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SHUX Intro Thread 2018 Edition


Letting Elizabeth post her introduction under my user name:

Hi! I am Elizabeth, I am 9 years old. I am from Lubbock, Texas. My favorite games are King Of Tokyo, Sushi Go Party, Mysterium, Cash And Guns, and Survive Escape Atlantis! Last SHUX I enjoyed getting to learn new games like NMBR 9 and Meeple Circus! This year I look forward to playing and learning games!!

Thank you to Pip, Cynthia, Matt, Paul and Quinns for being so nice and hosting an amazing
event. Hope to talk to you all again.


Hello! Amy from Ohio here. First ever SHUX attendee, and will be attending with my husband Eugene! I will be joining the Heirs of a Shattered Age megagame. We don’t have much planned past that, but we hope to be able to try some games we’ve never touched before - since that’s our goal at most cons!

We have a soft spot for Monikers, Tokaido, Machi Koro, Pandemic, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill. We’re both big into TTRPGs as well, so always happy to swap stories of how exactly a campaign went sideways. (Ask us about Halfling Toss)

We’re making the trip an extended vacation, so if anyone has suggestions on fun things to do in the days leading up to SHUX, we’re all ears!

(Oldish photo, but the easiest one I have access to of the two of us.)


Kia ora everyone! My name is Jacinta and I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand. I currently work as a social science researcher.

I’m coming over for my first SHUX (well, first real convention at all actually!). I’ll be there by myself because my husband is a bore and doesn’t like board games, so super excited by all the comments I’ve been reading about how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I’ve been to Canada once before (to Ottawa) and loved it, so really looking forward to exploring another part of it.

I generally prefer Euro-style games but with a little bit of randomness thrown in. My favourite games are Ethnos, Letters from Whitechapel, and Pandemic Legacy.

Looking forward to meeting other people and trying out some new games :slight_smile: I’m particularly interested in trying out Root, Flamme Rouge and Inis.

I hate photos so I don’t have that many of myself. This is a picture of me and my husband in Prague over Christmas.


Thanks for introducing us to Innovation last year!


first time going to Shux (or any larger convention) for myself. Louise enjoys board games but isn’t as…addicted?fanatical? about them so I’ll be attending by myself. Born and raised in Richmond and will be looking to play a number of games! I tend to lean towards longer, larger games (ti4, a game of thrones) so if you need someone for something like that, don’t hesitate to ask, there’s a good chance if I’m not already committed to something that I’d be willing to join in

current favorites include games like the two above, along with Rising Sun, Blood rage, Brass Birmingham, Fury of Dracula, Concordia, Inis…just to name some of them

I’ll be bringing Root (base game only) and likely TI4 with me, along with a couple of other games I’m hoping to get played (but not limited to those!)

Looking forward to meeting some great people in a couple of weeks!



Greetings to all!

My name is Chris and I will be attending again this year. Last year was so great I talked most of my game group into joining me this year!

I hail from the Denver area of Colorado, USA. I’m looking forward to a great time in Vancouver playing games with all the terrific people who also enjoy this hobby. I’m trying to decide what games I will bring with me and what to try to play while I’m there. (I’m really hoping to play Sidereal Confluence and Champions of Midgard) can you find my other thread in the forums?

I’ll see you all soon in Vancouver!



Kudos for making that MASSIVE journey! I hope you have a great time!


Hello all!

I’m Paul and I’ll be attending again this year. I’m a local who is SO happy the good people at SUSD decided to host Canada’s largest board game convention so close to home! Last year I hosted the Tour de SHUX (a three-race, 8 player Flamme Rouge event) and was hoping to do it again this year. If someone has a copy Flamme Rouge with the Peloton expansion and wants to coordinate, we could aim for a 12 person event this time around. Otherwise, I’ll probably still run a 6 player event at some point. Check out the organized play thread on BGG in the coming week for details.

Some of my other favourites include Carcassonne, Clans (Fae), The Quest for El Dorado, Inis, Concordia, and (like everyone else on the internet) ROOT! I’ll definitely be throwing some of these in the bag each day so look for me in the free play area if you’re interested in joining a game. I’m always happy to teach so don’t be shy. I’ll probably also have some quick 2 player games on hand like Fjords and Red7 if you need a quick fix between big games or sessions/talks.

I’ve got a big list of games I want to play but haven’t yet had a chance like Lowlands, Great Western Trail, Trade on the Tigris and loads more. I’m up for just about anything and looking forward to learning others as well.

See you all there!


G’day! I’m Dylan and I’m from Brisbane, Australia!

I wasn’t able to make it last year, so I’m super excited I get to this time. This will be my first board-gaming specific convention, although I have been to GaymerX and GXAU a couple of times. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and making some new gaming buddies!!

