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Sol: Last Days of a Star at SHUX


The library, sadly, does not have a copy… but I do, and I shall be bringing mine along. Any takers?


Hey yeah! I was seriously considering trying to buy a copy and have it delivered to SHUX in order to play–but would totally love to try this out! It’s been on my radar for a while, finally since Cole Werle’s glowing review. If you’re up for it, come me in!


Excellent! 3-4 is the sweet spot, hopefully we can rope in a few others.

I haven’t at all figured out if I’m going to any of the programming at SHUX, I’m mostly just going to play tons and tons of games, so my calendar is open. Lemme know when you might wanna play.


I’d be interested in playing. I have a copy at home that has yet to hit the table.


Yes, please! I’ve got a copy on hold but haven’t tried it. Count me int? When?

(If you’re taking suggestions, I’m open after 7:30 on Friday or between 5:30-8 on Sat?)


Does Friday at 7:30 :clock730: work for everyone else on this thread?


I think that’s okay, but gotta double check the event schedule. Will post back later today!


Definitely! Thanks!


There are some things I’m planning on attending Friday night. The Saturday option would work for me, but I can bow out if it’s on Friday.


I will snag that Friday spot!

Edit: I’m in the megagame but it’s due to finish at 6pm. I’ll be wearing a suit if that helps sway you.


Okay, so the one thing I was really interested in checking out runs from 7-8:30 on Fri night. So, that’s unfortunately not great time for me.

If you want to break it out some other time, I’d likely be up for it…maybe morning or afternoon of Sat or Sunday?


Uh oh, I might have to play this flippin’ fantastic game twice this weekend. Horrific.


Ok, we’re doing tonight at 7:30 for some of you. Everyone on this thread that can’t make that, work out a time amongst yourselves that works for you. I’ll most likely be able to accommodate.

Looking forward to it!


FYI I’ll try to set up at a table near indie alley


Where are we meeting??


Whats the word on tomorrow times? I’m open in the morning and afternoon…


I’d love to give this a try if there’s another round on Saturday (or Sunday, for that matter).


how about 9:00 or 12:30 today?


Can be there a little after 9.


I haven’t heard from the owner, so maybe afternoon?