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Six degrees


OK, I’ll admit I fully Google cheated with this, I also needed to add a few more actors to square this particular circle.

Clancy Brown was in The Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman
who was in Now You See Me with Jesse Eisenberg
who was in Zombieland with Bill Murray
who was in Scrooged with John Glover
who was in Rocket Gibraltar with Kevin Spacey
who was in Seven with Gwyneth Paltrow
who was in The Royal Tenenbaums with Gene Hackman


:trophy: You get a trophy for “Search Skills!” At least I assume you do, but it’s not like we don’t have an infinite supply, so there you go, have one anyway. Well played :clap:



OK No Google-fu this time.
Richard Burton was in The Longest Day with Sean Connery
who was in The Rock with Nicolas Cage
who was in Con Air with Dave Chapelle
who was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights with Cary Elwes
who was in The Princess Bride with Peter Cook

How about Linda Hamilton to Sigourney Weaver?


Too bad it isn’t three degrees, as that would be easy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Linda Hamilton was in The Terminator with Michael Biehn
Biehn was in Aliens with Bill Paxton
Paxton was in Agents of SHIELD with Clark Gregg
Gregg was in The Avengers with Chris Hemsworth
Hemsworth was in Cabin in the Woods with Sigourney Weaver

Next up: Christopher Walken to Tilda Swinton. Bonus if you start with The Prophecy and end with Constantine.



Christopher Walken was in The Prophecy with Viggo Mortensen
who was in Psycho with Julianne Moore
who was in Next with Nicolas Cage
who was in Windtalkers with Peter Stormare
who was in Constantine with Tilda Swinton

New challenge: Chris Evans to Robert Downey Jr., but with no superhero movies


Nice! You get all the bonus points!


Chris Evans was in Snowpiercer with Ed Harris
who was in Enemy at the Gates with Joseph Fiennes
who was in Shakespeare in Love with Gwyneth Paltrow
who was in The Talented Mr Ripley with Jude Law
who was in Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Junior

Next challenge: Patrick Stewart to Ian McKellen without using any other British actors.


Patrick Stewart was in X-Men with James Marsden
Marsden was in Hairspray with Christopher Walken
Walken was in Pulp Fiction with Bruce Willis
Willis was in The Expendables with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger was in Last Action Hero with Ian McKellen

New one (which we may have had before): Mel Gibson to Tom Hardy with no Mad Max films.


Mel Gibson was in several Lethals Weapon with Danny Glover
who was in BAT*21 with Gene Hackman
who was in Crimson Tide with Denzel Washington
who was in Much Ado About Nothing with Kenneth Branagh
who was in Dunkirk with Tom Hardy

Pleased with that one. Let’s go with David Bowie to Iggy Pop.


David Bowie was in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me with Miguel Ferrer
who was in Hot Shots! Part Deux with Charlie Sheen
who was in Spin City with Amy Jo Johnson
who was in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Thuy Trang
who was in The Crow: City of Angels with Iggy Pop

And, spinning off that last link: David Boreanaz to Kirsten Dunst, but you have to use The Crow (the original film) as a link somewhere.


Shame this isn’t One Degree Of Separation or I’d have it. The Crow makes it tricky though. I feel like Michael Wincott might be the key but I can’t quite fit it together yet. :thinking:


I’ve worked it out with extensive use of IMDB, but I’ll see if anyone else answers before I post my own.


I can’t think of a single film that David Boreanaz has been in. :sweat_smile:


You can use TV series too :smiley: (as long as the actors were in an episode together).


This changes everything.


Okay, this took some Googling:

David Boreanaz was in The Crow: Wicked Prayer with Danny Trejo
Trejo was in Maniac Cop 2 with Marco Rodríguez
Rodríguez was in The Crow with Ernie Hudson
Hudson was in Ghostbusters with William Atherton
Atherton was in The Crow: Salvation with Kirsten Dunst

I had a seven step one with Boreanaz to Dennis Hopper to Kevin Costner to Michael Wincott, but felt there had to be a six step process, and I found it.

Next up: Jeremy Irons to Al Pachino (i.e. - Scar to Scarface)


Wow! I’m impressed you included the terrible Crow sequels they were in :open_mouth:

My way:

David Boreanaz was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Nathan Fillion
who was in Castle with John Pulito
who was in The Crow with Laurence Mason
who was in Hackers with Jesse Bradford
who was in Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst


Jeremy Irons was in Justice League with Ben Affleck
who was in Mallrats with Jason Lee
who was in Dogma with George Carlin
who was in Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure with Keanu Reeves
who was in Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino

I feel like that should be possible with more style and no loop.

Jezza Irons was in Die Hardest with Samuel L. Jackson
who was in some Stars War with Ewan McGregor
who was in Velvet Goldmine with Christian Bale
who was in The Big Short with Brad Pitt
who was in Ocean’s Thirteen with Al Pacino

Let’s try Character Actress Margo Martindale to Mr. Peanutbutter’s ex-wife Jessica Biel without using Bojack Horseman.


Margo Martindale was in August: Osage County with Meryl Streep
who was in Adaptation with Nicolas Cage
who was in National Treasure: Book of Secrets with Helen Mirren
who was in Gosford Park with Kristen Scott Thomas
who was in Easy Virtue with Jessica Biel

Next challenge: Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, without using any Bond films. Bonus points for fitting in other Bond actors.


Sean Connery was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Alison Doody (Bond Girl)
who maybe shouldn’t be living here in Taffin with Pierce Brosnan (Bond)
who was in Remington Steele with Julian Glover (Bond Villain)
who was in Theatre of Death with Christopher Lee (Bond Villain)
who was in The Golden Compass with Daniel Craig

I’ll be honest I needed some googling to get from Glover to Craig while using a Bond-related actor. I thought I had a less obscure route before remembering that Mark Strong hasn’t been in a Bond movie yet.

EDIT: Gah! I just remembered that Julian Glover is Grand Maester Pycelle in Game of Thrones, so you could link him to Sean Bean (Bond Villain) who was in Sharpe’s Eagle with Daniel Craig!! Didn’t need that googling after all.

How about Dwayne Johnson to Vin Diesel without using Fast and/or Furious movies?