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Shux18 photo thread


I figured I would get this started. I will post some when I have more time. Please post pictures in accordance with the SHUX photo policy. If you are in a photo that is posted and would like it removed. Please PM one of the mods or myself and we will ask nicely to have the original poster edit or remove the image.

Please remember, mistakes can happen and someone may have accidentally got you in their photo.

With that being said, please keep that in mind when posting.

Here is one to start us off!


A game of Arkham Horror Rev3 where the legend of Jenny 2-Guns was born. It was a short legend since everyone died horribly but it was still epic.


Jenny 2 guns was amazing! Took out more monsters than the other 3 investigators combined.


RIP Jenny 2 Guns.


Playing Illimat with the creators and a nice chap named Russel? Russ? He gave me a sticker so I feel we’re BFFs for life.


It looks like you’ve just joined a cult. Did they ask for 20% of your salary?


Got to teach Princess Jing to a bunch of people, it’s an interesting game!


It reminds me of Stratego. Any similarities?


Played Brass: Birmingham with a guy born in Birmingham and currently living in Redditch!




(Thank you for starting this, @UllinBethalto. I am living vicariously through this, and other SHUX photo/video topics.

Be sure we will take care of anything that is brought to our attention.)


Was it Ross? aka @Triangulate? I know he had his stickers with him


Good lord, it had to be! He had those stickers!


Actually, @Hammond seems to know more about it than I. I will withdraw from this conversation for a while in deference.

(TBH I have to do family stuff tomorrow and won’t be online for a bit :sweat_smile: )


This is a repost from the original thread, but I saw this thread & thought it belonged here too.

Saturday night, twelve of us got together and played The Labyrinths of Lunacy, a special “Epic Multiplayer” scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. The way it works is that three groups of four sit down near each other and play through the scenario in sync with each other: one round at a time. We were not allowed to talk to each other normally, except to indicate that we were done with the round.

Occasionally, the game gave us very limited opportunities to communicate, first by sending one of the other team notes, supplies and vital game assets, and then eventually sending a group representative into glowing portals to have group conversations amongst all three tables, and keep each other updated on our progress.

By the end it felt like we’d formed a giant supportive family, cheering for each other and laughing at each others’ mistakes.

When we finally won, after nearly five hours of play, we all cheered and clapped and even got some applause from groups around us!

We all decided we needed to take a group portrait to memorialize our victory.


5 hours? Wow I guess I’ll be grateful for bring there for the first hour and a half.
Glad to see you all were successful!


Ah-ha! Thanks that’s who it was. I’m terrible with names. I eventually saw him in the floor and again but still forgot to get his name.


I demoed this as Jenny too!!! I had a very different experience, rolling in money, picking up a hanger-on (ally) and being blessed pretty much the whole time, heh.


Yeah I heard a few people say that too. The biggest similarity is knowing where/what your pieces are. But it reminds me of a shell game (3 shells, 1 ball gets put underneath a shell, shells get switched around and you have to keep track of which shell has the ball) because you’re switching 2 screens each turn. But a lot slower. Idk, it’s quite the unique game!


Had such an amazing time at my first even con. Met so many great people - who became good friends over just a few days.

Saw heaps of panels and played about a million games? Root, Brass: Birmingham, Inis, Spell Smashers, 1754, Critical Mass, Heirs of a Shattered Age MEGAGAME, Santorini, Suburbia, Terra Mystica, Kemet… even played an edible game, delicious!

I didn’t manage to chat to any of the SU&SD crew (which I was okay with, they were run ragged) until 20 minutes before the con closed Matt and Pip just happened to walk out to where we were milling around. He complimented my jumper so I’m never going to take it off!


Here I am with the intrepid reporters who covered Watch The Skies on Friday. (I’m the old bearded guy with the hat.)

And here’s me with Quinns. (I got to talk to him a couple of times over the weekend, talked to Matt twice and Pip once…no long conversations, just a quick word of appreciation to all of them and let them go off to whatever they were off to. Never got the chance to talk to Paul–though he did come over to the Kinwarden table during Heirs of a Shattered Age, where I was helping as control…and he blew us all a kiss. :slight_smile: )


Pgreyy was a fantastic megagame moderator. I’m the bearded reporter, mouth agape at how good Watch The Skies was.