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SHUX Intro Thread 2018 Edition


hey there wibuck, I’ll be bringing root each day so if you see me there and want to try it out just let me know, I’ll be trying to play as much of just about everything as I can all weekend as this is my first bigger convention!


@bil4short Hey, I added myself to the BGG organized play. Friday sounds good for Sidereal Confluence.

@Islesfan13 I’m interested in playing Root, too. It’s hard to organize since I’m still wrapping my head around the schedule, but I’d love to play a late-night game, or during some afternoon when there’s time. It’s hard to decide with all of the panels and things to do! :slight_smile: There’s an organized play thread on BGG where they’re trying to figure out scheduling.


Hey everyone, Diego here! This will be my first time coming to Shux (or any convention for that matter).

I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, but am currently studying for a History/Archaeology double major at UC San Diego.

I’ve always been a big fan of board games, but - due in large part to the friends I end up making not being nearly as big of board game fans as me - I’ve never really gotten the chance to truly dive into the hobby. In other words, most of the games I do end up playing tend to be lighter games that are easy to teach and have short play times.

I did, however, finally manage to find a game that my Dad and I both loved, Hive! He’s been a life-long chess player and as soon as I saw Quinns review Hive I had to get it. The moment when he asked me if I wanted to play another round was my happiest memory this past summer.

The games I’m most foward looking to playing at Shux are Two Rooms and a Boom!, Captain Sonar, and Condottiere, but I’m really quite open to playing anything.


Well, I guess I’ll do this again for this year.

Hi! I’m Chris and I’ve been a player of games for many years. Oh, this isn’t the Board Gamers Anonymous meeting? Never mind then.

I was able to attend SHUX last year with my wife, and we are both coming again this year and bringing a couple of our friends as well! Looking forward to a fun weekend of gaming. If you run into me, I should look like the above, though without the fake-it-for-the-photo smile.

If we play a game and I am unhappy with your actions, I will likely look something like this:

And if you see this face...

You’ll know I’m the traitor. :wink:


Hello! My name is Darryl, and I’m the owner (with my wife) of Pizzeria Ludica here in Vancouver.

I’ve been an avid gamer since 2005. It’s been joked that I’m the game historian of my group, always knowing of and seeking out older or more obscure games that piqued my interest for whatever reason. The most obscure game in my personal collection is probably Collapsible D. If you visit Ludica and feel the collection is a little eclectic, that’s me. Most of the games came from my personal collection.

I play a mix of games, including some complex stuff like Die Macher, but I definitely gravitate toward light-to-medium games, mostly older. Some of my favourites include Downfall of Pompeii, Ave Caesar, Saint Petersburg, San Juan, and Acquire. Games new-to-me I’ve played and enjoyed recently include Chinatown and Rajas of the Ganges.

This is my most recent photo, taken at the New Westminster Ludica. I’m on the right, with local designer Graeme Jahns on the left with his most recent publication. (It’s great!) Sorry for the poor lighting, we were standing in a weird spot.

I’m not really a convention guy. I’m a shy gamer, and my ideal game experience is not to play the hot new game for the moment, but to play an old classic with good friends. I worry I’m just going to stand around at the convention, not knowing anybody or knowing what to do with myself!

Help me! If you see me at the convention (probably wearing a Ludica shirt like the one in the photo, and just standing around), I’d really appreciate it if you came and introduced yourself! Pull me into whatever game you’re planning to play, especially if it’s an old classic, but really anything is fine. Or even if you just want to chat and socialise – I enjoy talking about games as much as playing them! (I’m also happy to talk to any aspiring board game restaurant/café/pub owners who want advice.)


Hi! I’m Adria. I’m almost local, coming over from Victoria (it might look close on a map, but it’s a 4-5 hour trip). My husband Darin will be joining me this year.

I’ll play most styles of games, and my favorite changes with my mood. My top 3 games are probably Battlestar Galactica, Shadows of Brimstone, and Dungeon Petz. My husband is a bit pickier, preferring games with lots of interaction. His favorite game is Spartacus, followed closely by Kingdom Death Monster. There’s a pretty good chance we won’t be playing the same games - I’ll probably split off for a while to get in some euro games. We both enjoy RPGs, and might check out the RPG Roost at some point.

I don’t have any really recent photos of me, but here’s one from last December, taken for BGG’s Advent of Gaming (NOT my husband in background - just the guy who owns one of his favorite games, KDM).

There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be wearing that shirt at some point during the weekend, because it’s a great shirt.

I had a blast at SHUX last year, and met some great people. I look forward to doing the same this year!



I’ve no idea why I said “Hola”, Im not Spanish, I don’t speak Spanish unless you count the dual language instructions on the washing machines in the laundromat. Caliente! I’m Hayley, I’m a British type but I have lived in NYC with this fabulous husbandy bloke, @abirch123, for about 4 and half years now.

