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SHUX 2019: Arkham Horror LCG - The Blob That Ate Everything

Behold the brave investigators (unlicensed combatants) who defeated the blob at SHUX 2019!!! Unfortunately we are missing two from this photo because they were eaten by the blob. (Also, they had to go to Blood on the Clocktower.)

Since we didn’t really get to hang out pre-game or post-game, I thought it might be nice to share our experiences in this thread and compare war stories. (If anyone reading this hasn’t played blob, this will be spoilerific!)

I didn’t talk to everyone, but I’ve probably seen you on the forums! Can I have your name and/or forum name to identify you below? Or if you want me to change what’s there let me know. @brattyjedi would you post a photo of you and your fiance? :grin:


  1. Ben (@Burnaby_Bento)
  2. Lance - thanks for bringing the blob decks and whiteboards!
  3. Mike (@fylion) - our fearless organizer!
  4. Nicole (@nikotte)
  5. Phil
  6. Alex (@Thursday42)
  7. Mae (@Tika)
  8. James (@jgf1123)
  9. Ken (@KenMonster) - thanks for bringing a blob deck!
  10. Taylor (@simian)

I was playing Marie Lambeau in a group with Nicole (Norman Withers), Phil (Silas Marsh) and Alex (Diana Stanley). This turned out to be a pretty balanced group with some fighting and some clueing. Funniest moment of the game for me was when the blob ate Alex’s cell phone. :laughing: Luckiest moment was when the researcher(?) who had to be rescued spawned on the sewers, meaning it was a quick grab for Marie, then down into the tunnels to pop up back at HQ. All of us survived, although it got dicey at the end.

It was cool the way the game was asynchronous so each group played at its own pace, but you were still part of a larger force battling against the blob. And everyone going after the heart together was pretty fun.


I’ll try to add more thoughts later. For now, Joe and I (Rachael) had lots of fun playing directly with Taylor and James and indirectly with everyone else to take down the Blob. We definitely had some cool shenanigans and nice division of labor going at our table.

Sorry Joe and I had to run before the final wrap up. Here’s a quick picture of us hastily cropped from another group photo taken later at SHUX after we saved the Pear in the mini escape room thing.


I was quite possibly the least experienced investigator among all 15 of us and fielded a straightforward Daisy Walker deck. As the others at my table had combat covered, I spent much of the game wandering around investigating (and there was a lot of investigating to do), though I did get some good shots in on the heart. Joe’s cell phone also gotten eaten.

When the chemist appeared, the group converged to eliminate the hunter and some blobs blocking the way so that I could impress her with my encyclopedia. We then used the sewers to zip her away, and she handed me the universal solvent. So when @brattyjedi and Joe were near their end and I found myself engaged with a stack of 5 blobs, I dissolved a couple mid-tier blobs then got eaten. Rachel and Joe also laid down their lives to take the blob down a couple more notches. Taylor, who had used the last of his deck’s bag of tricks, waited in hopes the other tables could finish the blob off.


Jenny redeemed herself in the only way she knew how; shooting things until they were super dead and doing it on all in heels.
Unfortunately once the she ran out of bullets, she suddenly realized that her sister was outside the quarantine zone and promptly climbed over perimeter using a giant pile of money for steps.


Congrats on smashing the blob, SHUX crew!

I played for the first time at Arkham Nights last weekend. One of the investigators at my table had his voice eaten. I don’t know if anyone dealt with that but it was my favorite thing I saw the Blob remove from the game.

My table was Rita (me) avoiding all things and exhausting enemies to get them off my pals, Skids and Leo shooting enemies, and Mandy picking up all the clues. We all got eaten but we held out for a ton of time.


Nice! Looks like you had a good balance of investigators too. Stealing a voice is amazing. Did they just end up gesturing the rest of the game?

You must be totally spoiled for AH LCG between this and Arkham Nights the following weekend!

(BTW, you’re labeled 1 in the photo? Sorry your avatar is tiny on my phone and I can’t tell :stuck_out_tongue:)

Oh I wasn’t at SHUX! I just popped in to talk more blob with Arkham players. Sorry if that was confusing. I was perusing the talk about games discussion and was excited to see other players who had tried it out.

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I think Joe at my table had his voice eaten and Rachel had the concept of language eaten (couldn’t say words), but only for a turn.

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Oh okay! See I thought that was the case then I thought I just got confused! Still a hell of a way to get started with Arkham LCG!!! :grin:

I’m Alex! My brother Phil isn’t on the forums to the best of my knowledge. Heck he doesn’t even play Arkham, he was just willing to indulge me in this FOUR HOUR boondoggle.

Other blob-isms in our game - I think Nicole had her worst fear eaten? So she got to pull a weakness out of her deck. And Phil had his wounds eaten, so the blob removed all damage from his investigator.

All in all, the blob was rather friendly to us! Maybe we shouldn’t have killed it?

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I somehow completely missed that you’re brothers, haha.

That was so satisfying when it ate her weakness! Perhaps we should have tried to control it, so it would eat pollution or something.