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SHUX Intro Thread 2018 Edition


I loved last year’s SHUX introduction and selfie-thread started by @iheartmuseums and was tempted to just revive it. But let’s face it - we’ve all gotten a year older… but maybe more importantly, not everyyone who made it to Vancouver last year is attending in 2018. Mods, if you feel this is more appropriate please do merge with the previous thread!

So… might as well start. Optional selfie attached and I guess you can tell from the photo how rarely we try to take one. Moving on! SHUX is going to be our first con after introducing my partner to board games almost two years ago, and I couldn’t think of a better meeting to test the waters. We’ve lived in Boston and Edinburgh before, but are currently based in Melbourne so please feed us coffee if we look particularly confused and jetlagged.

We play everything from light card games to heavier Euros but mostly only at two players, so if you see us wandering about we are happy to play just about anything. See you soon!


Thanks for getting the ball rolling :grinning: As someone with social anxiety I found last year’s thread invaluable to have a point of reference. Thankfully I can confirm that everyone at the con was extremely lovely and the atmosphere totally welcoming.

Anyhow, I’m Daniel. Originally from Sydney, but fortunate to now live in Vancouver as a Permanent Resident so my wife can draw cartoons. Here’s hoping Paul is granted the same luxury soon.

Having moved a few times recently I’ve unfortunately not had much opportunity for gaming of late, but we just bought our first home where I finally have a dedicated gaming room so hoping to get re-inspired in the hobby at SHUX.

I’m pretty eclectic in my gaming tastes, but am a sucker for miniatures and big thematic games that I never have time for :laughing: Favourites include Scythe, Terra Mystica and Raiders of the North Sea.

Happy to help out with any questions visitors might have! And any locals close to North Vancouver let me know if you’re down to game outside the con!


AH I love this! Was hoping this would start up again for SHUX 18 :smile:

I’m Jonathan! I use too many exclamation marks and emojis :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up in Ontario and have now lived in Edmonton, AB for over a year and a half. I’m 21 and moving to a new place with no family or anything has been a huge growing experience and quite the adventure! To be honest, I don’t think I would’ve signed up for SHUX if I was living back home.

Board games have just kinda become my life. Ever since I started working at a board game cafe (Connexxions Cafe) where I needed to know 300+ board games, I started reading up on reviews, slowly growing my collection, and just inviting people to play whenever I can. Now when my friends hear about board games, they think of me xD
SU&SD has been huge in helping me discover so many awesome games!

I don’t really have a dedicated game group, so I haven’t really played anything complicated because I’m always introducing people to the hobby. (Shameless plug if you’re wanted a big game before the con, there’s a forum page about a TI4 game happening on the Thursday!)

Really looking forward to the convention and meeting so many people! Everything I’ve heard about SHUX is incredibly positive, and as it’s my first big convention, that means a lot!

OH also if anyone’s coming from Edmonton, send me a message. It’d be cool to meet people beforehand! Thanks for reading :smiley:


This is so nice to see. I’m super bummed I won’t be there this year!!


I’m Del and this is me facing a devastating Head to Head Perfection loss. I live in Victoria BC and we are crossing the strait for SHUX again this year. My day job is application developer for the city, but on the weekends, I become a Board Game Expert at Interactivity Board Game Café, recommending games, teaching them, and guiding people through the strangely sorted library.

Games Tastes

Reiner is my jam and this year has been the best Reiner year in a long time… so very excited. My tastes definitely fall into the classic 2000s mid-to-heavy-weight euro genre… top games include Tragedy Looper and El Grande. I like lighter games too and Oink Games have come out with some wonderful ones recently like Startups.

I think I’ve fallen out of love with social deduction games now that I realized people would rather accuse someone of having shifty-eyes than craft complex shit-logic about the evidens and glues good game mechanisms will present to you. I will still play Fake Artist goes to New York anytime, though!

Ignacy Trzewiczek is a still a terrible blight upon the hobby, evidenced since last SHUX by the terrible First Martians and the eye-rolling Detective. Just stop, Ignacy. Does he even like games? He looks so upset on the DiceTowerCon ads.


I’m not sure what all to say. I’ll probably edit this out with something else in the next few days, once I’ve had some time to think about what I’ve got to say.

I’ll be there, and I’ll bring Cthulhu Wars, hopefully people are interested in playing it. There might be the new faction to play this year.

I’ll also be helping with the Thursday night dinner at the Stormcrow, assuming they’re willing to host us again this year. More on that later.


This is great!

I’m Will. My wife Kristi and I will be driving up from Seattle this year, since we were very sad to miss last year. We’re both originally from the Denver area, but we love living in Seattle. We’re crazy rain-loving people. We like cats, cosplay, and any nerdy media. We are both enforcers at PAX West, and love cons.

