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Space Engineers - Would you be interested in a server?


It is the year 2323 and the intergalactic age is here. Nanotechnology is safe and reliable, the latest invention can bring someone back to life after even the most horrendous accident, and humanity scours the stars for resources - so far finding no other complex intelligent life, at least none that humanity can recognise.

You are an engineer, a low grade job. Your usual role is to use nano-tools to keep spacecraft flying. This job was a little different. The SS Coyote has vanished. She was a colony ship, taking millions of souls from Sol to one of the far flung mining systems and she plotted a jump through an unmapped system, not an unusual event. She jumped and has not reported in since.

Your job was to investigate the disappearance, try to get her flying again if possible, rescue her crew, check on the passengers and report back so a new colony ship can be sent to rescue them. However, you have awoken from cryosleep to find your ship has crashed. Logs indicate that you jumped to the system and then… static, the logs make no sense. They are scrambled.

You have wrecked on an Earthlike planet, breathable atmosphere, seeded with Earth plantlife. Survival’s not going to be a problem here. No problem then - you’re an engineer, you can quite easily put together a small warp capable ship and get yourself back home - may as well complete the mission too, right?

There is just one problem. Your nano-tools, they didn’t get seeded before you set out… they can’t build anything until you’ve taught them the blueprints, and you can only do that by finding the object and grinding it down.

Furthermore, what’s that sound from outside… Oh god, is that one of the passengers…

Anyone interested in playing a roleplay server with me acting as a “GM”?

I’m aiming the scenario at new players or those who played a bit and bounced off it for lack of direction, but experienced players are welcome, I can crank up the difficulty to compensate.

It will be the type of thing you can drop in at anytime to play but you will likely want to co-ordinate to deal with “set pieces” that I design, but most of all, the idea is to give you a goal to achieve, in this case, build a ship with a jump drive to allow you to get back home - and the story will allow you to start by learning the very basics.

I’ll aim to have the server up and running in the new year, but happy to let players in on my tests - it will be my first server, so a learning experience for us all!

Obviously your stories are to be posted here for us all to enjoy :slight_smile:

What do you say? Do you want to play?


Yes please! Although my PC is old and may struggle with the bigger creations.


I’m keeping the things I’m putting into the world relatively small - no sprawling mines, just to try to keep things as stable as possible server side, and I’ll keep on cleanup duties to keep things running nicely.

I’m doing my performance tests on a surface pro 2, which is a mobile i5 at 1.6GHz and 8Gb Ram so pretty low specs


What is this Will?


Er - well, there’s a game called Space Engineers which is a game where you can build spaceships (See my build of the IO) and it has a bit of a special physics engine, so your spaceship feels a lot more authentic than most games - and it’s a bit of a survival game, but it’s not a focus - you’re not having to manage food and drink, just your spacesuit’s energy and oxygen.

One of the big criticisms of the game is the lack of a game. It has a survival mode where if you want to build a spaceship, you have to find the materials to build it with - either mining and refining ore from planets or asteroids, salvaging completely legitimate wrecks that you definitely just found and certainly didn’t create.

To get more efficient, you might want to build bases, and small support craft and vehicles - If you go the mining route, you might get tired of drilling rock by hand, picking up the rubble and walking it over to your refinery, so you might first create a buggy to get you too and from your mine quickly, and then a little flying ship which mines for you, automatically putting it into your inventory.

It’s complex enough when you dig in that you can create massive asteroid swallowing spaceships which break them down into their ores in a moment, or a fleet of automated drones which nibble away at a vein on a planet until it’s all gone.


The sky really is the limit - I’m currently playing with a massive, entirely solar powered ship which is constantly flying around a planet following the sun, because if the sun sets, it’s solar panels will not produce enough power to keep it airborne and it will crash.

But as I say, it’s main criticism is that it’s a sandbox game, and as fun as making all this stuff is, the AI is woeful and doesn’t challenge you and you are really left to make your own fun - so I’ve tried to bring so GMmmed roleplay into the game, I’ve set you a task and I’ll mete out the challenges little by little and let you figure out how to overcome them with your ingenuity and engineering skills.


And I am incredibly excited :smile:


Me too! I’ll let you know as soon as the server is up and running (about a week from now) and make sure everything is running well! Start Crash date, T minus 33 days


That would be me. I think id like to give this a try. Sounds pretty sweet, thought im not sure if i can make it work with my job schedule. How would it work?


The server will be up 24/7 - or as close to that as I can achieve, jump in whenever you can and - I’m assuming you will pretty quickly establish at least one base. Use the thread to communicate, and I’ll do my best to make sure you have a goal to work towards at all times.

Let’s say you have a heavily defended pirate airport that has been launching raids against your base, and you want their atmospheric thruster technology so you can build flying vehicles for the first time. You’ve started work on a heavily armoured truck to try to take it, but you’ve run out of steel.

So you might hop in as and when you can to gather enough steel and continue working on the truck - then when it’s done, you will probably need to co-ordinate your attack - driver and gunner for example to actually take the base, so you can use the thread to work out when you will both be able and set the time - this is a long term project, I’m not expecting you to log in every day, or co-ordinate every time!


Sounds pretty rad. Alright id be down for that for sure


Excellent! Still setting up the server, I’ll open it as soon as it’s ready, so on the 1st January, when the game starts properly, we hopefully won’t be struggling with connection issues and teething problems!


The server is up and running - if you hit Join Game in the Space engineers main menu and search for “susd” it will be the only result, SuSD test.

Feel free to join and muck around, I’m about to pm you the password. I’ll be on properly after my son goes to bed - approximately 9-10 (UK time - GMT) but I’m sat in the captains seat in a space suit that looks like a suit of armour, please don’t shoot me!

When asked to respawn, hit the option of medical bay, otherwise you’ll not be where I am, it’s in creative so you can build freely but the servers not ready for a stress test yet so go easy!


Oh, and if you see a “player” who is sort of translucent glowing blue… just run, don’t look back. That’s your antagonist and it’s not going to understand that it’s just a test for now. It’s rather singularly minded.


There’s a good chance it seems that the above method won’t work for several reasons

  1. If you can’t find the server in game (especially if you can only see a handful of servers) then do the following:

Firstly alt tab out of the game and bring up the steam client.
Click on View > Servers
Change filers to Game: Space Engineers
In map search for susd - the server name is SESM-Default, Map Susd Test - double click that one and enter the password.
Alt tab back into the game and enter it again.

  1. Once in the gmae, you will only have one spawn option, called space suit, and you will spawn on the planet, or hovering several meters above it and far from anyone else. Press K, choose factions from the tabs at the top. On the bottom left there is a box with three factions listed in red (that means they are hostile to you) Ignore the top two, pirates and spiders, and the third one down is the one to join. click it, select join and it should immediately turn green. Don’t worry about the other two, they are default and are not going to appear on this map. Now press backspace, select yes to respawn and now you should have at least one medical bay to choose. If you have two too choose from, don’t worry, either is as good as the other, they are about 10m apart in game!

  2. Your helpful companion is no longer wearing space armour suit but a battered old red suit. The bad guy has been sighted. It appears to be conducting reconnaissance at the moment.


Heyyy so are we still doing this? i kinda forgot about it in the chaos of Christmas lol


We needed a good month to get the current batch in and working properly, and I would have to considerably disrupt the game to bring in a new player on a technical level - however I will be running it again when they are done, so maybe sometime in February or March, extrapolating wildly from their current rate, they are going quickly!!


Alright sounds good lol.


The arrival of a new baby scuppered my plans to join in (should have remembered that from last time!) so count me in for the next round :slight_smile: