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Shux18 photo thread


Because it is impossible to find shirts in my size, I tend to buy merch from the places I go/things I do for my nine year-old son Simon to wear…and he is thrilled to be a Recommended Human. (And he hopes to SHUX with me sometime in the future!)


Did anyone else wander a few blocks away from the Convention Center to see the juice/healthy food place called Heirs Pears? You’d think that it was opened JUST for SHUX by their choice of signage…


That was mentioned to me a while back, but forgot to check it out! Thanks for sharing that picture!


Got to demo Ruby Roundup with the creator. This was definitely something I could see playing with my family.


Did someone say Crackerwhack?


I got to meet and play games with Aaron and Quinten (of the Boards Alive! podcast) again! And Linsae made it this year too. :heart: We played Villainous and it ended in a 5-way tie because they had to go be luchadors for the wrestling event.

And I got to meet Nikki Valens, designer of two of my favorite games: Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness 2e! :octopus: She’s working on an expansion for Fog of Love and she demoed the game for @nikotte and me. Our story involved lots of wearing each others’ clothes (secretly, in my case). We both won the game even with different destinies, hooray! I also got to demo Arkham Horror 3e, which was also designed by Nikki, and thought it was great!


Ah that looks like a neat board.


Great times with the great SUSD Crew:

My favorite image from the con. My daughter’s roller coaster of emotions playing Parade:


Paul looks like he’s been put in the penalty box at a hockey game (and rightly so- I’m sure he’s gotten another penalty for clawing).


I would be remiss not to include some truly stunning artwork from a game of “A Fake Artist Goes to New York.” In the spirit of the game, I’ll let you guess what the following masterpieces are:


#1: Rat?
#2: Elton John


First thing we did after the intro was hit the games library. First game we tried was Welcome To. First round we flipped the top card of each of the 3 piles over and…




#2 is in fact Elton John. No one has gotten #1 yet…


No 1 looks a lot like the squirrel from Ice Age™ to me.






Is it Tigger?


#1 looks exactly like me. That is uncanny.


A beaver? There is something going on with that tail.