We both play a bunch of games and have fairly varied tastes. Kristi’s favorite games are Agricola, Mansions of Madness, and Broom Service but she’ll play anything from party and gateway games to heavy euros. My favorite games range from Battlestar Galactica and Twilight Imperium to Castles of Burgundy and Great Western Trail, but I also don’t mind some lighter fare like Fake Artist Goes to New York and the Mind.

We’re both looking forward to meeting new folks and playing some fantastic games! I’m really hoping to get a chance to play some Root and at least one GMT game, since I’ve never played any (a COIN would be amazing). I’ve also been a Silent and Seated since the first season in 2011, so I’m looking forward to meeting the crew. Kristi is a big fan of their silliness (especially the costumes), and is really looking forward to seeing the guys in person.

We’re bad at taking selfies, but heres a pic of us cosplaying as characters from the Wolf Among Us video games at Emerald City Comic Con a couple years ago.


Same! Was looking forward to meeting you. Next year, hopefully.


Hi all.

My name is Jeff and I will be attending SHUX for the second time this year with my family. My wife Lindsey and daughter Elizabeth are all super excited to return, as SHUX has become a staple of our travel plans.

My Brief Bio:
I am a 42 year old web developer from Texas and I work at our local University, Texas Tech. I found SUSD about 5 years ago from their videos on the Penny Arcade site. Their videos were so genuine and their enthusiasm for gaming so contagious that they helped rekindle my love of gaming. I had always played games but they really helped spur me to get my friends together for weekly game nights.

The last several years have been so much fun. I am so lucky to have a wonderful family and set of friends to play regularly with; and fortunate that SUSD continually shepherds us to new and exciting games.

Back to SHUX; for first time attendees, let me just say how much fun you are about to have. Everyone is super friendly from the staff to the guests. If i had 2 pieces of advice:

  • dont over pack games, the librarry is wonderful and last year i toted up way too many games
  • Go to the panels and live shows. I love gaming as much as the next person but the most memorable times we had at SHUX were all to be had n the panels and events were took part in.

Hope to meet many of you there and get in a game or two.


Hi everyone!

My name is Ross, I’m 33, live in England and will be attending my second SHUX. Apart from the fact I really can’t afford it, I’m over the moon to be attending again, as last year was a wonderful event and highlighted a rather special year for me in terms of board gaming.

I still feel like I want to play everything and have a very broad collection that reflects that. I host a weekly games night at my house which my friends attend and I’ve been increasing their addiction to the hobby over time. What this does mean is I often play with very new gamers so am generally stuck on the lighter end of the spectrum. Expos allow me to dive into deeper, more involved games so I hope to be doing just that!

I also run a website where I interview board game artists (arbitrary plug: moregamesplease.com) and in a strange turn of fate I’ve been asked to be one of the special guests at this years SHUX. The reason I mention this is that to kind of repay the suggestion I’m special in any way I’ll be going even more out of my way to be a friendly and welcoming face at the event.
If you feel a bit lost and on your own and see me moving about the crowds, come over and say hello. I’m inviting you to do it! We may not end up gaming together but what I can offer is a friendly face to chat to for a minute or two and if I can help you out in any way I certainly will.
I’m a solo attendee so I genuinely understand how anxiety inducing it can be to go to something like this on your own. I still get anxious and I’ve backpacked about 20 countries on my own! For me this event is about the community and I’d like to help make everyone’s weekend as fun as mine will be.

Oh and finally here’s me from last year when I decided to walk the Grouse Grind in Vancouver, a leg wobbling uphill climb.


Hello all! My name is Chelesea (Chell-ee-see-ah). My boyfriend, Anthony and I will be attending SHUX for the first time, though this will be our second convention (PAX Unplugged being our first) We live in Connecticut. I am 26, Anthony, 27. I am a graduate student of art therapy and part time librarian while Anthony is a Admin Assistant to a college community’s division for music and dance lessons.

We have been gaming for several years, , with some favorites including Scythe, Cosmic Encounter, Viticulture, Galaxy Trucker (that one’s just him though) and several other SHSD favorites. We are looking forward to meeting everyone!

New photo by Chelesea Jenkins


Hello! I’m Roger and I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural SHUX last year. This year I won’t have pink hair. :laughing:

I can hardly wait! I had sooooo much fun last year, and there’s no way I can miss a world class gaming convention in my own back yard (so to speak).

I’ll be there this year with my teen daughter. Looking forward to meeting more new friends and attending panels and enjoying open gaming.

If anyone wants any advice or suggestions about Vancouver, drop me a line - I’m happy to help out.


