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Solium Infernum


Quinns’ mention of Solium Infernum in today’s news has got me itching to play again.

Anyone wanna get a game going?

If you’re new to it then I can teach you the ropes, and promise not to do anything tooo fiendish in the process. :3


Any idea on the typical time commitment? I tend to get a little over-enthusiastic with these things but really want to play. Problem is I also need to do work and classes :).


We managed to get together a gang of people from the comments section to play a game a ways back. Pre-forum organisation!

It went a bit skewed, so may not have been fully enjoyed by all, but it left me really hungry for more, so count me in please! I’ve found it a nightmare to get people together for, especially as I have to follow up any ‘give it a go it’s great’ with ‘it’s a bit of a headf*** and can become imbalanced and you have to be a bastard and it lasts forever and everyone needs to be fairly committed’.

It is complicated, but it also plays at a pace that lets you really dive into that rule book, and indulge analysis paralysis in a way that would never be acceptable at the table. Which is an amazing feeling. Especially when combined with late night transatlantic scheming and second guessing.

So…yeah…bring it on! (Also happy to host if that helps).


I figured this’d be just the sort of community for SI players, but I think I can find at least one or two people more if we struggle to get good numbers :slight_smile:

I’ve hosted before pretty painlessly by using Dropbox, so I don’t mind really, but I’m only able to process/take turns between 6pm and 11pm or so GMT. If you’re able to cover more hours than that then you’ll be better hosting.

Any idea on the typical time commitment?

Depends on the schedule of the busiest player really, since all turns must be submitted before they can be processed and sent back out. If we all end up online at once we might rattle through a few consecutive hours’ play, otherwise we might only do a couple of turns in an entire night!

Like @AlabasterC‌ says, though, it can be delightfully slow. Sometimes you’ll spend an entire day thinking about a turn that takes literally minutes to play and send off. xD


If it’s transatlantic I think it has a tendency to be a turn a day. Occasionally two if you’re lucky. Although we could try and aim for more, if we’re co-ordinated.

Most of the time, you already know what you want to do, so taking a turn can be done in a few minutes. Probably ten once you factor in a bit of faffing and deciding. Of course, occasionally, you actually need to think things through. I have spent HOURS poring over map, stats and rulebook for single turns…but it was probably unnecessary.

The other thing that could take time would be diplomacy. Although I’d consider setting up a slack for the game, one channel for OOC game admin, one for announcements, pronouncements and lies, and then an easy way to directly chat with people in private messages. (Could also potentially maintain a log for any diarisers). Might be over thinking it though.

As for processing turns. Someone who is regular might help. My schedule is erratic and untrustworthy. I’m also pretty bad for having to say ‘sorry can’t do much this weekend’, although I normally know that quite a long time in advance.

Anyway, I should keep quiet about grim practicalities until we have a few more people signed up!


I’d certainly be happy to play! I’ve never actually finished a game but have several mid-game collapses under my belt so I expect I can muddle along. Besides I have a campaign in progress which is being a bit slow to move right now, so I’d happily add another one to distract myself.

On a related note I loaded up Armageddon Empires again last night and it’s still an ace game.


Well I’m in the US so this would be tough to do more than 1 turn per day if I joined. How long does that make a game take? Are we talking like one month or six?


Be great to have you on board twodaemon.

Ian, I think we’re looking at somewhere between the two. There are options for shorter or longer games, and there’s no way to guarantee (as actual game length is random, in a pleasingly complicated fashion). Our last game was medium length and lasted 51 turns. So assuming one turn a day, and a few weekends off, that’s two months. (Although I’m pretty sure it actually took three).

It is very, very easy for it to slow down.


Gahhhhh FUCK IT I’M IN


Awesome. We can do this with four. :3

I’m out at my weekly game night tonight, but will try and get things rolling tomorrow.


I’ve got a friend that is interested. Let me know where to send his email address.


Awesome :3


Okay, so if you guys PM me your email addresses on here I’ll reply with the Dropbox details once I get the game set up. Five players leaves room for a sixth to join us on here if anyone sees the thread and replies before the game starts properly.

Okay, so apparently there is a 1.8 version which I never knew existed that comes with the Rectification expansion pack. I’m gonna put that on but leave all other settings as default- medium map, great rivers map type, uncommon places of power and normal game length. The version I’ve had installed since buying it still says 1.4 on the main menu, so maybe check yours as well I guess!


Well…if there’s still space before the game starts I’d like to take part :).


Awesome! PM me your mail address and I’ll add you when I generate the game. Not gotten that far yet, still. xD


Are we playing with infernal census or the expansion on?


I’m gonna leave the census and the expansion stuff off, but I do wanna use the latest 1.8c version that comes with it.


Sounds good to me, since I already have 1.8c installed but I’ve never tried the expansion stuff out.


Dang, just finished a whole game against the computer with both on. Expansion doesn’t add much though, and what it did add I don’t think I took advantage of at all.


Census can lead to runaway leaders, I think, so I’m glad that’s switched off. Unsure of what having it off does to the beginning of the game though. With less of a need to land grab (apart from PoPs) I wonder if the maps end up splitting differently.