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Sol: Last Days of a Star at SHUX


Sounds good. Will keep a eye on this thread for a party of two :slight_smile:


I’ll be happy to join in on this too if you are looking for more players today or tomorrow.
Will be keeping an eye on this thread.




Oh hey, sorry, I stopped checking this! Totally cool with playing again tomorrow as long as we start by 1


Sniff. Will have to pass - we do want to attend the 1-2pm SHUX podcast thing. Thanks though!


Edit: @fiamh sorry, I wasn’t clear, I didn’t mean we would start the game AT one, that’s just the absolute latest I can start playing. We can play anytime prior to, and I should be in the convention center by 8:30


And now I didn’t check :slight_smile: I’ll take you up on it at the next SHUX - thanks so much for organizing!