I do, however, have a dirty secret: I don’t like Ticket to Ride.

I do like co-op games in general, Pandemic specifically, as well as Two Rooms, Monikers, Tokaido and Mysterium. My favourite game ever is Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Back home I run a monthly event called Cubs&Cardboard. It’s a free community event for young gay adult men in the Bear community; That is, bigger, chunkier guys, often a bit more hirsuit then the convention. I found many guys felt quite isolated by being not your conventionally attractive gay guy and by being geekier then the average Bear, so decided to give them something geeky we could do to make friends. We have 200+ members now, so I think it’s going OK?

Always happy to talk about running a gaming event, especially for niche communities and queers! Also, fun fact, my boyfriend refuses to believe that Paul just likes Bears (the animal) and will argue for hours that it’s a metaphor for bears (the gay community). I think he’s just being ornery… But maybe he’s sincere?

I look like this!!


Hello All! We’re Shawn and Molly. We’re from Seattle and Victoria and we’re really looking forward to attending SHUX, meeting new folks, and playing games. Shawn most wants to play Reef and loves tile placement, engine building, and set collection games. Molly’s favourite game is Battleline and other games that require what Shawn has coined as “logic leaps” like Karuba. We both hope to get to play some big social games like Two Rooms and a Boom (and we’ll bring our copy!).

We are also 2/3 of Flatout Games and we’ll be at the Indie Alley with a bunch of games to demo and playtest (FEAST, Public Market, Draw 10, and St. Albans) - so come by and say hello! We’re also part of a panel on Friday at noon on building community and playtesting games - if those things are your cup of tea we hope to see you there.


Hello I’m Mike and that little cutie in the photo (the cutie on the left, not the cutie on the right) there is the reason I wasn’t able to come last year since she had just been born. Luckily my wife is awesome and let me come this year.

I like playing all sorts of games, but especially deck builders or things with space themes (hoping to get a game of Sidereal Confluence in). I like simple games, complex games and everything in-between, though I tend to be terrible at anything that requires too much strategy.

I’ll be accompanied by my best friend, who’s going to have loads of fun as I drag us into a bunch of games with strangers (that’s slight sarcasm because he tends to avoid new people), but he knew what he signed up for when he decided to come.


uh hi! Let’s hope I’m doing this right.

My name is Trevor. First board game convention ever for me. I’m from Kentucky but just finished working in Glacier National Park. I will be traveling through the PNW until I make my way to shux. I like to hike and backpack and meditate and read. I am so excited to goof around in good company.

I’ve had some luck playing some two player games with my girlfriend (sadly not attending), but I’m terribly out of date when it comes to recent releases. Board games I’ve played recently and really enjoyed: Mage Knight, Fog of Love, Patchwork, Fox in the Forest. I’d like to have a look at flamme rouge and maybe try to find a fun little skirmish game. If someone seriously wants to sit down and teach/play some Robinson Crusoe, come find me. I’ve neglected it for my 10x10.

I’m sure that after a week of travel I’ll be in some sort of stupor with a slightly confused expression. Please don’t let that scare you away. I’m just always confused.

see y’all there!


Hallo! I am Joe, and I look approximately like this guy. I am a data nerd and music type, making the drive up from Tacoma, WA for my first SHUX (and first game-focused con in general). I used to host a weekly game night at one of the local shops, but parenthood has slowed down my ability to reliably find the time to play as much as I’d like.

I’ll be spending most of Saturday hanging out in Indie Alley, helping the missus sell Sidekick Quests, a youth-focused fantasy RPG that she works on with a friend of ours, which will have just started its second kickstarter. Outside of that I am aiming to play as many games as humanly possible, and general enjoy a child-free weekend.

My game tastes are somewhat varied (favorites include Jaipur, Ticket to Ride, Twilight Imperium 4), but I’m most interested in trying out some mid to heavy euro-ish stuff. Things ranging from Food Chain Magnate to various worker placement games (I haven’t gotten higher up the chain than Lords of Waterdeep, if that tells you anything) have always sounded super interesting, but don’t exist in the collections of any of my local group.

You may find me hovering around, looking awkward and failing to talk to people. Don’t worry, my social anxiety problems mostly apply to me approaching other people that I don’t know, and I am in fact perfectly friendly as long as you talk to me first. :slight_smile: If you see me and I’m not working the table, I will almost certainly be interested in playing nearly anything you might be seeking a player for.



My name is Dan and I hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is a photo of me and my two girls when we were very briefly companions of The Doctor. Ali and Daniela are my main gaming buddies. My wife - though being a doctor herself - is not pictured, but does play some games (we enjoy Carcassonne together). I’ll be traveling to my first SHUX solo, though have attended the Bay Area Kublacon for several years now. This introduction thread is a great way to connect gamers and games! Thank you for contributing.

