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SHUX Kidz! - Organized Meet-Up

In the Discord channel there the idea of bringing kids was bandied about but I don’t know if anything official has been setup. I’m thinking of bringing my daughter (7) on one of the weekend days but didn’t want to end up in a situation where there was either nothing that we could play together or just end up playing by ourselves. Is there any interest in setting up a loosely organized time/location to meet up and play some kid-friendly games with other families?

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I know we play games with our friends and their kids (6-10 or so) at home regularly, and have played with folks and their kids at cons, and have had lots of fun. Basically there are probably others like us who’d be happy to play a game with you and your daughter at SHUX! While I’m sure you’d have fun meeting up with other kids and parents too, don’t hesitate to bring her along to play with other nice folks.