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Six degrees

You actually only have five connections between Eastwood and Willis…good work otherwise though!

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Oof. Thanks for spotting that. Too many connections to count on fingertips, and mistakes will be made. Almost posted it with an extra actor in the first connection, which was why I got Sally Kellerman on the brain. Anyhow, the improved second half:

was in Unforgiven with Clint Eastwood
was in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with Eli Wallach
was in The Magnificent Seven with James Coburn
was in Young Guns II with Christian Slater
was in True Romance with Gary Oldman
was in The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis

Anyone tempted to be geeky enough to do this with designers using co-designs? Eric Lang to Uwe Rosenberg for example.

I don’t have that much geek cred.

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Sally Kellerman was in MASH with Tom Skerritt
Skerritt was in Smoke Signals with Adam Beach
Beach was in Windtalkers with Mark Ruffalo
Ruffalo was in Avengers: Age of Ultron with Paul Bettany
Bettany was in A Beautiful Mind with Judd Hirsch

I really wanted to do every link as a literary adaptation, but just didn’t have the time to really dig in and find a link that worked. Still, three out of the five are, and one could argue the Avengers is one as well.

Next up: James Roday to Dule Hill without using television shows or made for TV movies. God, I miss Psych

I miss it too.

James Roday was in The Dukes of Hazzard with Linda Carter
who was in Sky High with Jim Rash
who was in Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans
who was in Scott Pilgrim vs The World with Kieran Culkin
who was in She’s All That with Dulé Hill

And because we did the other two of the trinity but not her: Linda Carter to Gal Gadot without using any DC films or TV shows.

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Arg, why isn’t this thread Three Degrees!?

Lynda Carter was in Sky High with Kurt Russell
Russell was in Escape from L.A. with Pam Grier
Grier was in Just Wright with Queen Latifa
Latifa was in What Happens in Vegas with Cameron Diaz
Diaz was in Knight and Day with Gal Gadot

Hmm, what next? How about Bruce Campbell to Leslie Nielsen and using none of the Zucker/Abrahams films/shows.

Bruce Campbell was in the fantastic Moontrap with Walter Koenig
Koenig was in Wrath of Kahn with William Shatner (Who was in Columbo twice.)
Shatner was in Star Trek Generations with Whoopi Goldberg
Goldberg was in The Player with Peter Falk
Falk was in Columbo with Leslie Nielsen (Twice)

So, steering it back to Columbo, lets link two other repeat performers.

Robert Vaughn to Patrick McGoohan

Again, only three degrees needed!

Robert Vaughn was in The Magnificent Seven with James Coburn
Coburn was in The Great Escape with James Garner
Garner was in Space Cowboys with Donald Sutherland
Sutherland was in The Dirty Dozen with Ernest Borgnine
Borgnine was in Ice Station Zebra with Patrick McGoohan

Man, I kept finding five degrees, finally found a way to pad it out to six!

Next up: Rutger Hauer to Clancy Brown and none of the characters portrayed in connecting the two can be villains in the films. For instance, no Blade Runner for Hauer, or Highlander for Brown.

Okay. I forced it into six degrees, using only films I’ve seen, so I’m like 95% certain we’ve got no villains here. (Holm’s a jerk in Naked Lunch, but he’s no villain, right?) Damn, Rutger Hauer plays a lot of bad guys.

Rutger Hauer was in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind with Sam Rockwell
was in Galaxy Quest with Tony Shalhoub
was in Big Night with Ian Holm
was in Naked Lunch with Peter Weller
was in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension with Clancy Brown

It’s October 11th, which is just another Tuesday for me. But it’s a happy birthday for both Joan Cusack and David Morse. Make it tougher by picking at least one film in which a birthday celebration is a major plot point.

Joan Cusack was in (lots of stuff) Grosse Pointe Blank with John Cusack
Cusack was in Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald
Ringwald was in The Stand with Gary Sinise
Sinise was in Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks
Hanks was in The Green Mile with David Morse

Wow, that one was pretty easy, I just had to look up who David Morse was as I’m pretty bad with a lot of actors/actress’ names.

