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SHUX Intro Thread 2018 Edition


Hey, all! Dru and Karen, here!
This is far from our first convention, but the first time we’ve combined a trip to Canada and gaming at the same time (and our first SHUX, obviously). We’re from Downingtown, PA, outside of Philadelphia. We’ve been gaming for a long time and prefer all sorts of games, although we love worker placement, deck builders, light euros and particularly stuff with a lot of fun interaction. I’ve managed to join two geeky hobbies at the hip but 3D-printing custom game pieces and inserts for some of my games. Current faves include Azul, Rajas of the Ganges, Montana, Junk Orbit, Raiders of the North Sea, Heroes and Land, AIr and Sea, GKR: Heavy Hiters and more. Can’t wait to meet up with folks!


I feel you, my significant other is new to gaming but has taken to targeting me almost exclusively every time we play something with my friends. He doesn’t care if he wins, only that I don’t :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe because he knows he isn’t yet my equal…

Yeah, they way I worded that it might have sounded like I meant we should play GH at SHUX. It’s far too big for con play I agree. Other games though sound good. There are heaps I want to try!


Well, I’ve mentioned wanting to play Root a few times already but Brass: Birmingham is another one I’m dying to try! I haven’t played but I know most of the rules through YouTube, if the stars align count me in for a game :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m Joan from Portland, Oregon. I went to SHUX last year and it was truly one of the best conventions I’ve ever been to. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new folks! My favorite games are Fury of Dracula, Azul and Burgle Bros. I’d love to learn how to play Brass: Birmingham, Concordia, or basically anything. The best time I had last year was playing totally new games with strangers.

I’ll be in Vancouver the day before the convention, so if anyone is looking for an exploring buddy or has tips for great bookstores, hit me up!


Hey Daniel, we should try and introduce ourselves at SHUX since I live in Lynn Valley and it sounds like you live fairly close to me.


Hey everyone! So many friendly faces in this thread.

I am Alex, I will be volunteering at SHUX this year and am super excited to make it the best it can be. I live in Ottawa, where I work as a software engineer and play lots of games in my free time. I recently moved to England where my wife is working as a teacher, but I had to fly back for SHUX. I play board games at lunch every day at work, we almost exclusively play hidden identity games: Coup, Bloodbound, and Resistance: Avalon. We play Resistance so much that I started to take stats to see who plays which roles the best and if our one coworker is always a spy (he is). Personally I really enjoy games with 8 to 10 people, it can be so fun if the pacing is right. Spyfall is probably one of my favourite games, and love bringing it out at smaller parties.

Here is a picture of me and my cute cat who I actually named Quinns.


My name is Andrew (on the right of the photo) and I’m a British transplant now Vancouver local. First time at SHUX though locally I game with Roger Leroux upthread and a ragtag crew of Ameritrashers, wargamers, and Euro-whilst-drunk-ers.

I do not have social anxiety but I do have a face that’s been described as ‘surly’, ‘arsey’, and ‘murderous’, and that’s just by my mum over skype. Don’t be afraid to come and say hello, and you’ll see that she was only 33% right.

Will be looking to play Root, Brass:Birmingham, possibly some COIN, possibly some hidden movement games like Spectre Ops, all of which I should have in my paws by then.

Game on and drink plenty of water.



Brass Birmingham baby!


count me in on brass Birmingham if you have room, only played my copy once so far and interested in playing it again for sure. Would also love to try a game in the COIN series!


No selfie because it’s just not something I ever want to do. You know, being a photographer and everything. So here’s a photo someone else took, a while ago now so I don’t even look like this any more. Such is the way of some photographers. We own few photos of ourselves.


I’m in from Toronto, but my folks live here, so killing two birds.

I’m sad I didn’t come to last year’s SHUX, but made a point to get to this one. I went to my first (local) conference at Breakout in Toronto in the spring and had such a great time, I want to go to them every year now.

Wish I could do some pre-SHUX meet-ups, but since half my visit is for spending time with the folks… I’ve already dragged them to Puzzled Pint tonight and taught them Sagrada last night, but a full-on boardgame convention might be too much too soon.

