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Solo Wargames?


Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for some good historical/medieval/ancient/settingless wargame rulesets. I am a student, so preferably free and digital would be best. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Whilst not free, I would really recommend trying to find Joel Toppen’s Navajo Wars or Comancheria: The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire (both published by GMT games).

They are both incredible solo experiences, certainly classed as wargames (though Navajo Wars possibly feels less wargame-y), and cover a historical period from a not often visited angle. Oh, and the game’s AI is really clever and interesting!


Here are a couple geeklists on print & play wargames. Some are free, others are cheap since you’re the one who manufactures the game:

Scroll about halfway down to the Complete Public Domain / Shareware Wargames section. Note that this probably hasn’t been updated since 2011, and the quality is hit-or-miss, primarily the latter.

Victory Point Games started off by selling cheap wargames by saving on production costs. They have since produced some higher-end games, but there are still some games you can pick up for less than $15. There may be other companies who also sell cheaper wargames.