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Shut Up & Sit Down Review Request Thread

I’d love to see them review any “train games” (yes. THOSE train games). I find cube rails to be clever and playful (especially with Irish Gauge recently released) and Steam and Steam-like games to be tense and unforgiving. And both these genres have a really really simple ruleset.


+1 for Irish Gauge.

Didn’t SU&SD already review Alchemists here?

Or did you specifically want a video review?

That comment was from 2015. They did a review in 2016. And I greatly appreciated it.

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Well… I’m dumb, then. :rofl:

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One older game that’s always been a favourite of mine and I’ve long wished to see reviewed by SU&SD is Duel of Ages II. I believe the Basic Set is still available through the publisher’s web site, although the immense Master Set is now OOP.

Suffice to say, I suspect the SU&SD crew would greatly enjoy the uniquely amusing emergent narrative this classic provides. How can you not appreciate a game that allows you to play as William Wallace armed with a chainsaw wearing a Really Nice Pair of Sneakers with a loyal Velociraptor companion, while undertaking a quest to offer one of the greatest treasures of mankind –- a pound of bacon -– to a supercomputer overlord?

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I’d be curious to see coverage on Wildlands.


I personally would love to see a review on three favorites of mine. Any of the Zombicide games, Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms, and the Dark Souls board game.

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FWIW, Zombicide did get a mention in a recent Game News:

Quinns : Wow! This is fascinating. SU&SD has always made fun of Zombicide for being (and this is a technical term) total toilet, but here it is, nominated by none other than Rob Davaiu. And actually, his point that it invented a whole new business model is eye-opening and inarguable. I might reply that it’s an unhealthy business model that isn’t good for the consumer, but it’s certainly brought a lot of money into tabletop.

Based on that, I think a review is unlikely!

I can’t remember any commentary on the other two, but maybe Dark Souls got mentioned in a podcast or something…?

Wow, then that would be the first time that I’ve ever strongly disagreed with SU&SD. I for one love all of the Zombicide games and everyone I’ve introduced it to are there same way. But that’s what’s great about tabletop, so many differing opinions leads to so many great gaming options


They talk about Black Plague a bit more in-depth in Podcast 62. I think the conclusion they come to is that the only fun bit is moving the plastic pegs around (which Matt mentions in his Fallout review).

I’d like to see a review of Seasons of Inis, the Inis expansion.

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It would probably need to be available in the UK first.

Oh god. Dont start on that one! Thinking about this UK stocks kerfuffle pisses me off greatly

I preordered it along with the Barenpark expansion, so that’s been sat in limbo while waiting for stock of Seasons :frowning:

I preordered Inis for SPIEL… with expansion. Matagot must have lost a container or something because I am still waiting for the game and it really was the one I most anticipated playing… still clicking on their shop at least once every day…

I actually rarely agree with SU&SD any more. I still love their reviews, as they do a great job of discussing the game, so even if they don’t like it, I leave with a solid idea if I would.

I think the most of agreed with a review in recent memory, was Too Many Bones.

In the end, I’m not really their audience, which is cool!


Still going strong from 2014 (Through the Ages and Twilight Struggle are two games I disagree with them about, and also most indicative of how widely our tastes diverge). I think AvaFoxfort is the SUSD contributor that most closely represents my interests and preferences in board games:

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I think there were issues with the first print run of the expansion, which is what has held it back from wider distribution.

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I recently heard about The King’s Dilemma (a legacy game using a similar mechanic to the Reigns series of video games and soon board game) and would like SU&SD’s (or anyone’s) take on it.

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