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SHUX Intro Thread 2018 Edition


Hi! I’m Lesley and my husband, Jonathan, and I will be attending SHUX '18 as our first ever board game convention. We’ll be driving up tonight from Bremerton, WA (across Puget Sound from Seattle).

Despite the fact that all my family does when we get together is play board games, I would say Jonathan and I are still very much in the shallow end of the board game world with our favorite and most familiar games being Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and a few others.

We moved to Washington about 5 months ago, and since then, we haven’t really made friends with whom to play games, so we’re really looking forward to learning a lot this weekend and getting a chance to play anything with other folks!

Both of us tend to be kind of shy with strangers, but I promise we’re really nice. It might just take us that extra moment to remember how to human if you say hello :wink:


i think he’s packed Brass: Birmingham so that’s definitely an option!


Hi all! I’m Bonnie, and am making the rounds through all the SHUX channels I can find (Intro Thread?! Discord?! THE APP?!?!?!)

I live in Vancouver, but am quite new-- just moved here in January. I’m 100% LFGs to go beyond SHUX, so if there are any other Vancouverites out there with similar gaming interests… let’s connect!

I love board games. I love being able to host non-gaming friends through party games like Codenames and Spyfall. I love being able to dive into modern classics like Power Grid and Ticket to Ride and Suburbia and Le Havre. I love ridiculous games like Rampage and Ugg-Tect. Alchemists? Dungeon Lords? Merchants and Marauders! SPACE CADETS!

I also love RPGs-- I left 2 D&D campaigns behind when I moved to Vancouver, and I have AN ITCH to find a new one :slight_smile:

This is my first SHUX, but I’ve been to 4 Gencons!

And here I am, enjoying a flight at GIB:

Looking forward to meeting some/most of you over the next few days.



Haha is it sad that I recognized GIB before reading your caption? :beers:


Hey everyone, I’m Joel! I live in Vancouver, and I was lucky enough to be able to come to last year’s SHUX too (my only other convention).


I love hidden role games - some of my favourites are Battlestar Galactica (which I’m going to try to set up a game or two of at SHUX), 2 Rooms and a Boom, Avalon, and ONUW. Other games I like include Netrunner, TI4, and a bunch of different euros.

I’m also a music nerd in pretty much every sense of the word (yes, I play the keytar - my profile pic may be heavily 'shopped, but the keytar is real)

I’ll see some of you at the Lions Pub tonight!

Oh, and because this is The Internet™, obligatory picture of my cat:


HI all. I’m Mike, but everyone calls me Chappy. My lovely wife, Liz, and I will be attending our first SHUX. This will be our 2nd convention; Geekway to the West in May was our first.

We live in Aspen, Colorado; this is usually a great thing. At the moment we’ve been at the airport here for several hours as Mother Nature has decided to give us much-needed snow. We’re hoping to arrive this evening, but it very well may be tomorrow before we see your beautiful faces.

We’re relatively new to this hobby, but have fallen in love with the games and the folks. We also are super into ultimate frisbee. Liz is a professor of Sustainability Education, and I am the software manager for a smart home company. Hope to see you soon!


I am Liz and am frequently found losing to my husband Chappy (borderchappy) at Viticulture, besting him at Race for the Galaxy or raucously joining forces in Gloomhaven. As he stated, this is our 2nd convention and our first SHUX. We are indebted to SUSD for expanding our understanding of board games and are excited to meet all of the wonderful people who share in this hobby.
I am looking forward to games, panels, events, and forgetting everyone’s names. In particular, Root has me intrigued and I am eager to play Captain Sonar with folks who enjoy it (I have foisted it upon some friends who still like me, but are nervous now when I suggest gaming).
Good times ahead!


Hi Daniel,

I’m also in North Van and will be attending SHUX. Hopefully we can meet at the conference.


Hi Adam, I’m another board game obsessed Adam living in North Van! Dominant Species is a favourite of mine. Let me know if you bring it to SHUX; I’d love to join.


Ok sounds good. I just got Dominant Species at the NW game swap the other month but haven’t managed to get it to the table. I’ve only played using the app :grimacing:

I will message you if I bring it since I really want to play it. I expect to get crushed though …


Don’t worry, I’ve only played it twice. Didn’t know there was an app…I’ll have to get it!


Yay! Another year of SHUX gaming!
Stoked to be coming back to the newer, bigger space and hella excited to play games all weeeeeekend. Flying solo again at the event, I’ll be playing so many games, my head will hurt and I will retain nothing but fond recollections. Sleep is still optional, right?

Looking forward to playing games with you!


Hello everyone! I’m Eric, and I’ve just moved to Vancouver to pursue a job at a biotech startup. I see people in the thread like Dominant Species, so here’s a pic of me playing Dominant Species! (I’m in the middle with the goatee). I’m an entomologist, so I favor the bugs.

Favorite games include Mage Knight, High Frontier, Merchants and Marauders, and Terraforming Mars. I’m generally a fan of anything that has a remote chance of melting my brain and reforging it into an optimization engine for little bits of wood and cardboard. Since I’m new to the area, I’m happy to meet new folks and learn new games.


I’m Denis, living in Vancouver with my wife since 2011, originally from Ireland. I’m a huge fan of the board game community, and run my own board game Meetup in my neighbourhood that draws a very warm and welcoming crowd. I love games that make my laugh, either through the craziness of the gameplay, or the stories that unfold. Last year, I taught nine tables of Inis, and this year I’m going to try to beat that! Also, throw in teaching Captain Sonar and Kemet among many others and I’m a very happy boy! If you get a game from the library that is marked with a big piece of green painters tape and the twitter handle @quaidrayn, it’s one of mine! Hope you enjoy it! Let’s do this!


I’ll be teaching Captain Sonar Friday morning and any time to you can grab me if I’m free! Find me and I’ll get you into a game or three.


I will seek you to sink you :wink:
Also, I would be very interested in Inis, if that’s part of the weekend.


Speaking as the guy who started the thread about Inis as an SUSD success story, I endorse this idea!


In! :smile:


We’re here (Adrian in the white & Vik in the grey and green)! We’re just watching talks today, but if you’re also watching things (and have nothing to do) come join our posse! Especially tomorrow, we’ll be playing gamez and bringing our own homemade game to try out! Just say hi also!
I’m literally the only person in a Dragonball Z shirt, you can’t miss me!