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Six degrees

You know, after I posted I felt like I had already used those two actors, but felt it was too late to go back and change it. :blush:

Harry Shearer was in Oscar with Tim Curry
Curry was in Clue with Madeline Kahn
Kahn was in History of the World, Part 1 with Mel Brooks
Brooks was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights with Cary Elwes
Elwes was in The Princess Bride with Christopher Guest

I am not counting the rappers in Robin Hood as a fictional band. As a personal added bonus here, every movie I used is a favorite of mine!

Next up: Peter Falk to Denis Leary, based on an old bit from Leary’s stand up routine.

In the spirit of the game:
Peter falk in princess bride with Fred savage
Savage in Austin Powers in Goldmember with Michael Caine
Michael Caine in now you see me with woody Harrelson (or jesse eisenberg)
Harrelson (or eisenberg) in Zombieland with Emma stone
Emma stone in the amazing spiderman with Dennis leary

Though, admitting to using IMDB to check what Falk had been in beyond Columbo, it seems he was in Lake Boat with Dennis Leary

I’ve only managed a scant few of these without resorting to IMDb for at least some connection.

Anyhoo, you get to pick the next one!

John Ratzenberger to Ted Danson.

A bonus 13 points and a cookie for each other actor who played a regular character from Cheers you can work in

*edit: Cheers (and Fraser) is out, of course. I usually play this game films only, so didn’t think to include this condition at first

No bonus points and I had to throw a loop in to stop myself getting to the end too quickly, but at least I’ve managed six actual degrees this time and haven’t used anything that isn’t great.

John Ratzenberger was in Toy Story with Tim Allen
who was in Galaxy Quest with Enrico Colantoni
who was in Veronica Mars with Kristen Bell
who was in Party Down with Adam Scott
who was in The Good Place with Ted Danson

Cybill Shepherd to Bruce Willis without using anything they were in together.

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Cybill Shepherd in taxi driver with Robert de Niro
De Niro in deer hunter with Christopher walken
Walken in pulp fiction with Bruce willis (actually just finished watching that again this morning. Great film)

Shall we go with connecting 2 comedic titans?

Robin Williams to Billy connolly

Needs to contain exactly six actors, I’m afraid.

Fixed it.

Cybill Shepherd in taxi driver with Robert de Niro
De Niro in deer hunter with Christopher walken
Walken in wayne’s world 2 with drew barrymore
Barrymore in batman forever with Jim carrey
Carrey in Bruce almighty with Morgan Freeman
Freeman in lucky number Slevin with Bruce willis

I hate having to resort to using Morgan Freeman because he (and Bruce willis) can link to ANY actor/actress within 2 films, but railroaded myself and everything was needing just one more step

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Unfortunately that’s seven actors. :slight_smile:

And as @brian mentioned, I think everyone here uses iMDB or Wiki in order to track down at least some of these links. Often I need to just to know who the actor/actress referenced is!

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You’re counting the actor/actress at the starting point?

Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro
De Niro in Analyse This with Billy Crystal
Crystal in Monsters Inc with John Goodman
Goodman in The Big Lebowski with Steve Buscemi
Buscemi in Armageddon with Bruce Willis


I just want to go back to this and congratulate you on managing to make every link be a film (or show) that kind of deals with weird shit! 1000 bonus points!


Excellent work! Got a new connection for us?

Oh, are you sticking with Robin Williams to Billy Connolly?

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Yeah, got there in the end. The downside of playing this game with similar but different rules.

Yup. Robin Williams to the Big Yin

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And, weirdly enough, that wasn’t my intention! That was one of the few I was able to cobble together from only the cobwebs in my head. (Ambling dog walks are great for that sort of thing.)

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Robin Williams was in Hook with Dustin Hoffman
Hoffman was in Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voight
Voight was in Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise
Cruise was in Legend with Tim Curry
Curry was in Muppet Treasure Island with Billy Connolly

Next up: First, watch this oldie but goodie:

Then, connect Patrick Stewart to Maisie Williams. Bonus if you can fit Simon Pegg in there somewhere.

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Patrick stewart in X-men with James Marsden
James Marsden in Westworld with Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton in Run Fatboy Run with Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz with Rory McCann (and Jim broadbent)
Rory McCann (and Jim broadbent) in Game of Thrones with Maisie Williams

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A multitude of points to you, sir/madam!

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