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Solium Infernum


I took a quick look at my favourite avatar and realised I have absolutely no recollection of how to play this game anymore, which is going to be so much fun. :3

I’ve emailed the Dropbox link around to you all, so hopefully everything’s arrived okay and we’re ready to go!


I won’t be home for another 4+ hours (damn you EST!) but will play then. VERY glad I spent a few hours playing through a whole single player game last night, I think I have the rules down pretty well now.


I will be spending the next four hours ruing (rueing? rooing?) my inability to remember how all the bits relevant to my avatar work and scouring the manual to remind myself. xD


I think the biggest thing I fucked up in my trial game is that you can only capture one enemy hex adjacent to a hex you already own per turn. Even if they are both empty, you can’t advance deep into enemy territory without daisy chaining units.


Also the wiki is very useful for looking up those bits you’ve forgotten :slight_smile:


Avatars all processed, first turn begins. :smiley:


I hope there will be some after game report!


Currently at 10/15 conclave tokens, Al and I are both just over 90 prestige and in the lead. I’ve just lost my most bad ass unit which gives Al a slight edge at the moment. Would post a map if I could, the territory shapes are quite strange as Tom and I have been in somewhat of a long war swiping at each other constantly. Been interesting so far. I couldn’t even tell you what Kem and Collective are doing, I’ve barely interacted with them. Looking forward to hearing things from their perspectives after it is over.


I’d struggle to write a proper report on anything because half my turns have been taken at 7am when I have been COMPLETELY braindead and I have not ever really had much of a plan, but I am planning on using Dropbox’s Previous Versions function to try and save a load of the old master turn files so I can reload them for map screenshots and things. :3


It’s certainly been an interesting game. Last game I played, I took a really detailed diary that got too overblown to ever be worth publishing. This time, I’ve gone the other way.

I reckon I could still write up at least a big post for here about it. There’s certainly be some wonderful moments. And it’s getting pretty nailbiting.


It’d be cool if we did all write something, like, what we’ve been trying to do, whether it ever felt like it could actually work, and where it all went horribly.


I would love to read it! I’m also lurking in the GoT PbF thread all the time to watch that game unfold :slight_smile:


Well, Hell has a new ruler.

It’s not me. I was awful.

I wasted far too many resources early on acquiring manuscripts that I wouldn’t finish, and forgot that Deceit characters need to meddle everywhere and not just on their own borders, for their own safety. I should have been trying to swing every one of my neighbours’ fights against them, not just the ones I was involved in. I spent most of the game near the top of the board, but mostly because I was avoiding conflicts and letting other people drag each other back. Scary expensive stuff kept getting bought in the bazaar just before I could afford it myself, and I was spending so many Shadows on Deceit combat rituals that there were few left to be banked. I got a couple of decent praetors, but by the time I finally had some Prestige to wager on them, so had everybody.

My one shot at greatness was a plan to use a fight with AlabasterC to move a flying unit (one of the few decent things I managed to buy!) into a position inside his territory where it could then jump a river into Ian’s territory, simultaneously cutting him into two blocks and stealing the Temple of Lust. Ian refused my demand, (which felt like it was going to be the stumbling block in the plan!), but then before I could actually make the move, Alabaster’s unit moved on mine, destroying it. I had been too paranoid to share enough info with him to properly coordinate, and maybe he’d have done the same even if I had. xD

The latter half of the game for me was a continual decline, at first slow and steady, then alarmingly rapid. I think everyone probably realised I lacked any real teeth, and from that point on I was just meat in the shark tank. I ended up in last place with less than a quarter of the prestige I had when I was at my prime. My last-ditch gambit to spend a ton of Hellfire I had been saving on walking the Sons of Typhon over Alabaster didn’t even work, since they were too susceptible to Deceit-based traps.

So all in all a failure, but not an unenjoyable one. Next game I think I will risk slowing the pace for everyone by only taking turns after work, and not in the 15 minutes or so I have spare in the mornings before. That way I’ll hopefully have more time to engage in diplomacy and plotting rather than just dangling helplessly about whilst people take chunks out of me.


The Rise and Fall of the Alabaster Carnifex

Mine is a story of betrayal.

I was the betrayer. I don’t think I knew I could stoop so low, in fact.

And it got me close to victory, but just a little too soon. And there’s even a small chance that if I hadn’t manipulated so hard I would’ve been in a better position. But what ifs are not what we are about. Let’s explain in a bit more detail (or as much as I can remember).

When we first lay eyes on the fields of hell, three things stood out. Firstly, most of us had chosen the Lust objective, and had eyes for one particular place of power…it was right next to Granite Grog-Swiller (played by the wonderful @ian2400). Secondly, Granite had the strongest starting legion. Thirdly, Granite was head and shoulders above everyone else in rank.

It became obvious very quickly that Granite’s strategy would be to throw their weight around, and bully everyone else into submission.

My working theory, initially was that he had low charisma (to have such a strong legion and a high rank, he shouldn’t have been able to take many points), and so he was going to rely on demands for income. I believe this was wrong, but it was the basis for my early actions. The theory was borne out by an aggressive few early moves. Demands started coming from him, while everyone else just quietly negotiated and pushed for their neighbouring PoPs.

I thought he hadn’t demanded from me, and I told him to send it elsewhere, as I wasn’t going to give in. Unfortunately, he already had, and so I just had to stick to my guns.

We went to war early as a result, and I ended up with both of my legions in a stand off with his. Both sides were relying on combat cards. Granite repeatedly told me that he was guaranteed to win. I was pretty sure it was a coin toss for either side.