I’ve been a tabletop gamer for about 15 years. I pretty much exclusively played roleplay games for almost a decade (a brief flirtation with Magic The Gathering notwithstanding), my first being Deadlands. Then I met Adam. A couple of months into our relationship he moved in and invited his friends over for a game night, we were to play Battlestar Galactica. Friends, our relationship almost ended right there. I thought he was being a helpful super boyfriend, guiding me through the rules, I trusted him. Then he flipped a card and let out a belly laugh, gleefully watching my expression change. My face eventually settled on fury as I realised he’d been manipulating my human self to meet his dirty cylon ends. And so began our love affair with board games.

It got off to a slow start but over the past 3 or 4 years we’ve been ramping up our collection and have been to 2 Gen Cons. We still love BSG but play such a wide variety these days. He loves huge, immersive, strategic games, I like being silly and/or getting emotionally invested. My favourites thay we’ve played in the last 18 months or so have been Fog of Love, Whitehall, Fugitive, Azul and Brass: Lancashire (we just got Birmingham and haven’t had chance to play it yet :scream::scream::scream:). Our current favourite is Gloomhaven, he loves the cooperative play and intricacy and suspense and I love Harry my Cragheart, he’s ma boi, I refuse to retire him.

This is our first SHUX, we couldn’t come last year because our poor pupper was hit by a car, but she’s fine now and we’re hyped to experience a proper tabletop con. I’ll mostly be stalking the gaming tables hidden behind my camera and Adam will be behaving like a regular person so if you see him looking lonely cause his delightful wife isn’t with him, invite him to your MASSIVE SPACE GAME and he’ll be made up.

I smashed this out while taxiing in a plane about to travel West. Forgive the nonsense, it’s endless.


Just so no one thinks i’m a bad gamer or teacher of games… my advice was either perfect for the situation, or I thought she was a Cylon too. I don’t remember which.


Hello! Welcome (soon) to beautiful Vancouver. Send me a message and we can get together while you’re in town - or play a game at the con!


Oh my, if your relationship survived a BSG betrayal you two must be very solid :rofl: I remember a friend of mine ended up as President/Admiral/CAG double cylon one game, it was ROUGH.

Also Gloomhaven is the best. I loved my Tinkerer when I first started but I eventually let him go and have now played 5 different classes. Currently playing Music Note and its so amazing… I just want MOAR!

We should have a game at the con if possible!


@Islesfan13 Yay, I’m keen!

@leroy43 thanks for the warm welcome! Will do :slight_smile:


Hey Peartonia!

Now that there’s less than a week to go…might be a good time to introduce myself officially?

You may have seen me around here and in the Disqus comments as clg6000 ( and more rarely as Invictus5000 on BGG and some online game sites), but my meatspace name is Christian! I am Fairly Old™, Pretty Friendly™, A Busy Dad™ and I’ve been playing board games for just about ever.

I was around when the MB GameMaster series was available on the shelves in Toys R Us; I nearly had an acquaintance give me a stack of Alpha/Beta MTG cards (I kick myself a little bit every time I remember that…). My collection spans back to my youth (for some reason I still own the Zaxxon board game, and the Nightmare VHS game…), and has grown to truly distressing proportions–distressing to me, because it’s become hard to justify buying new titles I want; distressing to my wife because there are TOO MANY.

I am super excited to come to SHUX this year. I’ve been a fan of the gang since nearly the beginning, as they’ve always been one of the select few board game critic sites that turn a thoughtful, drscriptive eye towards games, and isn’t afraid to consider them as a sort of art (and aspire a bit to craft some artisitic perspective into their reviews).

I am not a con newbie, but I’ve only been to local events, and I have been to Origins four or so times (since it’s so close to my native Cleveland, Ohio).

I’ve not been to Vancouver before, but am excited to see it. I do always enjoy Canada when I visit (which as a close neighbor, I’ve done quite a bit). I’m pretty comfortable in crowds–so if you don’t say hi, I probably will!

I am flying solo for this one, as my blessed saint of a wife has encouraged me to head out to the west coast while she wrangles our two wonderful (yet often highly challenging) children for the weekend. She is pictured below (on a rooftop in our fair city), and hopefully you can tell she is the beautiful, intelligent one (hint: she’s the one without the goatee).

What am I doing abandoning my family for two and a half days (I can’t get there any earlier than Fri afternoon) to play games an entire continent’s width away? Well, a couple reasons: I’m hoping to get to play that slew of games that don’t usually fit into game nights (TI4, Merchants and Marauders, Cosmic Encounter, the Matagot DoaM Trilogy, etc.). And I’d like to meet many of the designers and critics and of course the SUSD gang to say thanks!

And, I’m mostly excited to get to meet and play with the real people who I’ve interacted with here on the site over the years! I’ve often wished this virtual space could become manifest in defiance of geography somehow–and SHUX is about as close as we’ll get, I think. So glad I get to see it (and many of you, hopefully) in person!

