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SHUX Vancouver Photo Diary

To build my own hype for my third year back at SHUX I thought I’d share some photos of my travels around the first two and to share some tips of what to do based on my own personal highlights.

Firstly every year in August is the Vancouver Mural Festival. Although you’ll have missed the festival itself, do yourself a favor and make some time to go visit the street art whilst you’re there. My photos don’t do it justice. https://www.vanmuralfest.ca/

Running for a few weeks around SHUX is the Vancouver International Film Festival aka VIFF. It’s absolutely brilliant, with a great atmosphere and a wonderful array of movies.

The city is an absolute delight, be sure to get yourself outside and walking around the coastline as often as you can.

The Grouse Grind / Grouse Mountain. Although the hike won’t be for everyone I loved it and the beer at the top tasted all that sweeter. If you don’t fancy hiking up there is the choice of a cable car and the views are most certainly worth the trip. Not only that there is a wonderfully charming lumberjack show at the top which I found surprisingly entertaining.

One big recommendation I’d have for you is to do the Vancouver walking tour. I went with Forbidden Vancouver (https://forbiddenvancouver.ca/lost-souls-of-gastown-vancouver-tour/) a tour led by real actors, so adding that extra slice of theatre to your average tour.

One of my favorite parts of Vancouver was just walking around the city. Seeing the “old” (in quotes as I’m from England, nothing here is old to me) houses, the gardens, book shops, markets and more. It really is an absolute treat of a city to explore.

Feel free to share your own photos if you’ve got them.


I look forward to living vicariously through your Instagram account during SHUX! Someday I’ll make it, someday…

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Thanks for the suggestions! My partner will be accompanying me to SHUX and she is more interested in these outside activities.


You’re welcome. There are a ton of great free things to do and seriously Vancouver is a beautiful city to explore.

The aquarium is pretty decent too but rather expensive in my opinion.

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Where was the bookshop located? I am asking for a friend.

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That would be MacLeod’s bookshop 455 W Pender (on the corner of Richard St) which is about a 5-10 minute walk from where SHUX is hosted.
It’s an absolute gem.


Fun fact - I’ve frequented MacLeod’s many times over the years, and just a couple days ago learnt that it’s the bookshop from The Neverending Story!


That bookshop picture gave me heart palpitations, and not the good kind!

This is a great post though, thank you. We did a flying visit for SHUX last year but have booked a full 10 day break this time around and this will definitely come in handy for inspiration!

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@Triangulate well done! Thank you for all of these recommendations, especially the murals!


I found this out after I’d visited as well. I didn’t find the Neverending Story book in there but I could certainly have lost a few hours.

Great shots!

I love seeing my city through the eyes of a visitor.

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