And I entered the most intense negotiations I’ve had in any game. We spent an afternoon going back and forth. A mix of bluster and honesty, schemes and lies. My position came down to this. Right now, he had a 50/50 chance of taking me down, if he got lucky, I would be in a very bad position, probably out of the game from an early point. I calmly explained (and meant it) that either we could make a truce now, or I’d be left with no option but to make it my mission to annihilate him. I wouldn’t be able to win, but I could take revenge.

What I didn’t explain, was that I was probably going to put all my weight behind stopping him winning whatever.

He didn’t need that detail. But it was pragmatic. He really did look like the biggest threat.

We made a pact. We would leave each other be. Flatten the rest of the opposition, and then once everyone was in their place, we would fight each other.

Looking back? That may have been my best path to victory…but it sure didn’t feel like it at the time.

The truce was uneasy. Every turn while the ‘war’ lasted, was filled with negotiations about where it was acceptable for our troops to be. Slow withdrawal, painful risk. At any point either of us could renege and stab the other.

The vendetta lasted about six turns, and each one was agonising.

Granite told me that his main reasoning was that he’d lose x prestige by losing against me, but it would allow him to drive south and poach a PoP from Argos the Terrible (played by @twodaemon) that was worth x+y.

My betrayal was immediate. As our trust built up, I told Argos Granite’s plans. Every one. Every plan and move I got told, I shared. I helped formulate counter strategies. We tried to piece together Granite’s abilities from the things he said to me.

When Granite finally went to war with Argos, I had an event card that would neuter Granite’s main strength, his combat cards.

I played it.

Granite fumed at Argos, and was caught in deadlock.

The game went like this for a long time. Granite and Argos became locked in a steady and ongoing duel. Constantly restarting vendettas. Argos always ending up with just a little bit of an edge, for some reason. Granite could never quite break through, and ended up in a weak position.

As soon as he got weakened, I attacked.

He was pretty offended, but still didn’t realise the extent of my betrayal. This just looked like opportunism, not full betrayal. Sure, he stopped talking to me, but I don’t think he actually got pissed until I confessed everything towards the end of the game.

But then he was really pissed.

I couldn’t press the advantage though, he got luck in his first Praetor fight, and slammed me. It’s a shame, because I probably could’ve carried on subverting him in the background if I hadn’t betrayed, I managed to win my first ground battle against him, I think, but it wasn’t huge. Just a lump of prestige. I can’t remember the detail.

To be honest, beyond the massive lie, I can’t remember the detail.

Me and Retch (played by @Kemuel ) started skirmishing. I started getting some great praetor and artefact combos. My main legion became brutal, due to a strong praetor on a throne that tripled their strength. I got some prestige and got to the top, of the heap, but it was only two thirds through the game, and it was far too soon.

My fall from grace was hard. Very hard.

On one turn I had five different raids on my vaults. I still don’t know who did it, at the time, I assumed Retch. I think I was wrong.

I lost a Praetor not long before, stolen from under me. This led to me being very paranoid with my strongest pieces, having to spend whole turns moving them from place to place…only being able to attack when I knew I had turn order advantage to be able to take them.

Anyway, the raids on the vaults took away my flexibility. I lost another single combat a few turns before. Then when my vaults were empty, everyone demanded me at the same time.


I couldn’t give in to everyone, and everyone could see my ground troop strength was pretty solid. Everyone except Argos went for a single combat. My troops were in the wrong place to defend against Argos.

I lost a lot of prestige in a very short space of turns. I lost one of PoPs.

(I may be confusing the order of everything here. A lot of things happened in a short space of time, and I despaired. I knew I couldn’t win, and had that feeling of ‘everyone is still beating up on me, even though I’m no longer the one to worry about’).

Some slightly different timing at the end could possibly have saved me. But I didn’t have enough time.

I was miles behind, but someone started sniping the top players. Two deceit rituals aimed at Pandaemonium. Two leaders framed successfully. The two obvious leaders, excommunicated. It was brutal.

I suddenly became second place, and I was able to play a card that could stop people demanding from me (if I’d had this three turns earlier, I would be winning by now…but I’d also probably have been one of the people kicked into war).

I made a last ground push against Retch. Who now had one of the strongest legions in the game. I had a plan to take it out, and it would’ve worked with one more turn.

There’s a tiny, tiny chance it would’ve given me enough prestige to poach victory.


But the conclave gathered.

I was in second place.

It was not good enough.

It turned out that the people quietly looking weak in the corner were just biding their time. Chris and Aim (I’m not sure of their forum handles, embarrassingly) both shot from near or dead last into top positions in the last five to ten turns. Aim was behind the excommunication of the leaders, whilst using a brutally overpowered praetor (apparently stolen from Chris) to challenge the champion of Pandaemonium repeatedly and earn a tonne of prestige. Chris was just burning through souls, buying prestige every turn. Obviously sitting on more tribute than any of us could dream of.



Apparently the game I was playing wasn’t the only game.

And I learnt that way too late.

I feel I played well, but my timing was all off. I shouldn’t have been relying on luck, and I should have noticed earlier how weak I was to single combat, and how bad it was to appear strong at actual combat, if you couldn’t also win the other game.

At the end of the game, I think I know less about how to win than I did at the beginning.

But by lucifer did I feel like a manipulative, angry and hateful demon.

What a game.


Wow! Great stories! Hopefully we’ll get some more to hear :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to playing with the expansion and the census on. It’ll keep people from turtling until the last 5 turns and then blitzing for victory. It isn’t a particularly interesting way to win.


I feel like I should keep a better log of this game really


If anyone is up for a game then let me know. Been far too long since I’ve played this gem :slight_smile:


I have literally only ever played it once, with one other person. I would be interested in a game.