Hi, I am Bonnie (sometimes known as Skimblecat) I am one of SHUX Response Team CoManagers.

In the “real” world I work in Information Security and Privacy in Victoria BC…but that’s boring. I am a board gamer and pen and paper role playing gamer. I do Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for fun. I am old. I am also adorable.

Here I am, having just earned my red-brown belt at kickboxing:

But to be honest, this is more a typical look for me:


Vancouver based husband and wife team Julie & Eric here, returning to SHUX '18!

We are always looking for new friends to play games with and are open to learning pretty much anything! If you have a favourite game and you’re short a few people, please feel free to invite us at any time. We’re happy to exchange contact info so you can reach us!

We play a wide variety of different games, so check out our BGG profile!

This SHUX we’re looking forward to “trying before we buy” as many of the SU&SD recommendations on our list as possible. Please stop us and say hi! or join us if we’re playing something :smile: !

Here’s a silly bathroom pic of us from last year (just before heading out to the con)


Hey, I’m James, back for SHUX round 2. I’m currently based in San Diego and haven’t had a chance to game regularly this year, so I’m looking forward to meeting people, trying new games (I play just about everything), and playing old favorites.

You’ll probably be able to identify me by the little rabbit pins like the following I’ll probably be wearing:



Hi everybody! First time SHUX attendee here, but I did go to Gencon several times until…well…until Indiana wasn’t a comfortable place to go anymore.

I live in Banff and am flying out with a good friend for the con. My First Mate and former partner currently lives in Vancouver and she’ll be joining us too. I’m super excited to go to a small con, play some games, and meet people.

I like big and small games, heavy and light, but mostly am looking for fun people. I’m all wavy-armed and jokes and nonsense-ry when I game. I play a lot of intro games with people and I’d very much look forward to diving into something a little deeper with some good people.

I’m not playing any MegaGames, so I’ll just be wandering around to panels, vendor stalls, and generally being around!

So if you see me out and about, hit me up! :slight_smile:


:raising_hand_woman:Hi! Glad to see you’re going again too! Hope to see you!


Shannon here! I’m a local and this will be my second SHUX! My husband Matthew and I are excited to return again to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that we enjoyed so much last year. We are starting to make our list of games we want to try, so we can pick out a good birthday game or two to buy for Matthew afterwards!

Since we are local, we are happy to bring a game or two from our collection if anyone has a particular one they’d like to try, I’ll attach a list.

Starting to get quite excited!

Our Board Games.pdf (31.7 KB)


Hello fellow SHUXers.

I’m Matthew and I work in Vancouver and live in Port Coquitlam (45 min drive). Shux 2017 was my and my wife @Shanneranner’s first con and I’m really looking forward to 2018. What was best about last year was how easy it was to either join or invite fellows to play many different styles of games.

I prefer non solitaire style games with interaction under 90 minutes.

I’m hoping to try out: Sergada (that was perpertually checked out last year), Root, Azul, and Concordia as well as getting in plays of some of my favourite games Castles of Burgundy, The Gallerist, King Domino, Innovation, and Orleans.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Hi there everybody!!

We are Steve and Andrea. We’re older than dirt. We live on a frozen rock in the North Atlantic named Newfoundland, which is known for cool Vikings, funny Irish-like accents, and our capacity to be very nice to everybody in our funny irish-like accents!

We both work for the Canuck government (though NOT in immigration! SORRY PAUL!)

Steve likes fun games with minis, dudes on maps, co op, campaigns, 1 vs many, strong implementation of theme, and as little stabby stabby (front or back) as is possible. His favourites are: Twilight Imperium (what can I say, I’m a paradox), Conan (Crom!), Gloomhaven, Scythe, Fury of Dracula, the X Files, Letters from Whitechapel, Xia, Black Orchestra, Firefly, Pandemic, and Heroquest - I will however play and appreciate just about anything. I write reviews that my prettier half posts on instagram (@setsunabun). And I have played or run over a hundred different tabletop RPG systems since I discovered that crazy neediness back in the summer of 1986. I want to be a race car driver when I grow up!

Andrea loves cubes, and strategy, and cubes, and spreadsheets, and cubes. If it’s a long, crunchy, strategic, or even not so long and mildly strategic Euro, I will PLAY THAT! I love Sciency games, and am also not a huge fan of the stabby stabby. Some of my favourites are; Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Terraforming Mars, Firefly, Scythe, Caverna, Viticulture, and Tzolk’in. I too will probably play just about anything that doesn’t lean too heavy on ‘take that’ mechanics. I also love bunnies, and meeples shaped like bunnies. I want to be a bunny when I grow up!