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SHUX Economy

So it’s that time of year again.
When I hear SHUX get announced, check the hotels/flights etc - and then look at the total sum and think “Damn! I could buy a lot of boardgames for that money!”, and end up not going.

How can I convince myself to spend over a grand on a weekender in Vancouver?


This article has some links to psychology papers on how to buy happiness with money. This article summarizes some advice I’ve heard about the same subject. They both say spending the money on experiences rather than possessions, spending the money with others or on others, and spending within your means produces greater or longer-lasting happiness.

Also, let’s say you spend a grand on board games. Factoring in the games in your collection that you’ll play less as a result, how much additional game playing happiness are you getting over the next year? Personally, I’m more limited by the availability of other players than the size or quality of my game collection.


This is exactly the kind of convincing I was looking for.
Thank you.


I was going to say something similar to @jgf1123, but with less scientific research links.

Basically, yes, you would have more games, but how often do you get to play games currently? If you get to play often and new games manage to hit the table relatively quickly and regularly, then SHUX may not feel like that much of a draw.

However, if you are like me and you have owned some games for over two years without managing to get them to the table, where you might only get together with friends 1-3 times a month to play games, and a kid-free environment is very hard to arrange, then paying a grand for a weekend where you can spend almost every waking moment playing board games or watching board game related content, meeting a bunch of people who share in your passion for games, and also be able to do the usual vacationy things like eating out and seeing the sights is highly appealing.

I am only sorry that I likely will not be attending this year, even though my lovely wife said I could, as I feel we need to invest the money I could use for that in a variety of home improvements. Hopefully next year, though, we will be able to attend again.


Thank you for asking this question. It reminds me not to take for granted that I live in the area, which makes the decision a whole lot easier.

But to give you another reason to come, I’d like to mention that the people we have met at SHUX over the last two years have been some of the loveliest, kindest, nicest people. To me, that is one of the best reasons to go.


I was already on the cliff edge, I only needed a little push.

Guess who’s going to SHUX?

Now I get to be one of those people! :smiley:


damm damm damm damm damm…

I’ve been working on getting my passport since last year. Just because I was born in Guam, and my birth certificate disintegrated years ago, this has been a major pain in the butt. Arrgh…

If I can get a passport to satisfy the TSA, I would gladly share accommodations with anyone to alleviate costs. It won’t be the first time I’ve had to sleep on the floor with an over-packed room-full of other nerds like me for a con.

(Although, ideally, if I can swing it, I’ll get my own room and the rest of you will be on your own :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


For someone who only gets to play once a month, if I’m lucky, that would feel decadent.


Well, I’m glad I got to meet you last year! And weirdly proud that I dragged @clg6000 over to meet you too haha.

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OMG how could they take this long??? (I ask, knowing that my friend’s green card renewal is taking 9 -12 months to process but oh wait, you can only apply for renewal 6 months before it expires.)


I don’t know, this should have been over with months ago.

I had to cancel last year for work reasons and I may not go again. So it goes, I suppose :expressionless:

Wow. Governments should not work that ineffectively… I can get a new birth certificate in weeks and I can get a new passport with same-day service.

If you get here, Walt, we should play a game!

This is my way of announcing that even though I live in Vancouver, this will actually be the first SHUX that I’m going to.


I have this exact conversation with myself each year. SHUX is (to me) a very extravagant event to attend. What I do is turn it into a much longer holiday to justify the cost of getting there and back.

The first year I spent 10 days just in Vancouver. Last year I flew into Seattle for a week, then 5 days in Vancouver. This year (if I do end up going) I’ll either be starting in Vancouver and heading south to Portland afterwards, or the other way around.

It’s become a way for me to explore the Pacific Northwest and for someone who had never set foot in Canada or the USA before, the fact I might be doing so for 3 years on the bounce feels ridiculous but also a reflection of how much I’ve loved each experience.

My partner who doesn’t attend SHUX but has accompanied me on both those trips also just REALLY wants to get back to that part of the world and is basically asking me if we can go again. The cities and people around there are worth the trip even without something like SHUX to attend.


I will personally be offended if you don’t attend so that I can redeem myself playing Illimat.


It’s because I was born in a US Territory, not in the States proper. I was there for less than a few months as a baby, but I don’t have my original BC, and the TSA has become a huge bureaucracy, and I can’t ride all the way from Florida on my scooter.




Me too! I only wish we had had a chance to all hang out together–I think by the time I got there (later on Friday), there were already established engagements going on–and I started accumulating a bunch myself as of Friday night!

If I’m lucky enough to go again this year, I’d definitely be up for attending or organizing some sort of forum user meet up/dinner…maybe even a panel? “A Lonely Planet: Peartonia Travel Guide”? Or, “Play By Forum (Not!): Play 2 Truths and a Lie with SUSD Forumites”?


Hahah I think if the response had been “Damn! I could pay a lot of rent/bills/groceries/childcare for that money” it might have been a harder call. I will definitely admit that the cost is what is going to be preventing me from attending this year. I live way up in Northern BC and between flights, hotels, the convention itself, and eating in Vancouver (not to mention the fact that everything at conventions is for sale) the cost becomes unmanageable for me. That said, I am positively green with envy of those who will be attending - this is the one convention that I’ve ever thought “yeah, I’d like to go to that” - so I hope you’ll all have fun on my behalf :slight_smile:

I think it would help to have more notice of the dates - I realize that might not be possible, but its pretty quick from when the tickets and dates are announced and it can be hard to throw together. Anyways! I’m sure it will be an excellent time for all.