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Six degrees

I can’t do this mad-level dedication to the connections. I mean, I can, I have, but it hurts. I’ll spectate, for now.

But you all seemed to dry up at Peter Weller to Robert Burke. Really, did that scare you all off?

OK, then, let’s give all of you an out. If you can’t link Weller to Burke, link Dredd heroes Stallone and Urban.

If you can link all 4, especially in 6 degrees, I will personally be very impressed. Hell, we all will. If anyone does that, I’ll tell them the secret of how to make their own title in the forums.

(psst… it’s not a secret)

Already did.

And with a bit of research:

Peter Weller was in Star Trek: Into Darkness with Karl Urban
who was in Doom with Brian Steele
who was in Hellboy with Doug Jones
who was in Hocus Pocus with Sarah Jessica Parker
who was in Sex and the City with Robert Burke

Next up: A connection that involves Hugo Weaving, Terence Stamp, and Guy Pearce without using Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

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I can only do it starting with Terence Stamp.

Terence Stamp was in Star Wars Episode I with Natalie Portman
who was in V for Vendetta with Hugo Weaving
who was in The Matrix with Laurence Fishburne
who was in 21 with Kevin Spacey
who was in LA Confidential with Guy Pearce

Next up: Marlon Brando to Chris Evans without using Marvel/DC superhero movies.

Whoops, that was something like 34 posts ago, I totally missed it. I even used my Ctrl-F finger!

(secret sent)

Marlon Brando was in The Godfather with Robert Duvall
Duvall was in Secondhand Lions with Michael Caine
Caine was in Get Carter with Miranda Richardson
Richardson was in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1 with John Hurt
Hurt was in Snowpiercer with Chris Evans

Speaking of Chris Evans, let’s have some fun for the next one.

Connect Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/Human Torch to Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America using ONLY movies that have a basis in comic books. It can be done, I checked.

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Ooh, an interesting one. I managed to conjure an answer with some Marvel Universe sleight-of-hand.

Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm) was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba
who was in Sin City with Bruce Willis
who was in Unbreakable with Samuel L. Jackson
who was in Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior
who was in Avengers Assemble with Chris Evans (as Captain America)

Unless we count the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the same series, in which case I yield the floor to someone more clever than me.

EDIT: I went to check my working and discovered that Unbreakable was designed to appear like a comic book, but was never actually a comic book. Curses.

Ah, in that case try again. And to respond to your statement, multiple MCU or even DCCU movies are acceptable for this.

Attempt number 2:
(I had a feeling the key was John Favreau or Samuel L Jackson. I’ve now realised you can use both)

Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm) was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba
who was in Sin City with Michael Clarke Duncan
who was in Daredevil with John Favreau
who played almost exactly but not quite the same character in Iron Man 2 with Samuel L Jackson
who was in Avengers Assemble with Chris Evans (as Captain America)


At the risk of using Brando again, how about connecting Marlon Brando, James Caan and Al Pacino in any order without using the Godfather trilogy. Extra special bonus points if you can also somehow fit John Cazale in (I tried and couldn’t).

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Nice, that’s almost exactly the route I picked, though I used Favreau to RDJ in Iron Man rather than Sam Jackson. You can also use Mickey Rourke from Sin City as he was in Iron Man 2 and just connect through MCU movies. Anyway…

John Cazale was in Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino
Pacino was in Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler
Sandler was in Bulletproof with James Caan
Caan was in A Bridge too Far with Gene Hackman
Hackman was in Superman with Marlon Brando

I somehow feel bad about using Sandler in there with everyone else…

Hmmm. How about connecting some lovable but sadly deceased actors? Dom DeLuise to John Candy, no restrictions since I can’t think of anything to restrict by.

Damn, I was beaten to it. So instead I’ll throw in a slightly different chain I stumbled across while looking for the answer: Connecting two different Chris Evans characters using only comic book films where every book was from a different publisher.

Chris Evans was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba (Marvel)
who was in Sin City with Bruce Willis (Dark Horse)
who was in Red 2 with Neal McDonough (Wildstorm*)
who was in Legends of Tomorrow with Brandon Routh (DC)
who was in Scott Pilgrim vs The World with Chris Evans (Oni Press)

*I’m aware this is technically DC. I’m ignoring this.

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I like that through Scott Pilgrim, you can also get to the Punisher movie with Thomas Jane, since he was one of the Vegan Police :smiley: From there you can get to Rebecca Romijn, which opens up all the X-Men movies. Not that this link necessarily helps with what I put forward, but it’s still a fun link.

Ah, nicely done. It didn’t occur to me to start or end with Cazale. That definitely gives you more wiggle room. I also like your solution because you keep the ascending order that Vito Corleone saw his sons, with Fredo being stepped over by Michael.

I’ll take your word for it. I’ve actually never sat and watched The Godfather

I was quite excited when Red 2 gave me Catherine Zeta Jones, as it meant I could get to The Phantom. But the only connection I could get from there was Billy Zane in a Batman cartoon :frowning:

That’s when you cheat and go with Bruce Campbell who was in the running for and should have been The Phantom, which gets you to the Raimi Spider-Man movies. Oh my God, how did I forget that we could use Stan Lee in virtually ALL OF THESE FILMS!?

I was trying to think is there a way to do it without using the current Marvel Cinematic Universe films in the middle (so X-men and Spiderman are okay, but The Averngers/Iron Man/etc are out), but I’m struggling.

Sigh. With regards to the Chris-to-Chris-Comic-Book-But-Only-One-MCU-Film-challenge, I don’t think it can be done. Best I could manage was 5 degrees.

Chris Evans | F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer | Doug Jones
Doug Jones | Hellboy | John Hurt
John Hurt | V for Vendetta | Hugo Weaving
Hugo Weaving | Captain America | Chris Evans

I thought I’d managed it going via Stan Lee, Ian McKellen, Jonathan Winters and Joan Rivers (what a dinner party that would be), but then realised that Chris Evans doesn’t make a cameo in Iron Man 3. Bum.

You have to get pretty crazy to do something like that. So:

Evans was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba
Alba was in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Josh Brolin
Brolin was in Jonah Hex with Michael Fassbender
Fassbender was in X-Men: Apocalypse with Stan Lee
Lee was in The Avengers with Chris Evans

EDIT: I have REALLY been trying to make some connection using Ashley Johnson to Evans in The Avengers, as I can get to Mae Whitman in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who was in Scott Pilgrim with Evans, but that’s just four connections. I can widen it by including Johnny Simmons who was in The Spirit with Scarlett Johannsen, but that’s going the wrong direction in character linkage.

Out. Standing. (thunderous applause)

I feel like this is cheating, but I just cycled through Mel Brooks movies/actors to extend this to 6 degrees.

Dom DeLuise was in Blazing Saddles with Mel Brooks
Brooks was in A History of the World Part I with Madeleine Kahn
Kahn was in Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder
Wilder was in Silver Streak with Richard Pryor
Pryor was In Brewster’s Millions with John Candy

How about Leonardo DiCaprio to James Earl Jones?

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