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SHUX game library list?


Hey all–

There is the slightest of slight chances, formerly beyond all hope or reason, that I might just be able to make my way to Vancouver this October (…assuming I can still get tickets, arrange travel, and a number of other contingencies…)

It’s not at all a definite yet–but! That hasn’t stopped me from daydreaming about what games I’d like to play, and, relatedly, what games I might consider bringing. But, it’s an eight hour flight…

So, my point: is there an inventory list of games expected to be in the SHUX library?

I’d bet my eyeteeth they’ll be SUSD favorites like TI4 and Cosmic Encounter, which would be top of my list.

Other fun titles I’d love to play that are less certain: Captain Sonar, Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space, Space Cadets/Space Alert, Catacombs, Descent/IA, anything from the Matagot DoaM trilogy, Wiz-War, Rebellion, Tash Kalar, Quantum, Gloomhaven (…you may be able to pick up a trend in my tastes from that list…)

But an official list would be very helpful–clearly I can’t bring (or even ship) that entire chunk of my collection.

Any info?


Last year, the collection was assembled from a few location collections, if I recall correctly. I recall asking for a compiled list, but don’t recall if we got one. I know asking in the chat and on the board, locals had pretty much every game anyone could think of to ask for.


Musing about this more today, I’m thinking the few oddball/rarer/older titles I might drag along might include would be:

Mothership–a lightish starship skirmish on a hex map from a KS a few years back
7th Continent–on the off chance that Quinns, Paul or Matt walk by and see what they are missing…
BattleLore–because it never gets enough love.
Merchants and Marauders with all the cool expansion stuff!
Talisman–which would kinda be great as a convention event, with some appropriate house rules and time limits
RuneWars–TI in fantasy land Terrinoth
RuneAge–Dominion in fantasy land Terrinoth
Sid Meyer’s Civilization though the new SMC: a New Dawn might travel better.
Sword and Sorcery–it’s almost too much, even the base box–but people might think it was fun.

Anyone else care to add to the SHUX dream library?


Ah, good to know. I hadn’t thought about the local library, but clearly that’s clutch. Good to know there’s good support.


I’d be willing to play most of those :slight_smile: I havn’t played RuneWars for years but I own the 2nd edition + expansions and lugged it overseas when I moved to Vancouver so been trying to find an excuse to get it to the table. I can easily bring it along if there’s interest.

Edit: Unless you mean the new miniatures wargame Runewars that I just remembered is a thing. The naming convention of that series has gotten a little out of hand.:laughing:


Hi there!
I’m a local to Vancouver, and offered a chuck of my collection last year to the convention. It was great seeing people play my games, and even better when I had the time to sit down and teach those games. I reached out again and offered my collection once more, and they accepted. So here’s a list of everything in providing so far. If I get more that are popular, I’ll be adding to this list before October. They’ll all be freely accessible in the Game Library, and if you play one, I’d love to hear how it went.

Awarded SU&SD Recommends:
The Mind
Magic Maze
Through the Desert
Fog of Love
Hive (Carbon Edition)
Fox in the Forest
Unlock! Series 1&2
Burgle Bros.
Flamme Rouge
Captain Sonar
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Cosmic Encounter (with all expansions)
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Go Cuckoo
Mafia de Cuba
Sheriff of Nottingham
Cash & Guns (2nd Ed)

Karuba (2 copies. Plays up to 8)
Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
Ex Libris
The Climbers

This list is subject to change. Hope it helps get you excited.

It’s worth noting that, if I’m free, I will happily sit down and teach anything in this list, but games I really want more people to play, and so will be actively setting up tables of them throughout the weekend, include:
Inis- I have a problem with this game. I can never say no to it.
Karuba- light, fun, fast. I love love this game enough that I have two copies so I can pay 8-player games of it!
Captain Sonar- I only ever get to teach/play this at conventions, so it’ll surface at some point over the weekend. (Sorry)

Question about lending a game to the library

The SHUX library list will be posted again this year! The http://shux.show website is currently being updated with a few announcements and news. These updates will continue regularly now that we are less than 80 days out from the show. When the list does get posted, it will not be final until 1-2 weeks out of the show as it’s still being added to until then :slight_smile: We will also have functionality to accept attendee games this year so some of the out-of-print or tougher games for us to get, will potentially be available through kind lenders at the show! Hope this helps a bit!


There seems to be an initial list up now!


So good! Question for @lis, I suppose–would it be possible to list quantity for any games there might be multiples of? Knowing how available a game might be will help making those impossible packing decisions.

I imagine there could be more than one copy of games like TI4, given that FFG is sponsoring and will be present. But maybe not.

And if the world were perfect…available expansions would be listed, too? Perhaps that’s a bridge too far…


Great question clg! I’m curious about that too. Also what’s the best way to get in touch with the SHUX team to let them know what games one is bringing to update the list above with more names?


That’s a great question! Most of the games currently in the library have one copy, TI4 (currently 2 but there may be more, we have not received all of our library donations yet, many of which will be given to us at the show rather than beforehand.) Almost all games are base games, there really isn’t a lot of expansions in the library yet.

With much of our donations being brought to the show we wouldn’t be able to keep everything update. But! The library computer system will have all of the show games and attendee lent games logged into it. As well the library is much larger than it was last year so attendees will be able to walk around, look at the games and visually take in the contents as well.


I mentioned in different reply but just wanted to let you know that we don’t intend to be able to update the website list while at the show. We will update as much as we can with what new games come in before then. Attendee lent games won’t be listed on the site but they will be logged into the SHUX Library computer system and will be available for display on-site.


Cool. Thanks!


As someone who also owns and thoroughly enjoys Captain Sonar but never gets to play I would love to join for a round (or many).

Also I have never played Inis but would be definitely interested in learning.


My husband and I are local and would be happy to bring games that people can’t find if they’re in our collection. I think the logistics of bringing everything to the library wouldn’t be practical, but we can bring one or two each day then take them home.

Last year another friendly local was kind enough to bring a game I wanted to try that wasn’t in the library and taught it to a group of us. I’d like to pay this kindness forward! I have a spreadsheet of our games that I’ll attach to this post.

Our Board Games.pdf (31.7 KB)


i’m in the same boat. I’m flying in from California, but would love to bring games - especially harder-to-find ones.

I lucked into a copy of Sidereal Confluence and would be willing to teach. I also have Chinatown. I’m glad to see that someone else will have Cosmic Encounter, so I don’t have to bring it. I recently got Container, but it’s a little heavy…


I am Legendarydave on bgg… I don’t know exactly how to share my library, but if there is something you think i should bring let me know.


I would love to play Sidereal. One game I want to play very badly but can never bring to the table. Can also bring a copy if need be.


Here’s your games list, @awesomerobotdavid :


The URL is shareable (I think there’s a setting if you don’t want it available to the public).


Sidereal Confluence intrigues me. If I have time, I’d be up for trying it.