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Shut Up and Sit Down NEW best games of all time list?


2015 was the last year they did it…

I think it is overdue especially with Paul leaving now, would love to see what his list is before he went. But in general would love to hear their take and what the list looks now


Sounds like a great idea to me! It would be interesting to see what old favorites have been usurped by new games.


I would love to hear predictions on what would be on their list now… not your favorite games, but how everyone thinks their list would shape up.


Why wouldnt you just simply have their list and want our predictions about it instead? :smiley:


Somewhere (game news? subscriber newsletter? I’m having trouble finding it) the boys said that this analysis that removes the game weight bias in BGG ratings is a good approximation to their recommendations. Maybe not their ranked list, but it correlates well with games they would recommend.

I think the boys stopped doing the ranked list because they think there are better uses of their time, meaning it was a lot of work to curate the list but it mainly rehashes old coverage on the site. Or maybe that’s what they said about when they took on the BGG Top 100. While I agree that a best games list would be useful to someone new to the hobby, someone building a collection, or an old hand who’s trying to get a sense of SU&SD’s tastes, if the boys think their time is best used looking for great games to bring to people’s attention and putting out quality content, I trust their call. And the above link fulfills a number of those needs.


I’m far more interested in hearing what they think about games than in how much they like games (relative to other games). So, for example, their review of Innovation tells me I should try the game, but Innovation not appearing in their top 100 tells me nothing.

It would be interesting to see which games they reviewed favourably have fallen out of favour, but that’s about it, as far as I’m concerned.


Yep, as someone who’s been gaming for years and has a lot of experience with them, the most valuable information on SU&SD is (1) the boys talking about why they think a game works or doesn’t; and (2) bringing new games to my attention. On the other hand, in the early years, one of the goals of the site was about showing new people that board games aren’t just Monopoly and Risk, having a Top 25, say, would give new people a jumping off point to explore those games and read those reviews.

I’d like that too. There are now 203 games that have the SU&SD pear of approval. Does SU&SD still recommend Dominion? It deserves a place of honor for being the grand-daddy of deckbuilders, but surely other games have come along since then that have taking the mechanic into more interesting places.


Hah, I’m sure there are better examples out there. Dominion is still the king of pure deckbuilders - all the others I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot, add bloat and extra randomness.


That spirals out to most games though. Plenty of mechanisms have the early implementation of a one trick pony doing that thing over and over in a pure form, and the later implementations incorporating that mechanism into something more ambitious or as a small part of the larger puzzle. It’s difficult to say which is ‘better’ as it depends on so much.


I think we’ve got to a point where opinions on games really need to talk more about the contexts in which they are played. We have too many of the same kinds of nerds who just explain the rules and decribe why it is awesome. The problem is all the top ten lists are basically the same stuff which feels wrong.

In part I was thinking about the ideas because I’m experimenting with writing reviews with as few rules as possible. Also I really resonated with This video by Eric Martin on Bgg.

He talks about how his favourite games each had a context and it was the combination of game and players that made it.

It makes no sense to enjoy games without talking about the people you play with in my mind. I play games in the pub and I have a great time but I’m not wheeling out Orleans in the pub. does it even then make sense to compare Belratti with Orleans in a ranking (hint: no)


Yeah, I’ve said this before, but SUSD reviews have so many components to them. It’s a bit what they personally enjoy, a bit what they feel will appeal to most people, a bit what is approachable (or at least not completely overwhelming) for a newcomer who happens to stumble upon a YouTube video. It’d be interesting to see a top list that sheds off their journalistic tendencies and shows what they personally enjoy with no concern for the audience. Quinn wears his opinions squarely on his sleeve (the same games are recalled over and over), but I’m not really sure of Matt’s personal favs beyond Inis.


One of the most interesting things about susd is you see a video where they dress up to explain a point about tax percentages in Norway tomato farms and you get why they might dig eg. champion of the wild.

I wonder how much similar could be said for the other big reviewers?


This too. Most of my collection is light-weight euros because my circle of friends remains mostly casual gamers. I have some heavier games that I just think are cool that I can occasional get people to play. My more recent purchases have been more thematic games since that’s why my current friends seem to more enjoy. Then there’s the light fillers and quick real-time games for when there isn’t time for a full game. I got Pandemic Legacy and Gloomhaven for a subgroup that meets more often for campaign games. Welcome To… joins Codenames in the games for big group games. Etc.

When people ask me what’s my favorite game, I usually respond with whatever my current mood is. But when I pick a game off my shelf, it’s usually driven by whoever else is playing and what I think they’ll like.


I’ve got to say I actually like the format of Top 10/Top 100 lists! Although I don’t disagree with the fact that many comparisons between two individual games are rather meaningless, the end result of having a list of 100 games that someone enjoys, often accompanied with some discussion as to why, is a really useful resource. Especially if you’re familiar with some of the games on the list but not others - you can use what you know about what’s familiar to you to make an educated guess as to whether you’d like the other stuff that a person endorses. As has rightly already been argued, context is important, and good Top 10/100 lists will at least include enough discussion and acknowledgement of the compiler’s own tastes and peccadillos and the situations in which those games work well that invite people to step away from reductive “X was ranked 67 but Y was ranked 23 but I love X better rage rage rage” reactions and use the list in a more useful, constructive way.

That said, if someone doesn’t want to do a Top 100 list and instead chooses a different method of putting out useful resources that entertain me and inform my buying choices, then I’m not going to insist that they do so.


Oh and as an aside…

I would, and I have done, I had a great time doing so, and I’d do it again. But again, this highlights the importance of context. I’m guessing that your pub and your group is different to my pub and my group ;).


I would enjoy a post or two about their favorite games in different contexts / groups. For instance, their 5 favorite games to play in a pub, and why, their 5 favorite games for a week night, and why, etc. Games for non-gamers, games to play on a date, games to bring on vacation, etc.

I would love to know why these games work well in specific contexts because we all play games in different contexts and that often dictates what we love or dislike about a given game.


A post about the top 5 games to play with non-gamers would definitely help, as most of my friends think that Monopoly is the pinnacle of game design and I would love to have some ideas of games that I could introduce them to the hobby with.


For what it’s worth, my go to games with non-gamers (people who just don’t play games much at all) are Codenames, The Metagame (specifically the Metaquilt version that was played on video here), Bohnanza, and Ticket to Ride. For people who play games like Monopoly and Risk, I go one step deeper and pull out Pandemic, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, and Kolejka (a game about shopping in Soviet occupied / rationed Poland). Pandemic is especially great for people who don’t like confrontation, and Dominion blows the minds of people who play Magic The Gathering or other CCGs but not really board games.

Honestly, Spiel de Jahres winners are a good choice for non-gamers as the award goes to games that can appeal to everyone - like families, gamers, non-gamers, etc.


I think dominion would work really well with some of my friends. We played a bit of Magic the Gathering but found it way too expensive to keep up with and so I think that we would really enjoy Dominion. Thanks for the suggestion.:grin: