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Six degrees

Right, on the suggestion of @MinuteWalt, I’m making a thread to play this in!

Based on “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, the goal is to connect two actors together via people they’ve worked with.

Here are the rules (based on the variation I play):

  • Your route should contain exactly six actors
  • You can use films or TV but you can only use something once
    • This includes separate episodes of a TV show
    • Generally I avoid using films from a series, but that’s not a definite rule
  • As we’re online, you’re welcome to use IMDB, etc to check things but you get a more satisfying result if you do the connecting in your head :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Whoever gets one correct gets to suggest a new pairing. You’re welcome to submit answers for pairings that have already been answered.
  • You can add extra stipulations to your pairing if you like (such as “connect Matt Smith and David Tennant without using Doctor Who”).

As an example, here’s connecting Dean Cain to Brandon Routh without using an instance of them as Superman:

Dean Cain was in Supergirl with Calista Flockhart (He plays Supergirl’s dad - it totally counts as not Superman)
Calista Flockhart was in Ally McBeal with Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr was in Tropic Thunder with Jack Black
Jack Black was in Year One with Michael Cera
Michael Cera was in Scott Pilgrim Vs the World with Brandon Routh

And I’ll start things off by suggesting Benedict Cumberbatch to Jonny Lee Miller without using anything Sherlock Holmes.


Jonny Lee Miller was in Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor was in Shallow Grave with Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston was in 28 Days Later with Brendan Gleeson,
Brendan Gleeson was in Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists with Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman was in The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug with Benedict Cumberbatch.

There are many, many, many shortcuts that can be taken in here, mistly centred around various Trainspotting characters and Cate Blanchett.

Now for a real challenge: Cary Grant and Kate Winslet :slight_smile:

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I have just three bookmarked threads here.

I had two, around 30 seconds ago.

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Does the Nth Academy Awards count as a separate episode of the Mth Academy Awards?

I’d say they count as part of the same ‘series’, so you can only use them once.

I had to look up Cary Grant for the first connection as I knew nothing he’d been in other than Bristol :stuck_out_tongue: So anyone else is welcome to feel smug if they can do it without looking anything up.

Cary Grant was in Walk Don’t Run with George Takei
George Takei was in Mulan with Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy was in Shrek with Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was in The Mask with Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey was in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Kate Winslet

As I ended up not using him in my answer, I’ll suggest William Shatner to Chris Pine without using Star Trek.


This was surprisingly tricky to do, and they can be connected more quickly than this (I think via one actor), but:

William Shatner was in Dodgeball with Justin Long
Justin Long was in Die Hard 4.0 with Bruce Willis (and I really wish I’d forgotten that)
Bruce Willis was in Bonfire of the Vanities with Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks was in Philadelphia with Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington was in Unstoppable with Chris Pine

I’m going to suggest connecting Simon Pegg to Nick Frost, without using anything they’ve both been in (so no Paul, no Cornetto Trilogy etc) at the same time.


Damn, it’s difficult to think of stuff Nick’s been in without Simon. Both my connections for them are shows they were both in but at different times. I’d be interested to see a solution with stuff only involving one of them.

Simon Pegg was in Black Books with Tamsin Greig
Tamsin Greig was in Going Postal with Charles Dance
Charles Dance was in Game of Thrones with Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer was in Captain America: The First Avenger with Jenna Louise Coleman
Jenna Louise Coleman was in Doctor Who with Nick Frost

And as I ended up not using them: Tommy Lee Jones to Will Smith without using Men In Black.


(Side Note: Then you need to watch Arsenic and Old Lace. Funniest Cary Grant movie in the universe.)

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Oh my god. Many years ago when I was on the Eurotunnel booking line for the six months our company had the contract to supply people to answer the phones even though the tunnel had shut down we used to pass the long, entirely work-free hours by playing this.

Let’s give the old muscles a stretch.

Tommy Lee Jones was in US Marshals with Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes was in Demolition Man with Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock was in Speed with Keanu Reeves
Canoe was in Much Ado About Nothing with Kenneth Branaugh
Kenny B was in Wild Wild West with Will Smith

OK. Let’s try Christopher Lee to Gary Oldman without using anything vampire-related.

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Simon Pegg was in Big Train with Rebecca Front
Rebecca Front was in The Thick Of It with Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi was in Neverwhere with Patterson Joseph
Patterson Joseph was in Peep Show with Olivia Coleman
Olivia Coleman was in Cuban Fury with Nick Frost.

(…alright, Pegg was in Cuban Fury. But it was an uncredited cameo SO THAT DOESN’T COUNT OK WE ARE GOING BY “POINTLESS” RULES HERE)


Pointless rules are always acceptable. And you get to suggest another pairing for that answer.

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Well, in honour of last week’s RPG review, why not try Duane “Duane “The Rock” Johnson” Johnson to Dave “Batista” Bautista without using pro wrestling.

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This was easier than I expected (other than looking up spelling of Gyllenhaal and Imaginarium):

Gary Oldman was in The Dark Knight with Maggie Gyllenhaal
Maggie Gyllenhaal was in Donnie Darko with Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal was in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger was in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp was in Corpse Bride with Christopher Lee

And I’ll say Michelle Pfeiffer to Ann Hathaway without using anything Batman.

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Pointless rules seem legit! As for those two fine gentlemen, I would say:

Mr Johnson was in Fast Five with Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel was in The Chronicles of Riddick with Dame Judi Dench
Dame Judi was in Shakespeare In Love with Tom Wilkinson
Tom Wilkinson was in Layer Cake with Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig was in Spectre with Dave Bautista

That was really tough because I know of literally two films Bautista has been in :confused:

How about: Jeff Bridges to John Goodman with no Coen brothers films.

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I’m afraid I’m going to have to disqualify this because of the famous Triple Threat match at Summerslam 2008 between Batista, The Rock and Dame Judi Dench.

(I feel like I shouldn’t have to make it clear that I’m joking except I sort of do because wrestling is properly bananas?)


Michelle Pfeiffer was in Stardust with Robert DeNiro
DeNiro was in Analyze This with Billy Crystal
Crystal was in America’s Sweethearts with John Cusack
Cusack was in Grosse Pointe Blank with Minnie Driver
Driver was in Ella Enchanted with Anne Hathaway

So, let’s do Cary Elwes to Roger Rees without a Robin Hood reference.

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How the hell did I forget she was in Stardust??

Witchcraft, obviously.

Jeff Bridges was in Blown Away with Lloyd Bridges
Bridges was in Airplane with Robert Stack
Stack was in Joe Versus the Volcano with Tom Hanks (and Bridges again, but we’re not counting!)
Hanks was in Saving Private Ryan with Matt Damon
Damon was in The Monuments Men with John Goodman

I’m pretty sure none of those are Coen brothers films.

I’ll stick with my above Cary Elwes to Roger Rees with no Robin Hood references as the next challenge.