I’m planning on sitting in on many of the panels and events, but I’d love to try Root, Brass: Birmingham, and Spirit Island. And even a Vital Lacerda game should anyone have the pipes to carry one in!

The only games I’ve brought are the ones I’m taking to the math trade (though most didn’t get traded, sadly).

I’m not shy and might ask to join you if I think there’s still a spot! Don’t worry; I’m crap at games and 80% of the time come in dead last. I’m no threat! Even if I’m teaching it!

EDIT: Oh, my name is Margaux.


I wonder what it is about Toronto that attracts photographers. A guy I know moved there and his photography output has gone crazy.


Definitely! I spent the week in Seattle and bought Whitehall, Love Letter, The Mind and Star Fluxx with me. Adam is leaving NYC tomorrow and although he travels light he might be talked into bringing something along. What’s your top 5 must try list?


Well, Root and Brass: Birmingham for sure. I’ve been wanting to try The Mind as well!

Spirit Island and Fog of Love would probably round out the list. There are a LOT more but I’m blanking on them all now haha.


Hi! I’m Lala from Oakland CA - I’ll be the one with the curly gray mohawk. I went to SHUX last year and had a great time. I got to play pretty much everything I was hoping to, plus some bonus surprise games.

I’ve been so busy at work lately that I’ve barely given any thought to what games I’d like to play, so I guess it’ll be all surprise bonus games this year. I’m hoping to be a little more actually social this time, rather than hyperfocused on playing particular games, so if you see me feel free to say hi! I definitely won’t remember your name, but other than that I’m friendly.


Hi there!

I’m a Minnesotan finishing up my undergrad the University of Manitoba. Shut Up & Sit Down got me into the hobby and helped me get an internship at Fantasy Flight Games so I’m volunteering behind the scenes as a rather roundabout way of saying thanks. That and I turned twenty two yesterday and Vancouver seemed like a lovely place for a belated birthday.


Well, Andrew and I are already planning on some Brass B, and I’m happy to cart in my copy of the Gallerist.


Heh. Not sure. Can’t say my photography output is amazing because of being in Toronto. If your friend has connections, can he introduce me? haha


Hello! I am Jason. I currently live in Houston, Texas with my wife and twin daughters but I have also lived in Michigan, Massachusetts and I grew up in southern California. A chemist by training but currently at stay at home dad. I am pretty much open to most games. I like the heavy euros and lighter stuff currently I am playing X-wing miniatures, Gloomhaven and whatever euro someone plops down in front of me.


Hey everyone!

I’m Antonio, coming in from Los Angeles, first time attending SHUX and first time visiting Canada (and honestly first time leaving the country on my own!) so I’m nervous and excited and did I mention nervous?

I am currently in my fourth and final year of art school working towards a BFA in Game Design (Specifically Concept and Character Design), as well as minoring in creative writing. I am currently developing a board game that I hope to bring to a crowd-funding platform next winter, and am super excited to attend plenty of talks to learn from as many game-devs as possible. I also do freelance illustration and commissions on the side!

Current favorite game is Imperial Assault. I am mostly interested in extremely thematic games, especially ones that allow players to tell a collective story. I am an avid board-game collector but not as avid player (due to time). So i’m excited to learn about a lot of new interesting and clever games this weekend!

If you have any advice on things I should bring, both as a first time SHUX’ee and a first time tourist in Canada, please feel free to share!


Hey I’m Eric, and Jackie is to the left in this pic. We’re from Port Moody specifically, but many would just call that the Vancouver area (it’s at the terminus of the Burrard Inlet — the water that the convention is hosted on top of).

This is our second convention and second SHUX. We like co-ops, euros, tricky card games, thematic, and story-driven games. Randomness in moderation is good for everyone. My faveourite games are Robinson Crusoe, Cry Havoc, Viticulture, Sidereal Confluence, Arbouretum, and Fox In The Forest. Jackie’s include Arkam Horror, Hardback, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Flipships (I think — she’s sleeping so this is my list for her).

We’d both love to meet more people this weekend so come say hi and maybe we’ll chat about this awesome city or about our new favourite games.

Oh and here’s a pic of just the waterfall we’re in front of (Deception Falls in Wells Grey Provincial Park BC).