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Six degrees

Sorry, forgot to set a new link.

Keanu Reeves to Hugo Weaving - unplugged. No Matrix films (shouldn’t be too much of a handicap mind you)

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Keanu Reeves was in Speed with Sandra Bullock
who was in Miss Congeniality with Michael Caine
who was in The Dark Knight Rises with Anne Hathaway
who was in The Devil Wears Prada with Stanley Tucci
who was in Captain America: The First Avenger with Hugo Weaving

Next up, a couple of people I ended up not using: Janeane Garofalo to Henry Rollins.

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Janeane Garofalo was in Mystery Men with William H. Macy
was in Fargo with Steve Buscemi
was in Big Fish with Helena Bonham Carter
was in Fight Club with Michael Shamus Wiles
was in Lost Highway with Henry Rollins

I’d really wanted to include Meat Loaf in there, but kept finding routes that were one too short or one too long. So let’s connect him to Rob Reiner, aka Meathead.


Two years later, THE URGE ARISES ANEW. Had to throw a loop in to get it to six.

Meat Loaf was in Rocky Horror Picture Show with Barry Bostwick
who was in Spin City with Michael J. Fox
who was in The Good Wife with Gary Cole
who was in Veep or The Brady Bunch Movie with Micheal McKean
who was in A Mighty Wind with Christopher Guest
who was in This Is Spinal Tap with Rob Reiner

If anyone else is still interested and in honour of rising from the dead, Christopher Lee to Gary Oldman.


Christopher Lee was in The Colour of Magic with Karen David
who was in Galavant with Kylie Minogue
who was in Street Fighter with Ming-Na Wen
who was in Agents of SHIELD with Samuel L Jackson
who was in True Romance with Gary Oldman

Up next: Raul Julia to Christopher Lambert

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(Nice bridge with Galavant!)

Raul Julia was in The Addams Family with Christopher Lloyd
Lloyd was in Back to the Future with Billy Zane
Zane was in Sniper with Tom Berenger
Berenger was in Shoot to Kill with Clancy Brown
Brown was in Highlander with Christopher Lambert

Next up: Clancy Brown to Gene Hackman, since they both played Lex Luthor. Bonus if you can fit John Glover, Jesse Eisenberg and/or Kevin Spacey in the list.

Edit: I had a different connection that I did in my head, but it had one too many links. :confused:

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Actually, you have seven here, so you didn’t need your loop. The route should contain exactly six actors, per the rules, which includes the two named.

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Fun fact: I could use The Matthew instead of Karen David, as it was used it both shows (it’s the pirate ship in Galavant and the ship Twoflower arrives on in CoM).

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Nice! That’s clever. Take the applause :clap::clap::clap:

You are a horrible person. Just the worst.

@bruitist, would you make an exception to Six degrees if someone can fit that all together with Brown and Hackman?

(And if they do it in Six, I think they win the trophy for this season).

If someone can work out the shortest route between all of them, I think it would deserve some sort of prize.

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Would you put a deadline on the summer solstice for this clue? (Honestly, I think the movie nerds here will get it much faster than that).

I have no idea when that is.

6/21, first day of Summer, longest day of the year. I have friends who are lapsed-pagan but still enjoy parties.

Also, I have a calendar.

I’ve heard of such a thing. I don’t think we have it over here.

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Oh, jeeze, I forgot you freeze your butt off most of the year! We have summer almost all year round (we’re starting to move from “warm” to “heatstroke”).

I forget, I have to pay attention for the people who live in, like, normal places.

HOPEFULLY I’m finally doing this right:

Raul Julia was in The Addams Family with Anjelica Huston
who was in John Wick: Parabellum with Keanu Reeves
who was in Chain Reaction with Morgan Freeman
who was in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves with Sean Connery
who was in Highlander with Christopher Lambert

Let’s go from the Kurgan to the guy I initally thought was the Kurgan, Clancy Brown to Michael Wincott.

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Well played :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Clancy Brown was in Highlander with Sean Connery
who was in First Knight with Richard Gere
who was in The Jackal with Bruce Willis
who was in Die Hard with Alan Rickman
who was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Michael Wincott

How about Richard Burton to Peter Cook?

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