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SHUX'19 Math Trade is OPEN & the event schedule is LIVE!

This year’s Math Trade is officially open!


This year’s event schedule is up!


Should we sticky this thread?

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Dear god the UI for all of this is awful. This may be the beginning and end of my involvement with math trades.

It’s worth it, but you are completely right. Basically prehistoric UI. But it’s what we have.

And worth it.

I’m hardly ever eligible for math trades because of my location, but the one time I did participate in one I sent a Japanese edition of Takenoko to someone and received an English edition of Agricola with upgraded components from someone else. I didn’t know anyone involved, and I don’t think there’s any way such a trade could have happened without several intervening trades occurring due algorithmic shenanigans.

The UI is terrible, but math trades are great.

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My problem is that there’s not much in my collection that I want to give up. I was tempted to try the money route but that seems even more convoluted.

FWIW, only trades you consider to be good will ever happen, so it can also be a way to trade up and replace if that’s something you are interested in. In my example, I don’t need or want another Japanese copy of Takenoko, but it would be trivial and relatively cheap for me to get one. An English edition of Agricola, however, would probably cost me double.

If I could join more math trades, I’d be listing games that I’d be hesitant to let go (like, er, Agricola with fancy components =P), for the chance of getting something I really want. If nothing works out, nothing is lost.

Of course, if you have a well-curated collection and no desire to trade, you are in a very good place, and it isn’t for you!

There’s some items showing up that I want enough that I might got the money offer route. The linked post in the forum is a little confusing so does anyone have time to help-a-shuxer out with what I need to do to throw money at the situation?

Honestly, I would consider contacting the person directly on BGG asking them if they would like to sell it to you directly through the marketplace. That way, you are guaranteed the game if they agree and you can do the exchange at SHUX. I’ve already worked out a trade with someone. They can then delete the listing before it gets finalized

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I was going to suggest that but wasn’t sure it was best practice!

Yeah, I think so long as it goes through the BGG marketplace, it would be ok. If both parties agree then it’s a win-win

I recognize that the direct offer is the best way to ensure you get a game, but really, that also feels like it undermines the math trade a bit, so I wouldn’t call it best practice.

Basically @simian to do the money in a math trade, you need to

  1. add an item to the geeklist that is “outside the scope of bgg”
  2. add

+altname+ $20 CDN in cash -altname-

in the body of the item (altering the value as you see fit).
when you’re done it should look like this post by Juxtatype (the organizer of the mathtrade) https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/261166/item/7160343#item7160343

  1. ensure that when you give the person cash, you also set up a geeklist sale in bgg for the cash transaction according to this post https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1483987/cash-value-trades-math-trades-and-how-make-geek-ma (if this is the confusing bit, I would recommend pinging Juxtatype via message on BGG about getting some clarity).

Hope that helps.

Remember everyone, the submission for wants is due tonight.

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So I’ve never done a math trade, how do I see what went through now that it’s over?

Go back to https://bgg.activityclub.org/olwlg/ and click [results summary].

I apparently setup duplicate protection incorrectly and am receiving 2-3 copies each of 3 different games, whoops! But I’m trading a lot of games I don’t play for games I hopefully will, so net positive.

I did that last year too and ended up with 2 copies of Mage Knight. Managed to trade one of them in this year’s trade though!

what did you get that is extra?

3 copies of Saboteur, 2 each of CV and Galaxy Trucker.