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SHUX Regrets (aka the FOMO thread)


So, there were some excellent games being demonstrated at SHUX’18–some that I’d heard of before, some I already owned and a few that I’d either pre-ordered or Kickstarter-backed…

…but the one that caught my eye was Chronicles of Crime. And yet, I didn’t sit and watch the demonstration…the minute that I found out that it was an app/phone based game, I walked away.

Tonight, Tom Vasel just gave it a super positive review…saying that it might be a T.I.M.E. Stories AND Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective killer.

So…fellow SHUXians, I ask you to be gentle with your answer to this question: Were they selling the game at SHUX or just demoing it?

Because it is out of stock in some places and not expected until March of next year in others…and mewantsit, my preeeeeeecioussssssssss…

ANYBODY ELSE REGRET SOMETHING THEY DID OR DIDN’T DO AT SHUX? Games you should or shouldn’t have played? Or bought? Demos you should or shouldn’t have watched? Panels you went to or missed? Megagames that you did or didn’t play? etc.

(Note: I think we’ve already had the burlesque discussion. :wink: )


There was a burlesque show?!


It was discussed here:

As a side note the thread is closed.


I think it was just a demo.

Wait. :slight_smile: There are lots of other games to play.


I regret not being to get to sit on a game of Fog of Love and Heroes of Terrible. There was also some Cult game that looked interesting but I was always rushing somewhere and didn’t have time to ask about it.


I regret not playing games with more random people. I only managed two, Root with one person not in my usual group, and Inis with two new people. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed playing games with my wife and friends, but last year at SHUX, every game my wife and I played included people we had just met and it was a lot of fun.

Would have liked to try out some more demos too, as it was I only played a couple rounds of Mesozooic when killing some time.

Lastly, I wish I had the money and lack of responsibilities at home to stay one more night. Both times we’ve had to leave around noon on Sunday to ensure we get home later that evening as we miss our kids and we need to make sure they’re doing okay and get things prepped for them for the week. As such we cannot attend closing ceremonies or other panels that sound interesting on Sunday as we’re too busy packing up to leave.

Oh, one more. My biggest regret is that I doubt I’ll be able to attend next year, as I’m going to need a new car and likely won’t have the money for the trip and hotel stay. :frowning:


Was that because you felt like you had to play games with your friends?


Yes and no. I didn’t feel obligated to ensure my friends had fun at the convention, even though my wife and I are the ones who convinced them to come. SHUX is a fun environment and I’m confident they would have had a good time if we had split up.

At the same time, I like gaming with my friends. We typically manage to get together once or twice a month, play a few games and have a good time. Being at SHUX where we had no kids underfoot and more or less all the time in the world was wonderful, so it only felt natural to indulge in that. If I hadn’t been to SHUX last year, I likely would not have even noticed the lack of playing with other people.

My wife felt the same way and figured if we do go to SHUX or some other gaming convention with friends in the future, we’ll probably do a mix of gaming with them and splitting off to play with random peeps. If nothing else, I feel it’s good to be exposed to other people’s thoughts and ideas in games and life in general.


Great idea forna thread!–though I had a fantastic time and really wouldn’t change much, the restrictions of time and space limited my opportunites (unfairly, in my view) and have imposed on me something of a small millstone of guilt I’ve been lugging around these past few weeks about things I didn’t get to do at SHUX 18.

looks down around neck …oh, that’s just my SHUX badge. I suppose it’s time…

finally takes it off, finally coming to grips that the con is over

…ahem. So, unburdedning myself hear of those regrets might help too. Here’s the things that were on my SHUX list that I didn’t get to do:

  • say thanks to Paul in person …this is documented elsewhere, but suffice to say that, just when I was at the regisration booth, Paul startlingly walked up to the booth next to me, and I did and said nothing. It was just bad timing, really–I hadn’t been prepared for that, and I figured I’d find him again at some point–but I didn’t. Biggest regret, since who knows if he or I will be back next year. I did manage to say hi Quinns and Matt, though, so Paul will be my white whale.

  • not going to the SUSD Q&A panel I spent most of my plane ride to Vancouver thinking of clever questions to ask at the Q&A (…not very fruitful, my best question was going to ask if, when they were naming the website, they were aware of the song Shut Up and Sit Down by The Sultans)–but as I recall, it was happening at the same time as my first official D&D game, and there’s no way I would have missed that. One day, I’ll get the answer to that burning question.

  • Some games: there weren’t many I wanted to check out, but a few regrets I didn’t get to check out Critical Mass, Root, Fog of Love, or the Kemet Expansion (which I hadn’t realized was released already, so I found a copy of that when I got home as a souvenir). Still, don’t feel roo bad about missing those, as I did get to play Heroes of Terrinoth, Keyforge, Captain Sonar (been wanting to rltry a full game of that for 2 years now), and Sol: Last Days of a Star (a great rarity brought and taught by @Zelbinian, thankfully). So I feel good about my overall new game investigation experience.