Until then…


Edit: Note: if you’ve read this far (or anything else I ever write here on the site), you can see I’m a long-winded writer. I don’t think I ramble so much verbally, but if you find that’s not true, feel free to cut me off and tell me otherwise. (Also, I don’t think I use as many parantheses in real life–by far my favorite punctuation marks–but if you see me duck my head under a table in the middle of a conversation and start mumbling to myself, at least you’ll understand why.)


Hi Everyone!
I’m Michael. My girlfriend Jessica, are going to SHUX as our first Board Game Con!
We’ve been into the hobby for a bout 4-5 years now; I got into through some old high school friends who got the bug and passed it on to me quickly.

We’re from Long Beach, California, where we’ve got a pretty good group of friends that we’ve converted, and usually have a game night a couple times a month. We like a lot of different games; some of our favorites are Dead of Winter, Battlestar Galaxtica, Game of Thrones, Jaipur, Rising Sun, Spirit Island, Five Tribes, and TI4.
I’m definitely the pusher in our dynamic. I’m a collector and analyst at heart, so the cardboard addiction is real.

We have a history of other geek cons like Anime Expo, Wonder Con and LA Comic Con, but this will be the first Board Gaming Con. We’re both super excited to meet some new people from other lands and join forces or destroy them, depending on the game.

We’ll be spending the week in town to explore outside of SHUX, and would love to meet some new friends who are into the hobby and maybe willing to explore/show us around.


Hey Y’all,
I’m Taylor and this is my first non-work con EVER so I’m looking forward to seeing the sights, meeting & making lifelong friendships and finding new things to throw money at with a wild, careless abandon reserved for old-timey millionaires.
I’m a Vancouver local whom has always been into board games/miniatures but never actually took part in the scene due to a lack of interest from others. Over the recent years, I’ve been able to get my wife and children involved but with mixed success.
Recently interest/obsessions have been Scythe, Charterstone, Android: Netrunner, Arkham Horror: LCG and the occasional game of Azul.


Well, the peer pressure has broken my reluctance to post an intro…

I’m Adam and this will be my second SHUX. Last year was awesome. I’m a local Vancouverite living in the mountains across from the convention. I’ve been gaming since the late 90’s and Catan was my gateway into this hobby. While my wife likes games (we’ve played Catan more than 200 times with other people), she is not quite as hardcore as I am and won’t be coming.

I’m hoping to play with some new people and see people I played with last year. I am planning to bring Root per the other thread and possibly Calimala, Yokohama, Dominant Species, and Brass:Birmingham. I’m hoping to learn Sidereal Confluence (already posted in the organized play) and whatever strikes my fancy. I am also going to try and bring Captain Sonar to loan out for the organized play request.

I’m happy to point people towards local places to eat that have larger selections of craft brews so feel free to ask me if this interests you.

Root at SHUX


We are Tomas and Zoe. We’re comimg to SHUX as part of our honeymoon in Canada from the UK. Normally we go to the UK game expo but this year we decided to get married on that weekend instead, so SHUX seemed like a good replacement for our boardgame con fix.

We’re both open to try any game at least once. Zoe has a preference for anything not to number heavy. We’re both massive Netrunner fans, decks currently in carry luggage trying to find somewhere to play in the airport. We also play a lot of RPGs, so we’ll probably see what’s happening in the RP roost.

Thought we’d post up here, as although we’re sociable people we’re not best at saying the first hello. We’ll I’m not, I don’t like to feel I’m interrupting people.


Howdy gang! Mike and my wife Amber here, will be attending from Florida (sorry, world! ). 2nd SHUX for us. 3rd gaming convention. We’ll be in gen 2 of the Heirs megagame on saturday. We’re both up for playing pretty much anything. My current favorites are Tyrants of the Underdark, Grand Austria Hotel and really enjoyed my one play of Twilight Imperium 4. Looking to try Champions of Midgard, Root and… well, anything. Amber’s current favorites are Suburbia, all Red Raven games and City of Kings. Looking to try Lowlands, as well as anything that catches her eye.

We both love almost any deck builders, co-op or otherwise. I’ll probably try to get in an RPG session at some point. If you see either of us, feel free to flag us down if you need some chairs filled for anything away all!

We won’t be neolithic this year, I promise.


@TaloniousMonk Awesome, I think my wife and I are in your house for Heirs. I’m guessing that neolithic outfit was for a megagame last year? Are you guys dressing up this year?


:joy: it was early days, I’m less forgiving now. He’s always trying to stitch me up at the table when we play anything competitive, insisting that it’s because I’m his equal and thus his biggest threat not because he enjoys messing with me :roll_eyes:

We’re not planning to bring the monster box that is Gloomhaven but would love to meet and play something.


Not as elaborately but we do have a nice red theme going. Last minute, as we got the email the day before our flight to Oregon, but Amber has a jaunty merchants coat and I’ll have some lovely scribes robes.