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Shux18 photo thread


We have a winner!


I’m going to guess it was me. I did play The Illimat early on during the Expo and I had my sticker faces to give away too. I left with a ton of stickers remaining, better luck next year folks!

I’ll post the odd photo in here later but if anyone happens to have a picture of me making a fool of myself on stage during the No Pun Included music quiz or the RPG Wrestling event then do please share. I was drafted in as a last minute replacement for the NPI panel and am terrible at music quizzes! Also they were both my first time on a stage in front of an audience since in over 20 years and if that wasn’t enough the wrestling event was the first time I’ve played an RPG of any kind. Strange but memorable moments for me!


Among the many great people we met and games we played, my wife and I had a late night session of The Mind with a nice couple from Chicago. It was really neat to tune in with people we’d just met. We almost beat the game, made it almost thru Level 8. Here’s our Level 6 with many close calls. So much fun!