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SHUX '19 Transit Options

Greetings to all! Cannot tell you how pleased I am I can At Last make it to a Shux!

So I have a query for those local to the area (or reasonably so). I’m going to have to use Greyhound from my home area (Tacoma WA) up to Vancouver. From the map I saw I’ll need to arrange additional transport from the Greyhound station I’ll be dropped off at to the VCC area. The other difficulty is… well, the only way I can do this is to leave from work Thursday evening and get into Vancouver at roughly oh my gods it’s way too early in the morning.

Would I be able to find a bus (I saw in other threads costs for those) to get me there, will I have to try to find a cab or will I need to hoof it?

Any advice would be helpful beyond measure. Thanks to all and see you in October!

Eat Up! And Play On!

There’s a couple of night buses that run (B Line) but depending on where you are the Skytrain may be your best option. If it’s super early though you might just need to grab a cab (no Uber/Lyft/etc here in Vancouver) which are … relatively reasonable.
If you let me know the bus station location and approximate time I can give you a better idea.

Same boat as you, coming from Seattle. My stop is at Pacific Central Station, I assume yours is there too or very nearby which seems to be the VCC area you are referring to. However my arrival time is much more reasonable than yours :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked with the Greyhound Station here in Tacoma. Stop point is Pacific Central Station, roughly 1.5 miles/2.5 km from the Centre. And @Swayster: main reason is I only have enough PTO to cover the Friday and the following Monday, sadly. I’ll have to rush from work back to the house then back to the station to make my bus Thursday night. Ah well these things are things. :laughing:

And I say again. Eat Up! And Play On!

Pacific Central Station is right next to the Main Street / Science World stop on the Skytrain. I don’t know what time you’re arriving, but on weeknights the Skytrain runs until about 12.30 I think. It’s only a few stops from there to Waterfront Station (next to where the convention is) - if you’re arriving later then it’s only a 5 min or so cab ride.

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Yep it’ll have to be a cab then; I don’t expect to arrive until around 2:30 am on the 4th. Then drink a lot of caffeine until I can check in to my room and get my tag, but there it is. :):laughing:

Yup. A cab is probably your best bet at that hour, as I learned recently from personal experience, even as someone who lives here! Got out of Endgame at 2am and had to hoof it home, about a 20 minutes stroll.