Next up, let’s connect some Robocops. Peter Weller to Robert Burke.

I can’t do this mad-level dedication to the connections. I mean, I can, I have, but it hurts. I’ll spectate, for now.

But you all seemed to dry up at Peter Weller to Robert Burke. Really, did that scare you all off?

OK, then, let’s give all of you an out. If you can’t link Weller to Burke, link Dredd heroes Stallone and Urban.

If you can link all 4, especially in 6 degrees, I will personally be very impressed. Hell, we all will. If anyone does that, I’ll tell them the secret of how to make their own title in the forums.

(psst… it’s not a secret)

Already did.

And with a bit of research:

Peter Weller was in Star Trek: Into Darkness with Karl Urban
who was in Doom with Brian Steele
who was in Hellboy with Doug Jones
who was in Hocus Pocus with Sarah Jessica Parker
who was in Sex and the City with Robert Burke

Next up: A connection that involves Hugo Weaving, Terence Stamp, and Guy Pearce without using Priscilla: Queen of the Desert.

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I can only do it starting with Terence Stamp.

Terence Stamp was in Star Wars Episode I with Natalie Portman
who was in V for Vendetta with Hugo Weaving
who was in The Matrix with Laurence Fishburne
who was in 21 with Kevin Spacey
who was in LA Confidential with Guy Pearce

Next up: Marlon Brando to Chris Evans without using Marvel/DC superhero movies.

Whoops, that was something like 34 posts ago, I totally missed it. I even used my Ctrl-F finger!

(secret sent)

Marlon Brando was in The Godfather with Robert Duvall
Duvall was in Secondhand Lions with Michael Caine
Caine was in Get Carter with Miranda Richardson
Richardson was in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1 with John Hurt
Hurt was in Snowpiercer with Chris Evans

Speaking of Chris Evans, let’s have some fun for the next one.

Connect Chris Evans as Johnny Storm/Human Torch to Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America using ONLY movies that have a basis in comic books. It can be done, I checked.

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Ooh, an interesting one. I managed to conjure an answer with some Marvel Universe sleight-of-hand.

Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm) was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba
who was in Sin City with Bruce Willis
who was in Unbreakable with Samuel L. Jackson
who was in Iron Man with Robert Downey Junior
who was in Avengers Assemble with Chris Evans (as Captain America)

Unless we count the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the same series, in which case I yield the floor to someone more clever than me.

EDIT: I went to check my working and discovered that Unbreakable was designed to appear like a comic book, but was never actually a comic book. Curses.

Ah, in that case try again. And to respond to your statement, multiple MCU or even DCCU movies are acceptable for this.

Attempt number 2:
(I had a feeling the key was John Favreau or Samuel L Jackson. I’ve now realised you can use both)

Chris Evans (as Johnny Storm) was in Fantastic Four with Jessica Alba
who was in Sin City with Michael Clarke Duncan
who was in Daredevil with John Favreau
who played almost exactly but not quite the same character in Iron Man 2 with Samuel L Jackson
who was in Avengers Assemble with Chris Evans (as Captain America)


At the risk of using Brando again, how about connecting Marlon Brando, James Caan and Al Pacino in any order without using the Godfather trilogy. Extra special bonus points if you can also somehow fit John Cazale in (I tried and couldn’t).

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Nice, that’s almost exactly the route I picked, though I used Favreau to RDJ in Iron Man rather than Sam Jackson. You can also use Mickey Rourke from Sin City as he was in Iron Man 2 and just connect through MCU movies. Anyway…

John Cazale was in Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino
Pacino was in Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler
Sandler was in Bulletproof with James Caan
Caan was in A Bridge too Far with Gene Hackman
Hackman was in Superman with Marlon Brando

I somehow feel bad about using Sandler in there with everyone else…

Hmmm. How about connecting some lovable but sadly deceased actors? Dom DeLuise to John Candy, no restrictions since I can’t think of anything to restrict by.