My sweet spot for games is the Spiel des Jahres type, and my favorite designers are Bruno Cathala, Phil Walker-Harding, and Reiner Knizia. I’ll definitely be packing Imhotep with it’s new expansion, The Mind, High Society, Modern Art, and the party game Decrypto. I’ll have to see what else I can stuff into my suitcase - I’ll do my best to get Gizmos to fit.

If you think you might enjoy playing some of these games together, or want to play something similar, please feel welcome to send me a message.

See you in Vancouver!


This is so fun reading about everyone!

My name is Brian. This will be my first ever convention and I’m really excited to meet everyone! I’ll be coming up by myself from Orange California where I live and work as a musician. My birthday is the 12th and this is a present to myself- to finally put my money where my mouth is and meet people and play games. I spend a lot of time thinking about and researching games and not enough time playing with friends!

I grew up playing that ravensberger labyrinth game, risk, clue, d&d, and Hero Quest! My grandma always had a deck of cards on hand and always without fail wanted to get a game going! I feel like I’ve inherited this legacy :slight_smile:
From there the whole family got into Catan and Dominion in the early 2000s
Now I spend my days trying to get people to play Kingdom Death with me (usually end up playing solo but loving it) I’ve introduced my girlfriend and friends successfully to a handful of other games.
I also love Android Netrunner, Inis, 7th Continent, Imperial Assault, Exit, and… um… chess is pretty great too. There are so many classics I haven’t experienced but want to. I love people and community and am always up for a lovely party game as well!


Hi, I’m Chris. I’m coming from Los Angeles - this will be my first convention. I’m looking forward to getting in a game of Sidereal Confluence, as well as trying out some games like Root and Captain Sonar that people typically won’t play at my local meetups.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi Everyone! Long time listener, first time caller here!

Edit: In all my excitement I didn’t actually introduce myself… My name is John!

I’ll be making the solo trek up to SHUX for my first ever con (!!) and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve lived all over the US: grew up in New York City, lived in Chicago for a while, and am currently based in Sacramento, where I decided the most logical application of my graduate degree in materials science was to work for the State Legislature.

I’ll play pretty much any game at least once! My current group tends to stick to shorter social games but I manage to sneak some meatier Euros or the odd rounds of the delightfully weird Bunny Bunny Moose Moose in there every now and again. Some recent favorites include: Pandemic Legacy, Concordia, Kingdomino, Castles of Burgundy, Codenames, Agricola and my current obsession: the app version of the roll and write Ganz Schon Clever (check it out if you want to lose even more time to your phone!).

While there are tons of new to me games I’d love to try (Inis, Root, Flamme Rouge, Sidereal Confluence), I’m just massively looking forward to meeting new people and playing games at what sounds like an amazing, welcoming event. So if you see my wandering around overwhelmed by the spectacle of it all and you need someone to fill out your war game or just another body for the latest round of Two Rooms and a Boom, feel free to come say hi!

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Featured is me (foreground), Adrian, and my brother-in-law Vikrant (Vik), both of us are Burnaby, British Columbia based. Second time to SHUX for me, and first time for him! We used to work in construction together, now we are making games together as ‘Fork and Ghost’.

Last SHUX was super amazing, but I was a little shy and stressed out - this time I have backup!
We’re both really into RPGs and pretty much all kinds of board games (though I think we really prefer games with good themes). Last year I had so much fun playing D&D with other attendees that I started a D&D game on the forums here to continue the fun, and I was hoping to run or at least play a game on one of the days. PM me?

Vik and I are also producing a skirmish wargame (right now called Shattered Space Tactics, though the name is subject to change) that we’d like to see playtested if anyone is interested! PM me if you’ve got some time during the show to give it a swing and give some feedback! It’s a flexible game, so it can go from 30 minutes for a wee little fight, to a couple hours for a massive one.

Really looking forward to seeing you all there!


Hello everyone!

I have been holding off on posting here because I almost couldn’t come, however I’ve now sorted that all out and I’m delighted to be attending SHUX18 as my first ever convention :slight_smile:

I’m from Sydney, Australia and I’ve been an avid board and tabletop gamer for decades. My first love was D&D, but now I obsess over and adore all kinds of games. My favourites at the moment are Gloomhaven, Terra Mystica, T.I.M.E Stories and Anachrony. I am also working on a design of my own in my spare time (which is unfortunately minimal).

I will be all alone at SHUX so very keen to make friends. Please say hi or PM me. I will be playing in Heirs of a Shattered Age on the Saturday from 1.30pm to 4.30pm but otherwise totally free. I’ll be in Vancouver from Wednesday afternoon as well. I really want to give Root a go!

So excited!


@chayashida! Hey! Check the forums, we’re putting together a meetup for Sidereal Confluence…probably Friday afternoon! Join us!