  • I did not play TI4 …which I’m somewhat surprised by, since it’s far and away my favorite game. But, ultimately, I decided that the time I would need to invest in a single game would take away from a number of other things I wanted to do, so I’m not as disappointed as I might have thought about that. I think, for the record, the best way to fit in an event game like this would be to play it the day before SHUX starts, like many on the forums had arranged to do. That way, there are no conflicts.

  • I didn’t get to play games with many of the forum folks! This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that at least I got to meet many of you and say hi, and I did get to play D&D with @sagantine, which was a highlight by far. Also mitigated by the fact that I met a bunch of new folks, and had great fun with them. Still, if I get to come back–we should schedule a forum meet-up or forum game (maybe a big game of Werewolf or 2R1B?)

Also, I totally intended to print up a tshirt with my forum avatar boldly emblazoned on the front and back, for easier recognition…highly suggest we do this next year! …or maybe big lapel buttons, which would be more sanitary to wear over the course of the weekend…

That’s about it–really, not too much to complain about in the face of all the fun I did get to have. Fingers crossed that I get to make up for the few things I missed next year!


I am right there with you on that one.

I had the chance to thank Quinns, Matt & Pip in person. And I had the opportunity to talk a little bit longer with Quinns & Matt beyond that…but never got to thank Paul or shake his hand.

During the HoaSA megagame, Paul stood right next to me…but his attention was elsewhere and I was working control at the time…and the moment passed.

Another time, I was nearby…but Paul was getting a back/neck rub–and I know better than to interrupt anyone getting a back or neck rub…

Since Quinns had promised that there’d be a SHUX’19…I figured I could meet Paul next year. Ooops.

(I am also someone who was told about a secret Nirvana show here in Seattle…and skipped it because I figured that there would be plenty of opportunities over the years to see Nirvana … Oooops (of a very different sort.) )

Well, as long as he’s happy…I can be happy even with my regrets. :slight_smile:

PS–One last regret is not coming back to this forum leading up to SHUX. I’d only been on the forum for a bit before going off and doing other things. Knowing I was coming to SHUX to help with megagames, I should have come back here and participated in the pre-SHUX discussions…as it would be fun have put some other names to faces.

Next time.


I know nothing about Paul or SHUX, but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Paul will attend SHUX as a special guest next year.

Ah, who am I kidding. I have a direct line to the top, just remember you heard it here first.

Never listen to rumours, start them. That’s my motto.

Actually “That’s my motto” is my real motto.


I’m glad I got to meet you and introduce you to @COMaestro! :slight_smile: Join the SU&SD Discord! It’s a bit easier to organize things through that than the forums.


Well, that was an interesting read! Thanks for the link.


…typo or review?


We ended up meeting a new friend from CA (Jeff) who was attending by himself. It turned out to be his first gaming convention and he didn’t get to play many games at home, so my wife and I hung out with him for the most of the con and played games. I did play with a few other people, but wish I’d gotten a few more in our games. Minor quibble. Jeff was a hoopy frood, so it’s all good.

I do wish I’d demoed a few games I didn’t get to, like Tidal Blades. Also wish I’d managed to make time for the Coevorden tournament, but I backed in on Kickstarter, so it’s all good.


sit in on a game… I mean I guess I could start a lucrative streaming career of sitting on boardgames buuuuuut…


Actually, I was referencing Heroes of ** Terrible **…but if you’re critiquing how comfortable games are to sit on…well, I still think HoT would have the edge over Fog of Love…?


My partner and I met so many cool people, played lots of games, and did so many other fun things at SHUX (our first con!) that mentioning regrets seems weird. But I do have two.

1: As we played games on Saturday we kept hearing sporadic raucous cheers erupt from the back corner of the ballroom. I’d passed that curtained area several times and noticed a large sign on a tripod outside the curtain. I assumed it was some sort of private play-test since the area wasn’t mentioned in the event schedule. I regret not enquiring about that sign. It was Blood on the Clocktower, which we would learn during the SU&SD podcast panel was one of the hits of the con!

2: Not having the gumption to say hi to any of the fab four when they were on the floor. We saw them frequently, though Paul least of all. I can never think of anything meaningful to say out of the blue. But now I wish I’d have just said hello, so that we’d have that kind of memory from SHUX on top of all the other great ones. Next year!


I actually wish I’d played more games. I spent the vast majority of my time talking to people and whilst I absolutely love getting to know people better I was also aware of how much gaming was going on all around me.

Next time (if there does end up being a next time) I’ll endeavor to get something out of the library, set it up and wave some people over to sit at the table with me.