for a couple of days with our nieces - one nearly five, the other just older than two - and this is the sister-in-laws first ever game of Betrayal, appropriately played on Haloween:
The spooky: The first card she draws is an event: Mother and Child Skeletons wrapped in an embrace, the haunt is an expansion one where the traitor is possessed by the ghost of a little girl and the heroes have to play hide and seek to survive… apparently the littlest niece has just started saying this week ‘One, Two, Three… found you’ in the creepiest way possible.

Other fun previous ones:
My friend at the time a fairly recent new father, he’s left his sick less than 6 month old baby at home with his wife in order to come visit and pulls the ‘A baby’s cry, lost and alone’ event as his first card of the game and visibly pales.

Our friend who proudly declared she had no phobias in front of the game, only to draw the adrenaline shot item prompting a burst of laughter from their partner. Apparently she had a needle phobia. She later won that game by using the shot on her character.

Finally possibly our favourite: The seven player game where the team of two controlling a single character, become the traitor and controlled the monster Oroborus the 2 headed snake.


We were playing the old Steve Jackson game, Illuminati back in the day.

It is a game of building a sprawling network of shady organisations that control the world through various nefarious means. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illuminati_(game) for those who don’t know it.

We had been playing the game all night and it came down to a final roll of the dice at midnight, and only snake eyes would see the game prolonged. As my friend picked up the dice to win the game there was a bolt of lightning outside followed almost immediately by deafening thunder and the lights went out. What followed was 30 seconds of frenzied scrabbling noises and exclamations of “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

The lights came back on to reveal the “winner’s” tableau reduced to their starting illuminati card and the other 4 of us with greatly expanded empires trying looking innocent before devolving into gales of laughter.

Most illluminati game of illuminati ever.