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Something neat to share

Hello game friends. I have something cool to share. I posted about a mixed box of board game stuff that I had received in an auction in an earlier thread about fancy decks of cards. Well this is something else from the box. It’s a very small cribbage board that my partner thinks may be made of ivory but I genuinely don’t know. Thought it might be something folks her might appreciate.


If it’s not ivory, it’s definitely a deliberate imitation of it.

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Any way to tell for sure? We are short on Ivory experts up here haha :slight_smile:

In my experience of Ivory, it is usually more yellowy looking that that.

But I am certainly no expert :slight_smile:

If you look really really closely, is there cross-hatching, circles, or any other indication that it is not plastic? if not, just assume it’s plastic.

Of course, you can always stick a really hot pin in it - if it melts, it ain’t ivory.

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It does have an interesting texture to it- I’ll have to post a photo when I’m home…I don’t think it’s plastic. It doesn’t FEEL plastic has some heft and stays very cool…

There’s quite a lot of stuff on Google on how to differentiate ivory from plastic or bone. Not sure how reliable it is, but it’s something!

Does it smell like elephant? Nice little board either way.

If you do a search for “ivory cribbage board” you’ll see what I mean.

I did several searches with various keywords and what I defintiely didn’t see was your board, so it may be quite unusual and nice. I guess you could try translating the text?

This was about the closest looking one I saw:

Or this one, which is ivory and white:

Looks a little too clean and mass produced to be ivory, but that’s certainly the effect they’re going for. More likely it is some kind of plastic, bone or resin, all of which will burn with a hot pin. Ivory won’t.

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Good test to try!
Thank you!